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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #61 - Glory of the Extreme


Featuring Final Fantasy 8 and Kenso.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as a continuation of a row of sundays that may well be called the Uematsu month I decided to make another Final Fantasy 8 entry. This time it is for the song "The Extreme", the tune that plays during the final stage of the battle with the sorceress Ultimecia/Artemisia (depending where you live on the globe). As with many of Uematsus final boss pieces, this is a multi part composition consisting of many distinctive sections. One of them is a mysterious, eerie piano riff that appears repeatedly throughout the song and builds up tension before going into full blown progressive hard rock mode:

Recently, I heard a sequence that is quite reminiscent of the FF one, although it sounds more synthy and fusion like, in the song "Power of the Glory" by japanese progressive rock composer Kenso from 1985:

Btw I also think that the main riff (the one that comes after the Final Fantasy battle cue) sounds like the cue of the main Final Fantasy 7 theme with one or two additional notes.

Was this the first time I chose a reference from an actual japanese composer?

Phil out.

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