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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #62 - PokeScience


Featuring Pokemon Red/Blue and Folk Music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

since we have skimmed most of Nintendos known franchises, how about a Pokemon tune for a change? Tonights topic is the song that plays if you win a battle against an enemy trainer in the original Pokemon Red/Blue version (1995):

This song might have been based on a certain type of folk music that was also spread in the german speaking area of europe and occasionally gets reinterpreted by different composers with different texts. The most well know instance of this tune is the song "Die Wissenschaft hat festgestellt" (The scholarship has ascertained...) which is usually found in children songbooks and is used to educate kids about scientific research (or mock it if the achievements are particularly banal):


More Final Fantasy at the weekend!

Phil out

Update 30.04.2020:

A similar tune can also be found in the classic englisch folk song "Mary Had A Little Lamb":

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