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Enough Already With the Half Assed Character Creators in Gaming!


We've all heard this saying: "How can 'x' be happening in 2019?!" Usually, it's someone freaking out because their social views aren't being adhered to or because someone thinks technology should be in a different place than its current state. Generally speaking, decrying what people are doing because it's the current year is disingenuous at best. 

So look, while I abhor the "it's the current year" excuse as much as any other rational human being, can we at least admit that there are a few times where that notion actually makes sense? One such case would be in certain aspects of video games. Cheap (and even free) games with small budgets have proven that having a decent character creator isn't some kind of crazy mechanic that only triple A titles can employ. Technology in gaming has become simple enough that there is no excuse for offering a character creator that, well... that sucks. It's 2019 and we can do better! 

Most recently, the Nintendo Switch game, Daemon X Machina, showed the world that you can have a great character creator that only uses a bunch of presets with some freedom in regards to hair and facial hair and some other aesthetics. So if a game isn't going to offer sliders that drastically alter your character's appearance, then at least give us variety in other ways. There are plenty of work arounds that can be used as a substitute to amazing slider options.

However, I'd argue that games like Blade and Soul and Black Desert Online have proven that a character creator can easily be implemented in to any game.In fact, both of those games are MMOs with myriad costuming/armor options; so let's not pretend that clipping is the problem. That excuse is probably the one I come across the most when communicating with other gamers. "Oh dude, don't complain. We don't need 80 different faces and hairstyles because the devs have to make them not clip in to armors and it would be too much work.".  Non sense and poppy cock. Worse yet, I even see gamers saying they just make a random character and start the game and don't care about their appearance at all! I mean... just... BLASPHEME! That is what that is! 

Regardless, while I can certainly admit that clipping can be jarring and annoying, I don't think most gamers would be overly butt hurt if their beard clips in to an outfit (or vise verse). Not to mention the fact that a long beard could easily be penetrated by clothing or armor in real life. It's weird that we say "not to mention" right before we mention something, ain't it? Ahem... anywho... I think it's safe to say that most gamers want more character creation options in RPGs, not less, and a little clipping isn't going to deter us from not wanting to look like every other character. Furthermore, the entire point of a character creator is to create *gasp* a character, to our liking.

Again, I am not asking for the moon and the stars, or Mass Effect 3's (in b4: ewwww you think ME3's creator was good?!)character creator; I am just asking to not be insulted by being told to make a character only to find my options are incredibly limited and not even remotely good looking. And far too often, it's the most basic of things that get left out. Things like having a bald head, full beard, and things like being able to have your facial hair, eyebrows and head hair different colors from each other; all of these are left out more often than they are implemented. Why?

It's time for a change. Gamers rise up! Tell these companies to stop making half-assed, insulting character creators!

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

- Play on, players.

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