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CRACKED: 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Games (Repost?)

Cracked.com posted another deucy Top Ten list, this time with it's the so-called "TOP TEN MOST IRRITATINGLY IMPOSSIBLE GAMES" - this may be a repost, but just in case you haven't read it, head over and enjoy it!

Below, is #8 - MEGAMAN! - whisked right off of their post...


The premise:
Mega Man is a world-saving robot bent on destroying evildoers. Also, he consumes their souls so he can absorb their powers.

Why it was worth playing:
Mega Man is also one of the most popular video game characters ever created. It was one of the first games to include the method of "winning" new weapons and abilities as the game progressed. Nearly all of the game-play mechanics that would define the series were found here, in the original game.

Why it was infuriating:
We said "nearly" all of the game play was there. A whole lot of the features you saw in the sequels were put there to make the game easier, because the first one was nothing short of sadistic. Many of the cool upgrades were often borderline useless outside of one specific boss they were designed to be used against. Also, some of the jumping puzzles were downright evil.

And, as is unthinkable now but was common then, you couldn't save. Every time you turned on the machine, you were greeted with the same fucking levels, which made failure a hundred times more infuriating. Every misstep meant you were about to lose a couple more hours out of your life.

Saddest moment:
As aggravating as the game could be to play, there is no more embarrassing moment in a gamer's life than the time he has to put cold hard cash on the desk, point to this game box ...

... and say, "I want that. That is right up my alley."


That last part made me laugh out loud (quite unlike internet speak, I mean this shit literally) - and so I share the goods with you.

Thoughts? Concerns? Questions?
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