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Sylvia is Sylvia... is... Sylvia Saint?


he he he

(That is the safest pic I could find that was both fun and enjoyable, although you can barely see her... features... google her, but be wary... it won't be Safe for Work.

So, one of my absolute favorite adult stars, and by favorite I don't mean I own any of her DVDs... well, ok, I own ONE... so sue me. But anyway... this girl is just amazingly hot to me, is the point. Why she is doing porno instead of shacking up with the richest man alive is beyond me. But anyway... that's not the point of this post... SYLVIA SAINT is all WIN, and I think game designers/developers liked her enough, that... in my theory, game characters have been based on her.

There are two recent SYLVIA characters in videogames, and they both resemble the high-profile-XXX star. Ever since the first one I always wondered... is she? Is she based on Miss Saint? I always Assumed she was...

I present to you... Viewtiful Joe's Sylvia:

remember her? she was a playable character in the sequel:

...and now, with the excitement of the upcoming NO MORE HEROES, there's a new Sylvia in town, I present her to you:

Oh yeah... I'm ready for this game...

My point being, what do you guys think? You think she is? I wouldn't be surprised if many game developers based their girls on porn girls... after all... they're like... their girlfriends. And by girlfriends I mean... by paying money over the internets to see photos and videos.
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