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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #74 - Between Old Times and The Future


Featuring Rudra No Hihou and Fruupp. 

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

in the gap between Final Fantasy month and the Megaman month that starts on sunday let's first have another look at one of Square's forgotten treasures (pun intended) - the 1996 RPG Rudra No Hihou (Rudra's Secret Treasure) which was sadly never released to western audiences, probably due to having a lexicality-based magic system next to impossible to translate. Didn't stop people from trying though. Bought the soundtrack before the end of the millennium, has some nice artwork.

As with many of Squares soundtracks, the music is tendentially very prog-rockish. Our focus today lies on a certain tune in the soundtrack called "Between Two Worlds", the character theme of Surlent, one of the four protagonists:

Just recently I found a tune by a well known north-irish prog rock band called "Fruupp" in their song "Old Time Future" from 1973 that reminds me alot of this sequence:

@Square: Now that Seiken 3 is in english, why not give Rudra a shot too?

Phil out.

Update 16/06/2021:

135 - "夢勘定はひとり事" (1987):

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