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Why I didn't Purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite


It is a hot topic at the moment that lots of people have avoided buying the new Nintendo Switch Lite and I am one of them. Although I admit that initially, I was on the fence about buying one I have since made up my mind not to buy one. I do already own the original Nintendo Switch console which I love but I was just looking for another one which I can take with me as I travel frequently. 

The unique selling point of the Switch Lite is that it is made for people who like to play portable. The smaller design makes it ideal for this but in doing so it sacrificed the ability to dock to a TV. This isn’t a huge deal to me as I already have one capable of doing that but I can see it being an issue for some other people. Being around £80 cheaper you do make a significant saving and it allows people to buy into the franchise at a lower price which is great for people on a budget. A criticism I do have however is the battery life. The Switch Lite offers a battery life of up to 7 hours but the new revised version of the original console has up to 9 hours. Surely you want to make the portable version to have the greater battery life? With lots of console games such as The Witcher 3 and Overwatch being ported over to the Switch battery life is very important. These games are going to be very power heavy in comparison to some of the other games available and without a substantial battery, you won’t be able to play them for long.  

The newest flaw to the Nintendo Switch Lite which made up my mind is it’s problem with Joy-Con drifting. This causes the sticks to be off centre and it results in characters moving by themselves. Although this issue is prevalent in the original console it is worse in the Lite because the Joy-Cons cannot be removed, meaning that to repair it the whole console has to be sent away. You can read more about the issue in this article and if you would like to see what it looks like on the Switch then just watch the short Youtube clip below. I was hoping that this issue would have been resolved by Nintendo before they released the new console but it appears they have not fixed it. I have seen several reports of Joy-Con drifting occurring in people’s Switch Lite, not even a week after a release and this is a little worrying. 

Nintendo is offering to fix the defective consoles for free but I don’t agree with them rolling out a product which is broken from the start. If they manage to fix these problems then I may pick up a Lite in the future to use on the go, but at the moment I think I will be holding out until the new upgraded Switch appears around Christmas. 

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