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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #65 - More Melodies Of Life


Featuring Final Fantasy IX and 50s rock.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as you remember, some time ago I made an entry regarding the Chrono Cross song "Melodies of Life". Some people were disappointed that it did not concern the song of the same name from Final Fantasy IX (2000). Since we cannot afford to have anyone not be happy, I decided to make an attempt in this direction as well.

Focus of this entry is the beginning of the main melody. I intentionally link the sample from the world map song "Crossing those Hills" so the lyrics don't get in the way:

My hypothesis is that this sequence of notes is derived from a standard guitar backing track used in 50s/60s rock ballads, mostly Doo Wop. Here's a sample:

An example of a song that uses this type of backing track is the song "Angel Baby" from Rosie and the Originals (1961):

I decided to continue Final Fantasy month into november. This includes potential classic entries.

Phil out.

Update 2019/12/20:

I might have found something better in english rennaissance music, a song names "Frog Galliard" by John Downland. Here it from beginning to end, there are several passages reminiscent of the Melodies of LIfe note sequence:

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