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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #70 - Watch Your Balloon


Featuring Balloon Kid and Elvis Costello.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today's topic is one of Nintendo's forgotten franchises, the Balloon series. It all started in 1984, when Nintendo R&D1, under the supervision of Yoshio Sakamoto, released the game "Balloon Fight" for the Famicom, a platforming game where one or two players flew around the screen using balloons attached to their helmet, avoiding pointy obstacles and malevonlent fishes. A sequel to it was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Gameboy called "Balloon Kid" that expanded the arcade-like predecessor with a more fleshed-out story about a cute little girl called Alice in search of her lost brother who had flown away with their stock of balloons. This game was later remade for the Famicom with Hello Kitty characters, the only release of the game in Japan. The original Balloon Fighter has since appeared in cameos for various games. The soundtrack of the series was designed by the other veteran composer of Nintendo, Hirokazu Tanaka.

My focus today here lies on the main jingle of the Balloon Kid game, that appears in the game in differently remixed versions:


The first finding for this game is from 1981 by the english pop/rock musician "Elvis Costello", an artist originally attributed to the New Wave and Punk genres who has since become somewhat of a multi-instrumentalist. He provides the song "Watch Your Step":


Tanaka is known to be a fan of the Beatles. Now we have another artist from the english pop-rock front. Is there a connection?

Still hoping for Alice in Smash.

Phil out.

Update 25/03/2021:  Cosmos, Kissin' in the Rainbow

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