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Hori Split Pad Pro - Review


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It's been a long time since I've written a review of anything, but I just had to say something about Hori's new Split Pad Pro controller for the Switch. I have long been a big fan of Nintendo hand held consoles dating back to the first Game Boy. I purchased a Game Boy Pocket as a kid and was forever hooked on portable gaming on the go. 

Comfort was never really a question until I got older, with the 3DS being my first "ugh, this doesn't feel great" opinion. The 3DS's main issue was the circle pad didn't feel good to control characters. Not so much the comfort, though the heaft of the 3DS XL was a bit much if you're leaning back. 

Enter the Switch, and I had all kinds of issues with the controls in hand held mode. Starting from the obvious, no D-Pad on the left joy-con, to the joysticks being too small and having no range, to just generally having a lot of discomfort on dual stick games notably the right stick as my thumb would cramp itself down to move it.

Now, let me be clear, I have small hands, I am a very small dude. So I can't imagine how uncomfortable the Switch has been for people with large hands. My first foray to fix this issue was getting the Satisfye grip. Which is incredible mind you and fixes everything except the D-pad and the Joysticks. So then I got Hori's Left Joycon D-Pad controller. That solved everything except the Joysticks. Now we have the Hori Split Pad Pro, which solves EVERYTHING. 

The Hori Split Pad Pro is perfect for me. It's handheld gaming the way it should be, comfortable, and the only thing holding me back as it always has is battery life of the system (I should get the newer one). This thing is so darn comfy though, and the sticks are real-size so I'm not complaining anymore when I play Splatoon to get accurate shots (no I don't use Gyro). 

Literally, this controller is like having a Switch sandwiched in between a Switch Pro Controller. Caveats being it has no gyro, no NFC (amiibo support), no rumble, and no battery support so you can't play them unattached to the unit. None of those things affect me though, and some I'm actually glad about like no rumble. Never have been a fan of rumble, never felt like anything but a vibrator in my hands....that's a topic for another day. 

The moral of the story is I can't recommend this product enough if you love gaming on the Switch in handheld mode. It's perfect for me, I love it, it makes me use my Switch too much now. 

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