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Death Stranding Review


Death Stranding


After three years of cryptic trailers, teasers, glimpses, and messages from the acclaimed game designer, writer, director, and producer, Hideo Kojima has released the one of a kind game that not everyone will understand and like. It’s something different from his previous games, the most known being the Metal Gear Solid games.


Death Stranding is a walking simulator but way better in every way. You play as Sam (Norman Reedus) on a mission to connect everyone to the United Cities of America (UCA). You carry cargo to different cities and try not to damage it. It does get a bit repetitive after a while especially in Chapters 2 and 3. NOTE: Finish Chapter 2 and 3 as fast as you can. Death Stranding in a sentence I would say; The game isn’t for everyone but I recommend it if you are looking for something unique and on the complicated scale.



Timefall, BT’s and MULEs

Timefall is basically the rain but whatever it touches, ages. Your equipment and cargo will start rusting and you’ll need cargo spray that will clean everything. If your cargo is completely rusted, though, it will start damaging the goods inside. If you don’t have any spray, I recommend you stay inside or find a cave until the timefall stops.

BTs are invisible beings that lurk around in places. They bring you down and try to kill you if you make too much noise.

MULEs is a terrorist group that wants to destroy what the UCA is trying to do. They will attack you and steal your cargo and you have to try to steal it back.

The combat isn’t that good when you are versing the MULEs, but when you face a BT boss and you throw your grenades, I think that’s when it excels the most.



The online

The online component in Death Stranding is something very different from other story-focused games. When you first connect the first city to the chiral network you will see other peoples’ structures. It can be from a sign to a bridge. When you go through the game you will see placed ladders and climbing gear that will help you but there are some that are just useless. You can also deliver lost cargo to other people as well. In the cuff links, you can claim cargo from other people that donated, from bikes to ladders to shoes. I really like the idea but sometimes they will just donate a damaged ladder, and I think some people just want to watch the world burn.



What brings me back is the amazing acting, gameplay, and the very unique story but it is a bit complicated. NOTE: Read the interviews to fully understand what’s happening. The music is really good and diverse. And the online is very different; that can be good or be a pain. If I would have to summarise Death Stranding in a sentence I would say; The game isn’t for everyone but I recommend it if you are looking for something unique and on the complicated scale.


PROS                                    CONS

-Unique story                                                   -A bit repetitive

-Good acting and music                                    -The combat is a bit clunky

-The online functionally                                    -You don’t always get the expected results                                                                                                        




- If not, why not...

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