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Metroid Prime Hunters: What went wrong, how to fix it.


Metroid Prime Hunters isn't one of the most well regarded metroid games. As a matter of fact, some people prefer Other M over this game. Let's see why, and how nintendo could have not screwed this one up.(Fyi I haven't actually beaten it, so... I may screw some stuff up)

The galactic federation picked up a transmition from the far off alimbic cluster saying there's an ultimate power lying there. The federation decides not to mess around this time, and immediately sends samus to check it out. But, 6 other bounty hunters picked up the transmition and are now also searching for this ultimate power. They all have certain backstories(which you have to look up online or in the manual) but other than that they aren't actually a large part of the story. We'll get to that.

Anyways, let's see the first impressions. Wow. Ok, the resolution is crap(we'll get to that too) but the other thing that has some issues. Otherwise known as controls. Fire with L, move with D pad, turning, swaping weapons, swaping visors, and going to morph ball is all controlled by the stylus and touch screen. and to jump, you have to either use any of the face buttons or double tap the stylus. The face buttons aren't viable since both hands are occupied, and double tapping the screen means you need to premediate your second tap, meaning jumping to dodge isn't very viable and platforming is hard. This control scheme does have it's advantages, however. The touch screen allowed aiming upwards and moving at the same time, and since both the prime trilogy collection and corruption hadn't been released yet, that was unseen. Also the more free-aiming controls worked better with multiplayer, which was a large focus this time around. But here's the thing. People would rather have a more prime 1 style control scheme over this clunky hand hurting interface, and straifing around your enemy locked on actually works pretty well in the echoes multiplayer(at least last time I checked) so this is a pretty bad one. As for exactly how to make it better? I'm glad you asked. Make it like prime. A to fire, B to jump, X to go to the morph ball, L to lock on, D to look up and down, and instead of y to fire missiles, use it to cycle through weapons and beams super metroid style. Select can be used to swap between the scan visor and normal visor. D-pad up to move forward, D-pad down to move backward, and D-pad left and right to turn left and right. The bottum screen can be used to see what visor and weapon your using currenty like in samus returns, and when you press Start it brings you to the map on the top screen. On the bottum screen is all the menu options. THERE is where you use the stylus, in a good acceptable way. The world design would be changed a bit to fit this control scheme, and so would the hunter and boss AI, but that would be worth it, and generally fine. Besides the hunters AI could use some tweaking anyways. Now that that's fixed, how about the even more obvious first issue.

The RESOLUTION!!! Now I know what your thinking, the Ds hardware couldn't handle very good resolution. And you are right. But the thing is, it could look better, even if it isn't better. Here's what I'm saying. Some of the hunters have unmetroid looking models, like, for an example, Sylux, and his ship. Samus' model during morph ball transitions looks bad in the low resolution, and the morph ball itself can look a bit more pixely than should. The plasma inside the morph ball actually looks really bad, as does the charge beam while your charging it. The planets and space stations while your in space look awful and they should have done better sprite work. But other than that, the graphics aren't great, but they actually look ok. The environments are no prime, but you may find yourself looking at them to admire them. Sure the usual space station and brown temple may be dull, but some parts of these space stations actually look really cool. And the lava and snowy areas can have some really neat environments. It also has a darker tone, that works really good with the game. But what gives people the first impression that it has horrible resolution is the arm cannon. And it does look bad. The resolution works terrible for it. Even if you use an emulator to crank up the resolution(trust me I have) it looks pretty bad. Also I can't help but notice it's a different color and looks kinda smaller than the arm cannon in prime. The color is just an ok thing, but if the arm cannon was bigger, and pushed closer to the edge of the screen so when you expand it, it doesn't hurt your vision. If it's bigger, it won't solve the problem, but the resolution won't hinder it as much.

Next issue. The story. The premedaition is pretty cool, but not much happens. Compare this to prime, which has intersting boss fights, and carries off of zero mission's story, and, you know. Stuff happens. But in Hunters, the hunters don't actually play a very large role despite being the name sake. Also instead of 1 escape sequence at the end, there's 8 escape sequences. 2 per planet, and yes. 2 per planet. Nothing actually explodes. And there ISN'T one after the final boss, dispite the final boss area clearly blowing up after you beat gorea. So how about instead of all these other escape sequences, we get one escape sequence after beating Gorea, and add other complications while leaving the planet. The plot is mostly told through scans(like in prime 1), and that's mostly about the alymbic race going up against the final boss gorea. And while your obtaining artifacts and octolyths to track down the ultimate power, the other hunters are just bumbling around. Sure sometimes you see them fighting eachother or trying to fight guardians, which are overused mini-bosses. However, they do cycle through planets once you encounter them all, and if they kill you(which they don't due to pretty bad AI), they can steal one of your octoliths and then you have to track them down to get it back. But for the most part your doing progress and they aren't. So how about making it so the game actually shows them going through the map gathering items. The first hunter encounter is fine, but how about your second hunter encounter with a guy named Spire. He did try and trap you, but it would be cool if there was actually character interaction besides shooting. How about Spire tries to steal an artifact after you unlock it so you have to beat him to get it. Also during the escape sequence in the real hunters you fight Weavel, the space pirate. But if this was how it went there wouldn't be any escape sequences. Also, like I said. Weavel is a space pirate. The space pirates picked up the transmition. And while them sending the space pirate general Weavel to retrieve the ultimate power makes sense, it doesn't make sense if it's just him. There should be more space pirates there too. So how about in the Weavel fight, the first phase is normal, but then after you take him down, he jumps in his large space ship, and it's large because it holds more than just him. A bunch of space pirates jump out of the ship, while Weavel covers them from the ship. When you beat the pirates, he flies off. And then you get to Sylux aboard the space station. he's pretty unique compares to the others. But how about after you fight him he pulls a dark samus through the rest of the level and uses his ship to blow stuff up and disrupt your proggress, so you have to find another way around. Maybe with a portal. It would be awesome. Anyway then you get to the snow world, and in the actual game you find Noxus fighting Trace. Noxus turns his attention to you and Trace makes his getaway. Here's the thing though: Noxus is actually a good guy. He doesn't want the ultimate power getting in the wrong hands. So maybe have it so that they don't actually become enemies. So how about instead of Trace getting away and fighting Noxus, Noxus get's away and you fight Trace. Then later when you get near the boss fight, you fight Trace again. Then you fight the boss and get the octolith... But remember Noxus? Yeah, he steals it and now you have to chase him all the way back through the planet. Like I said, this needs to feel like a struggle between the hunters for the octolith. And this is where this theoretical version of hunters gets picked up. You chase Noxus all the way to your ship, and then you get a cutscene, where the developers could have used the cinematic cutscenes they used for the game to make an epic scene. Samus corners Noxus near her ship, and Noxus has no choice but to point his gun towards her. Samus turns her gun back on him. But, Noxus is actually technacally a good guy. So as samus walks closer she lowers her arm cannon until she basically drops it. Then, so does Noxus, and he hands over the octolith, but then, sudenly, it get's tethered and picked up by Sylux flying by in his ship. Samus jumps in her ship and follows him. But then, they both get shot down by the space pirate ship, where we see Weavel at the controls. Sylux makes a break for it but not before we grab the Octolith from him. Then samus turns her arm cannon to Weavel's ship, but he opens the hatch, and guess who comes out in this theoretical version of hunters. Ridley. Yep, and before you say this is shoehorning in Ridley, know that while it might seem that way if it actually happened, but let's be honest, it would make sense. It would make sense for Weavel to bring a bunch of space pirates with him, and it would make even more sense if they had also sent Ridley, as he as the most powerful space pirate commander. And if you scan him, it would show him cybernetics are still their, along with him being infused with phazon from his bout in prime. I know you think that phazon isn't meant to be the plot in hunters, and that is true, but phazon radiation was how he recovered from your battle in prime 1, as seen in prime 3. Therefor it makes so much sense for him to have the phazon corruption inside of him. Anyway, you beat him, and head off. The rest of the game has hunters actually hunting, trying to get octoliths and artifacts and those little circle things. But your the one who get's them all. Then you get to Gorea. Before the Gorea fight however, in this theoretical version, we get snuck up on and shot down by Sylux and have one last showdown with him, and this is a real boss fight, not just a mini-boss. While your on foot, Sylux is attacking you 100% with his ship, and you have to damage it enough for him to come out. Then when he comes out, he sends his ship off, and you and him are having a fight on the floor. This is even harder than the one aboard the space station and his AI is more competent than ever. You eventually hurt him enough for him to call in his ship and escape, so you get in yours and fly to Gorea. Then the Gorea fight is basically the same it had been before, except while before this game had 8 escape scenes, in this theoretical version of how it could be done right, there's one, where non of the others were, and the place is actually exploding. You need to escape Gorea's domain and get back to your ship before the countdown runs out. Then there goes the game. Hope you think this version of prime hunters would be the best of them.

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