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I played Fortnite chapter 2...And it was awful.


Just to start off I have never wrote a blog post before so this will probably be bad.

So earlier today I was in an Xbox party with 2 of my friends, one of my friends friend joined the party and was talking about Fortnite. I said that chapter was going to suck because Fortnite has been a shit show recently. Stuart (the friend of my friend) went on for a solid 4 minutes defending Fortnites honor and then told me that I wasn't allowed to talk trash if I didn't try the new thing of Fortnite. All right bet.

I then installed Fortnite

So I started Fortnite up after it finished installing. I waited 30 minutes, 30 minutes just for me to get to the Press A to start screen. After I started it took another 4 minutes and then the cut scene started, I tried skipping it my pressing all the buttons on my controller but, unfortunately it was unskippable. It played the whole cutscene thing and then did the cutscene into the gameplay thing. Although I did actually think that was a little cool, my amusement didn't last long though. I landed on a building and realised when I hit the ground, My sensitivity was completely changed. This was really frustrating because it did the cutscene straight into online. So I was playing on a 5 when I needed to be on 8. I picked up a shotgun and killed another player and this is where I noticed another issue with the game. The RNG was still obnoxiously bad, I hit him once in the head and it made the headshot noise but, it only did 14 damage, the second shot was another headshot and that time it did over 150 damage. I then got killed by another guy and just went back to the pre-game lobby. 

I proceeded to play for exactly 55 minutes and througha total of 5 matches (including the one I just talked about) And let me just say, I had such a horrible time. The RNG was super annoying giving and recieving, the bloom was anger inducing. It's seriously like the Epic games staff don't even know how an actual weapon works, The people that play are usually pretty toxic and emote on you even if the kill was bad. The squads that it paired me with in my 2 squad matches were just horrendous. The squadmates I had they didn't heal or revive the teammates that got knocked or killed even though they fully expect you to help them, they steal the good loot and don't share ammo. I was so dissapointed because the game was SO much worse than I thought, It wasn't fun and I find no happieness in that game at all. The game spews out toxicicity and anger fueld by the competitive gameplay.

At one point I almost had an anxiety attack because I was so filled with rage. (I have severe anxiety issues) This is why I stopped playing at 55 minutes and no longer because my health is more important than trying to FULLY explore the game.

In the end of my trial of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Was just so bad. I would rather play E.T for the Atari. If I could say 3 words to somebody it would be "Don't play Fortnite" 

Thank you.

Sincerely, Lurelin

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