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Nintendo Tokyo launches site & Twitter account for upcoming store


In the run up to its official opening on 22 November 2019, Nintendo has launched Nintendo Tokyo's store's very own official website and Twitter account, with its initial product listing now visible for the world to see. Let's take a look at what's on offer:

  1. Pin Set = 3,600円/$33
  2. Masking Tape (2 Set) = 800円/$7
  3. PET Tape = 1,300円/$12
  4. Rubber Strap Collection = 600円/$5
  5. Ring Notebook = 800円/$7
  6. PVC Bag = 2,500円/$23
  7. Pencil Case = 400円/$4
  8. Crooquis Book = 880円/$8
  9. Block Memo = 1,200円/$11
  10. Transparent Sticker Sheet = 500円/$5
  11. Postcard Set (3 Cards) = 500円/$5
  12. Square Pouch = 1,800円/$17
  13. Cushion = 2.500円/$23
  14. Mug = 1,400円/$13
  15. Ring Handle Stainless Bottle = 3,350円/$30
  16. Floating Pen = 1,000円/$9
  17. Roll Cookie = 1,680円/$15
  18. Face Towel = 1,200円/$11
  19. Logo T-Shirt = 4,800円/$44
  20. "Crunch"/cereal tin(?) = 1,500円/$14
  21. Tote Bag = 3,000円/$27
  22. "Kurutoga" aka what looks like a pen = 700円/$6

(All prices are exclusive of tax. US prices approximated to the nearest appropriate figure according to xe.com on 23/10/19).

Unlike Nintendo New York, Nintendo Tokyo will be Nintendo's first permanent destination in Japan (outside of offices and studios of course), which is to situated inside the Parco department store in Shibuya. Apart from the shop, the official site states that Nintendo Tokyo intends to be an "information transmission point" aka hub for all things Nintendo. There will be games, consoles, special experiences and events to enjoy. It will "aim to be a place where both fans of Nintendo games and fans of Nintendo characters will be excited by just visiting there"

Lastly, Nintendo account holders will be able to enter a lottery for a chance to win an invitation to the special preview over the course of 2 days before the official opening. Whoever gets in then will be very lucky souls. I am presuming these are Japanese specific, but who knows? Any of you fancy to try and apply? If you were to somehow manage to get in, or better yet, make the whole trip there, what you like to see and buy whilst you're there?

Sources - Nintendo Tokyo's Store Official Site

Nintendo Tokyo Store Twitter

"Nintendo Tokyo's" Grand Opening in Parco to be on 22 November! Invitation to the Pre-Opening Lottery!

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