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What 2D Metroid Could Be (Part 3)


Yeah I'm Making a Part 3. Any Objections? XD. Anyway I figured my last story could use a lot of tweaking. So here I am! Also this would have the same art style as fusion. I'd just prefer it that way. Anyways it starts with a graphic that picks up right from fusion, it shows samus escaping the bsl as it's crashing down towards SR388. But.. before it explodes, there's a banging on the hull of the station, which breaks a hole in it. And out flies none other than Neo-Ridley. Allow me to explain. Remember how the X multiply, like how there were 10 Sa-Xs on board? Well it makes sense that other X would be able to do the same, like Ridley for example. Sure Ridley would have less time, and due to his size would be harder to replicate, but I did the math and there would be time for it to replicate at least once. And we know from metroid prime he can fly in space. And before you say that was due to his cybernetics, A: While we can't say for 100%, he probably flew in space in super metroid and potentially samus returns aswell, and B: If it was his cybernetics that allowed it I bet the X parasite infecting him would to. Anyways a different Neo-Ridley escapes the BSL right before SR-388 explodes, and it goes unnoticed by samus or adam. At that exact moment, the Feds who were heading for the BSL arrive, and see SR388 destroyed and a giant space pterodactyle in front of them. I know what your thinking: They made it very clear there was no way the Federation could capture the X. But there's a difference between Marines going through X infested hallways to capture a being who would kill them in seconds, and the Marines shooting down a dragon from a spaceship and then capturing the X inside with a tube similar to the one the last metroid was in. So yeah, the Federation shoots down Ridley and catches his core X. And there is still 2 things on your mind. But relax, I thought of everything. I know that Neo-Ridley being in fusion was just fan service. But... if he were to be captured by the federation NOW, then he'd have an actual reason for being present then, which is get the federation to get their hands on the X. And I know after what Samus did it may be bad writing to have the federation get X parasites after all, but think about this: The X have gotten 1 time in the spotlight, considering what they are, they need more time to shine, and this is the perfect way. Besides, samus crashed the BSL into SR388 because she knew when the federation boarded the BSL they'd get infect immediatly. She never actually anticipated what would happen if the feds got there hands on one. And they did in this outcome. The federation returns to HQ and starts cloning the X immediatly. They also give themselves metroid vaccines of there own so that the X can't infect them. As for the Ridley X, they juice him up to become the ultimate bio-weapon. First they give him some of the DNA from the ridley clone, which allows the true Ridley beneath the X to partially unearth itself, so it starts becoming the same ridley they took on in the metroid saga(the Ridley clone in other M isn't the one on the BSL, because it was killed by a metroid and probably turned to dust before they could transport it. We don't see any dust in other M, but that's probably because it either scattered everywhere, got swept up, or just wasn't there because of bad writing. In metroid 1 ridley flew all the way to the orpheon before collapsing. It's possible when samus beat him he flew to the Wrecked Ship before dying, and we know the edicoons and decoras escaped on the wrecked ship and ended up on the BSL, so....) anyways after that they juice up the half X, half ridley ridley with Aeion energy they gathered from the metroids they've been cloning to make it even more powerful, and to put icing on the cake, they give him a dose of artificial phazon they started developing after the prime trilogy(I know they destroyed all the phazon in the universe after prime 3, but that doesn't mean the federation couldn't replicate it in a lab) they dub this ultimate weapon to take down samus "Hyper Ridley". Later Samus and Adam decide it's time to take down the federation. Then they look at the footage from one of the ships camera's and find out that the federation captured neo-ridley. Adam scans for Aeion energy to try and find where they could be cloning metroids and X parasites, and they find an outpost on a snow planet not far away. They set course there. The federation marines are basically enemies like the space pirates in super metroid for the moment. Samus touches down on the planet a few clicks away from the outpost so they don't get detected. For the moment samus still has all her upgrades. Anyway you decend into the caverns of this frozen planet, and progress through this area. It's not linear even though you have all your powerups. Instead you have to run around and cause things to happen like a cave-in in one area that opens up another. Then you fight your first boss. Looks like on of the metroids escaped, and it can still survive in the cold due to genetic engeneering from the federation. Your first boss is a Zeta Metroid. You fight it for a bit, and it puts up a decent fight, but your not in danger of losing, after one of you get's to low enough health, we get a sort of cutscene where the metroid latches onto samus, and sucks out some energy from the suit causing it to malfunction. You throw the metroid off of you and shoot the ceiling causing rocks of all types to collapse on it, but that metroid did more than just remove your powerups. Your suit malfunctions and turns off, causing you to remove it. It's time for some zero suit samus stealth. The cave-in left an opening for you to enter, which allows you to continue. You enter the lower shafts of the federation outpost. You do the stealth section for a while and come across an X parasite. The X parasite infects a sentry gun, which is your second boss fight. You have to use your stun pistol to short out the sentry gun, and after a while you can short it out and expose the X, which isn't being protected by a shell, which allows you to absorb it. Your suit powers back up, and the morph ball, the scan visor, and power grip activate. Everything else you need to re-obtain. You head backwards into the halls of the federation outpost, and start taking on the marines. You don't have much weaponry at the moment, but it's enough. Eventually you come across a conduit that needs to be steaply energized for you to open the door. You run around a bit more and find an X parasite in a tube being guarded by a marine. The marine uses the X to charge it's gun. You have to fight the guy as the next boss, but eventually you get him down, and then absorb the power from the gun to your arm cannon which activates your charge beam. You can now energize the conduit and proceed. From here it's simple. Blow apart the marines and gather upgrades. There's been 3 bosses so far, but not every item is behind a boss. Instead of finding rooms with data in them you find a room with a metroid or X parasite in it's test tube and then absorb it's energy to gain more upgrades. You get the missiles, then the bombs, then Plasma Saber(New upgrade, kinda like the melee counter in samus returns, except this time the guys don't always charge you so you can use it, and instead of smacking them with you arm cannon normally, the arm cannon get's a plasma shield around it and you use it to smack your enemies like in samus returns.) After that you reach a new room that gives you a map of the area. 2 paths from there. One leads you to the metroid breeding ground, the other the X breeding ground. You can go either direction. When you go to the X breeding ground, you enter the room with the X inside, and you find them forming together to form a creature, a being, of which they gained the knowledge of via data delivered from the federation. They transform into Kraid. The kraid fight is mostly like the other kraid fights, but you don't have the super missiles, just the normal ones. You have the high jump though, you gain that on the way. You defeat kraid and when you kill it you obtain the varia suit. Then there's the metroid path. On the way there you gain the ice beam(of course) and when you reach it you find a metroid that evolved to it's omega state has broken free of the containment. You kill it with the ice beam, and absorb it's energy to obtain the grapple beam, which you use to climb up to a hatch. From that hatch you set the room below you to freeze which kills the other metroids. Then you head back from up top in case you went with this route first and don't have the varia suit. After you return to the navigation room, you contact adam and tell him the X and Metroids have been eliminated. He says that the cameras he hacked into indicate that add of the remaining metroids and X that are in rooms like the ones you gained power ups in have been taken away in escape pods by the federation. You return to your ship via a different route, utilizing the grapple beam and varia suit while you do, and get back to your ship. You then track them to a space station orbiting the 15th moon of Tallon V(Tallon IV's neighbor). You board the ship, and take on a bunch of Federation Marines. You go into a computer room and find out that they are accelerating the growth rate of metroids more than they were doing on the BSL so there's likely to be a Queen Metroid somewhere. You also find out that they are shipping the metroids and X from here to galactic HQ. They're just re-cloning some at the moment so they have enough. You treck deeper in, find an X parasite that grants you the super missile, another one that gives you power bombs, and a metroid that grants you the space jump, and then drop into a room which gives you the first boss out of the 3 bosses on this station. A robotic crocomire. You fight it until the end of the hallway that you're in. There's a power bomb door there, and a glass tunnel which shows open space. Yep, you drop a power bomb which blows up the glass tube and causes crocomire to fall. You have the space jump which allows you to jump up to the now open door, and get inside where you can obtain the wave beam. You use that to get past an area from earlier, and then from there you get the speed boost. With the speed boost you get to another room which get's you the plasma beam, and access to another room. You enter that other room, where you see X the X cloning area. Most have been shipped to federation HQ, but some remain with data absorbed from your past endevors. They form phantoon this time. Using the plasma beam you beat phantoon. From him you get the screw attack! You go through a passage that bring you sort of close to the beggining of the area, and use your screw attack to get through somewhere, which has lava in it that you need the gravity suit to survive through. You go through a different path from that area and get the gravity suit, and head back. You go through the lava area, and find the metroids have been taken to federation HQ, except one. A queen metroid. You beat it, and get the diffusion beam by absorbing it's energy. You take a shortcut with the diffusion beam back to Adam, who then sets your course to Galactic Federation HQ, where it's time to end it. But while your in your ship is going there, you get intercepted halfway. Remember Hyper Ridley? Well he's not the final boss. But he is here for a showdown. And it's NOTHING like ANY of his other fights. Your still in your ship. So we get something we've longed for for a long time. Samus fighting from her ship, not only that, but fighting RIDLEY from her ship. Samus closes her eyes and does the fusion style naration. "Ridley. You killed my parents. You've been the bane of my existence for my entire carreer. I've beaten you many times. You somehow survived every time however. Some of those times you truly did die, but didn't stay dead. Not this time. Your stronger than ever now, but I WILL destroy you, once and for all." and hence the epic space battle commenced, and an 8 bit but epic version of the theme we all know and love starts to play. Ridley flies at the ship, shoots flames at samus' ship that seems to be acid plasma, he does other crazy attacks that use his phazon, metroid, X, and just plane ridley nature. Eventually, samus shoots him enough times to shake him up a LOT. Ridley flies at samus's ship, but since he's more weak now, samus dodges left, and then SLAMS ridley. He starts flying towards a random planet. Gas giant. Samus is firing upon him while he's crashing, which increases his velocity. Then a meteor hits him and he's rocketing unbelievably fast through the planet's atmosphere, and he CRASHES with all his force against the planet's core, and all the energy in hyper-ridley's body explodes, causing the entire planet to blow up. Ridley is dead, for good this time. Samus continues to galactic federation HQ. When she arrives, the defenses are higher than ever, with X parasites, metroids, and troopers guarding every path. It's a linear treck through the station until you eventually reach the center of the station. In it lies the new MOTHER BRAIN AI. That's right. And she's absorbing X parasite and Metroid energy just like you have been the whole game to gain extra stronger. Mother brain isn't easy this time. Not like in super. Her robotic body immediatly kicks in, and it's a fight for the books. She shoots at you time after time, with normal attacks and her laser brain attack from super, however it's not an instant KO, you have a chance to dodge these attacks. When you reach the end of the room, you find a core X parasite in a tube. You need to get mother brain to hit it with a laser brain attack, which both frees the X, and gives it hyper charge. When you absorb it, you get the hyper beam from super metroid. You use it to fight back against mother brain. It's still not an instant win however. It's hard to beat her still, but you do. And when you do, a good old fashion countdown starts. Time to escape this building before it explodes. You get through the countdown and escape. The end! Any suggestions, viewers?

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