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(Smash Gabriel Belmont/Dracul Blueprints)



(Castlevania)-(Gabriel Belmont/Dracul) Simon is in to represent the original Castlevania which is fine they could of done much better if they used more whip attacks from Castlevania 4 and relics from other games to be used like Pac-Man’s (Bonus Fruit) would have opened up more options for his moveset. Gabriel was the very first Belmont he’s from a reboot so I have no problem with Simon getting in first Gabriel represents the other half of the story which was very tragic. Gabriel was a true Hero that climbed and fell at the same time the more powerful he got the deeper into despair he became what he was fighting against becoming Dracul. He was angry understandable if you played the game became a villain before starting his path of redemption becoming a Hero from the shadows his point of view changed as well as his goal once he remembers what happened and ended the true Evil. I don’t care what people think of him he has a truly strong heart and that’s what changed him so much I have a lot of respect for him one of my favorite characters I believe he’s still out there suffering so nobody has to deal with Dracula ever again because he has the tool to end it but if he did another Dracula would probably be born. If he did end himself proof would be a new Dracula appears in modern day unless he found another way through the mirror which he broke.


He refers to himself as Dracul so I call him that and I don’t think he’s a full vampire even though he’s called by everyone that aren’t allies/friend and foes, he could never transform fully into a bat but can send bats to distract opponents instead he can transform into a pack of Rats in stealth parts of the game, can restore health by sucking blood and all Vampires are Immortal I believe you can subdue them but need specific weapons to actually kill them they will regenerate overtime without them. Only thing he can do that other normal Vampires cannot is turn into a Rat that's it. Yes he has Vamparic abilities but it still clashes with his Human side so you can say that’s a limitation but the abilities he gained through his journey overcome that to me at least. I'm looking to have Gabriel as the primary and Dracul as an alternate or Echo Fighter they call them now. Songs they should include is both his Theme Songs, Titanic Struggle, Castlevania, Chaotic Battle, Basilica Battle, Agharta and Plaza. He doesn't need a stage not sure what it would even look like.









I’m basically going to be mixing combining his skills as himself and Dracula since he has duel versions visuals of most his moves will change for example He uses the Combat Cross which I’ll refer to as the Whip, Dark Gauntlet, Light and Shadow Magic while Dracul uses the Shadow Whip, Chaos Claws and Void Sword as well as Void and Chaos Power. So a lot of moves will have 2 names he has a skill for pretty much every attack he’s really overqualified. He will be using mostly his Whip and Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws for Special Moves except for (Direct Combo Attack) he uses the (Void Sword) in that one. Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws only for Smash Attacks uses everything for Normal Attacks. What’s the real tricky part is using the (Void Sword). He did not have or use a sword in the first game but does in the 2nd not sure about the 3DS one though been wanting to play it but haven’t had time. I would assume he knows how to use a Sword everyone else in the Brotherhood could but only the Belmonts were allowed to train with a Whip seems like. He cannot use most his moves when he was with the Brotherhood of Light as Dracula so it’s going to be a struggle between the 2 versions of himself but I will allow him to use the (Void Sword) trying to fit that in to both his forms was a headache but I can’t just exclude it so I made an exception. Because of all his tools he’s extremely versatile he has K.O power with close ranged attacks and can poke and chip with longer ranged attacks. Pretty much even with offensive and defensive Special Moves and his movement isn’t bad either. Chaos and Void had elementals Fire and Ice respectively but I won’t allow them to use those effects he’s not a mage one and two as a Human he couldn’t use these powers yet.



<(Statistics)> Defense is 120%, Attack is 120%, horizontal movement speed should be the same as Meta Knight’s and falling speed should be the same as Link.



<(Special Moves)> This will be a combination of his original moves and his new Chaos and Void abilities so they have multiple names Original will always come before Dracul’s. Personally I would use (Mist Dash), (Direct Combo Attack), (Guillotine) and (Counterstrike).



(Neutral)-(Dagger/Projections) either throws a Dagger/Shadow dagger uncharged, 2 seconds shoots a Light/Void Dagger which penetrates 3 seconds throws a Shadow/Chaos Dagger that explodes on impact Weak/Medium each stage travels slower.


(Neutral 2)-(Mist Form) Uses Mist Form to become invincible and able to move freely slowly and pass through anything but the stage itself for up to 5 seconds reappearance has a shockwave Medium so it’s not a free punish. If airborne he descends slowly in any situation he can only move sideways in this form with 25% his movement speed.


(Neutral 3)-(Mist Dash) Uses Mist Form and can reappear sideways a set distance but has no attack and cannot stay in Mist Form. Use this as an extended sideways dodge.



(Side Special)-(Direct Combo Attack) Acts like (Dancing Blade) but normal slashes uses his Whip most range normal damage, Downwards Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws short ranged punches and claw attacks most damage and upwards uses the (Void Sword) medium ranged weakest attack power but vertical knockback and easiest to keep the opponent inside to connect all hits.


(Side 2)-(Chainsaw/Whirlwind) Charges with some gravitational pull before sliding forward spinning his Whip or (Void Sword) like a windmill to deal rapid damage before launching Medium/Strong charge increases distance traveled and damage.


(Side Special 3)-(Avalanche Dash) Uses Shadow/Chaos power to charge before lunging fist first through opponents, Medium/Powerful should act like Little Mac’s (Straight Lunge) but if performed in the air it’s a diagonal dive grows in power based on distance spikes diagonally at the start shockwave on landing. Possible shield breaker this is the new (Shoulder Charge) from the first game capable of tearing down weakened walls.



(Down Special)-(Counterstrike) Just a counterattack has to be a quick single strike so use the Dark Gauntlet or Chaos Claws to punch them.


(Down Special 2)-(Circular Chain) Swings the Whip around himself 3 times each swing has more range and power but cannot combo into each other, Medium/Strong good spin attack to keep foes away on your sides but vulnerable from above if airborne stalls you and only swings once.


(Down Special 3)-(Eruption/Meteorite) Charges before slamming his fist on the ground to release a shockwave of flames around him charge increases power, size and range. If used in the air it’s a dive fist first startup can spike gains power based on distance which also charges the shockwave on landing considerable cooldown.


(Up Special)-(Guillotine) Acts like Ike’s Aether but uses his Whip so has almost triple the range if you attack again at the peak he will do the downwards slam which has a lot of range but weaker Medium.


(Up Special 2)-(Flame Dragontail/Rising Claw) A multi-hitting uppercut if used on the ground in the air a weaker single hitting uppercut, Strong/Medium. Uses Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws.


(Up Special 3)-(Seraph Shoulders/Demonic Wings) Uses wings to lift him upwards can be angled diagonally knocks foes you bump into back Medium/Weak Gabriel has Angelic White Wings while as Dracul the wings are Demonic Dark Wings but has same effect just visual.



(Final Smash)-(Dark Crystal/Tailsman of the Dragon) A close ranged area Final Smash deals rapid damage before creating a shockwave to launch Devastating.


(Final Smash 2)-(Shadow Magic/Chaos Power) Doubles attack power and horizontal movement speed for 15 seconds transformation cannot flinch or be launched takes half damage.


(Final Smash 3)-(Light Magic/Void Power) Same as above but heals half of the damage dealt no damage increase though.



<(Ground Attacks)>


Dash: Lunge forward with his shoulder a set distance most powerful at the start Medium/Weak penetrates basically when dodging into a normal sized enemy in the 2nd game knocks them over.

Held Dash: Slides and performs (Flame Claws) does an upwards slash with the Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws Strong.

Neutral: Slashes his (Void Sword) rapidly in front before using a finisher to launch Medium. Kinda like (Void Kata).

Held Neutral: Performs a single (Vengeful Cut) Spins around with the (Void Sword) to knock foes back Strong.

Side: Performs (Combined Stab) 3 hit combo with the (Void Sword) while moving forward slightly.

Held Side: Slashes his Whip horizontally has considerable range but takes awhile.

Up: Slashes the (Void Sword) like Link’s same move but Weak to combo and is faster.

Held Up: Swings his Whip in an arc from in front to behind above has considerable range but takes awhile Medium/Weak.

Down: Slashes the ground like Robin’s same move Weak.

Held Down: Rolls forwards knocks foes he bumps into back this has decent distance traveled Medium.



<(Aerial Attacks)>


Neutral: Spins 3 times while slashing his whip horizontally to knock foes away Medium.

Held Neutral: (Directional Whipping) This is a move they really could of used for Simon but they didn’t so Gabriel will use it then it’s the extremely useful attack that can be angled in 8 directions from the 4th game. Hold attack and then move in a direction to Slash his Whip in that direction straight or diagonal Medium.

Front: Slashes his (Void Sword) diagonally downwards in front Medium.

Held Front: Charges his fist to launch foes or spike at the start with the Dark Gauntlet/Chaos Claws Strong should basically look like Mario’s same move.

Back: Diagonal upwards Slash with the (Void Sword) Medium.

Held Back: Spins and Slashes behind 3 times with the (Void Sword) horizontally like Meta Knight’s same move Strong.

Up: Slashes the (Void Sword) in an arc above from in front to behind Weak.

Held Up: Stabs the (Void Sword) above while spiraling to launch Strong.

Down: Stomps below to launch like Ganondorf’s same move Strong.

Held Down: Diagonal dive kick that penetrates through foes semi-spikes on startup Strong/Medium.



<(Smash Attacks)> Gabriel uses the Dark Gauntlet while Dracul uses the Chaos Claws for a single powerful blow they are all slow.


(Side)-(Tremor Punch) Charges before releasing an explosive blast directly in front Strong/Powerful.

(Up)-(Flame Dragontail) Charges before doing an uppercut in front Strong/Powerful.

(Down)-(Earthquake Punch) Charges before slamming his fist in the ground creating a shockwave around him to launch opponents at a low angle Medium/Strong.


<(Grabs and Throws)> Gabriel could grab at range with his Whip but as Dracul he cannot so he has no long ranged grab which I prefer anyways. And no he will not be performing gruesome looking pummels or throws like in his games. Actually Dracul rarely actually grabbed someone without drinking their blood unless you fail at timing it which he won’t be doing in Smash.


Grasp: Grabs them like Snake does this looks exactly like Dracul’s when grabbing human type enemies but he will not be biting anybody in Smash.

Pummel: Same as Snakes.

Front: Reels back before throwing them forwards Medium.

Back: Throws them behind Strong.

Up: Tosses them upwards Medium.

Down: Slams them on the ground Combo Throw.



<(Dodges and Shield Pose)>


Shield Pose: Puts his other arm in front to block attacks like in the game.

Spot: Gabriel dodges into the background Dracul uses Mist Form briefly same as in the air.

Side: Gabriel rolls Dracul glides back or forwards kinda like Dark Samus’ roll.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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