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Hey now, let's not work at a retail store.

Holy fucking shit. I've worked at 3 stores in my life within the past 3 years. Best Buy, EB Games, and most recently and currently, Toys R Us.

Now I'm sure you're saying, "Well if a person knows a lot about what he specializes in, that's easy territory, right?"


If you're a gamer and work at a retail store that specializes in it, you'll fall in under either of the following categories:

A) You're a gamer, know what you're talking about, but people won't take your word for anything despite you playing games since you were what, 5?

B)You're a gamer and work at a retail store, but no matter how many times you explain to people even the most simplest thing(like the Wii Remote and Nunchuck connect together to form one whole control for example), people still FAIL to listen to you because they think your well being is to only and TO ONLY help them buy stuff that chances are they won't understand what you're talking about anyway

C)You're the only person who knows what they're talking about, and you work with a bunch of idiots who "claim" they know what they're talking about, sans knowledge.

This happened to be a real conversation between me and a co-worker not too long ago:

"Hey did you know that Halo 3 Legendary Edition is only 79.99 now?"
"What's that?"
"It's the Halo 3 bundle that includes the game, the special dvd and an actually wearable helmet."
"Ok? What's your point?"

I'll let you use your best judgment from there. Also, here's another question he asked me,

"Hey TJ, what's better, Super Mario Galaxy or the Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games?"


This blog post is dedicated to all the gamers out there who have to suffer through intolerable tolerance from oblivious customers(parents and grandparents with those stupid print out lists your kids/grandkids give you, I'm looking at you), stupid co-workers, and most importantly, having to sell games you know in Hell you wouldn't want to buy for yourself or have any other person suffer the same fate?

Bee Movie Game anyone?
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