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First blog:Mario Strikers Charged grieffers

Hey Destructoid! I'm completely new to this site, this my first time joining a site like this
actually... I usually get my gaming news from gametrailers and sometimes IGN... and i've
recently found destructoid. Just want to say that your site is great! i just love the way that
your site delivers.

Anyway, for my first blog, i've decided to rant about grieffers in Mario Strikers Charged
online... While most players are great and fun to play with, every now and then I get a player
who's only method of scoring will be DeKe's. This is just so fucking frustrating. I'm just
disgusted by these players. They usually use D.K (no offense to all you nice DK players) and
have a team made entirely of Dry Bones and Toads. I think the reason for D.K is to make up
for their lack of skill. Now I'm not saying i'm a pro (i can't do any of those serve it ins,
halfcourt shots, or belgian waffles and stuff, i'm actually pretty noob) but i've had enough
with those players. And WORST OF ALL is when you actually win after all the guy's done and
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