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(Smash Character Balancing Part 10 Finale)


First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I will list who is in each part. Feedback in the comments on each part thanks it does help knowing people actually read this gives me hope.

This has in order Zero Suit Samus, Ness/Lucas, Marth/Lucina/Roy, Ike, Robin and Corrin. Finale a lot of clones and added a 6th character since it’s the last part.

I am making these changes based on the original Smash 4 characters that’s what this was originally for. In Ultimate and this is “My” opinion is they were just twiddling their thumbs all this time all they did is very minor changes like giving someone a combo throw, very small knockback increases or decreases changing the animation of an attack slightly adjusted but works exactly the same or Marth’s (Shield Breaker) can be angled now or Captain Falcon doesn’t squeeze their skull with both hands anymore with (Falcon Dive) for some unknown reason I mean really? I do not have any of the DLC characters I don’t like any of them so I had to fix them how I saw people use them. The only major changes they made were in the (Gameplay) section.

Anyway there are a bunch of characters that are bad or over powered but they seem to just be ignoring it or they just don’t know what to do, the (Gameplay) section fixed a lot of moves. I will fix specific moves here I know this game inside and out I should have a PHD in Smash Bros I am decent at using all of them or I wouldn’t be qualified to make these changes. Every single character has a fix of some kind I’m not doing them in any particular order I’m doing them by series the first group will be the ones that are alone and have nobody else from their games I want them to keep their Customs because that’s literally all they have. I will be posting 5 characters at a time sections can be 10 pages or over 20 pages long depending on how much I had to change. You can tell when a character is struggling or overpowered because you can feel your limitations or freedom while playing as them. They need to revamp some of them completely like look at what I did with Kirby when we get there it was so obvious the stuff he could do but his moves were basically half complete like they were rushed after all this time since Brawl they didn’t think of anything? Only Zero Suit Samus and Olimar got major changes from their transition from Brawl.

The primary goal of this section is to fix Special Moves there are so many characters that just cannot use their Special Moves at all like Jigglypuff and Palutena some don’t even do what they’re supposed to or like most characters just made up, that’s what makes them unique only they have those moves that makes them special the character themselves don’t exist without Special Moves. Using only Ground and Aerial Attacks can make them only 3 types a speedy combo character, regular balanced attacker or a hard hitter that’s it. Some characters have no business being in this game they just cannot exist the mechanics don’t allow it but I did my best to help them if they are too weak or over powered I had to fix them accordingly. I fixed everyone in terms of balancing but characters I liked I made new Custom Moves for so I am biased in that way those ones have extra moves.

I prefer casual free for alls with items but I do watch competitive 1 on 1 matches my favorite players are Boss, Kiraflax, Zage, Gimr and Leffen but he only plays Melee. I have an announcement to these people that hate the “slower” Smash Bros games play with 1.5 speed it looks just like Melee. Most of the players I liked watching were forced to quit like Boss or switch to a top tier because they’re tired of losing and I don’t blame them their characters were no match for the top 5 characters in the game that can K.O at basically 0% with elevator combos or something gruesome.

In order to make these fixes I had to look at both the casual and competitive sides to make the right changes some moves will be forever bad 1 on 1 because everyone is focusing on only you there’s no one else to interfere like Ground Pounds.

I made these fixes so each character can be the best they can be and evening the playing field for top tiers instead of only 10 to 15 that’s only like 20% of the roster. It's going to come down to who has the better move sets and statistics meaning matchups. The only way to have an even 50/50 balance is if you fight the same character your using there will always be matchup problems for close ranged and long ranged characters mid range characters should have the least problems since they can deal with both because of a versatile move set. There are a couple of characters that had so much potential but they didn’t give them most of their tools like all the abilities Kirby has or all the power ups Mario and Luigi could have used for example.

I will use these below to label how I changed something. The characters with the most issues will have the longest sections making them high priority or I made some new moves for them. Some characters like Duck Hunt only need a few fixes to make them much better overall. I did the best I could and I spent most of my time on this last section and it is over 120 pages long. There were some very difficult characters to fix because they shouldn’t be here the things they can and cannot do is just retarded.

These are the labels I will combine them with a “/” if they need a fix and a change of some kind. I said this earlier but remove all Custom Moves if it is a clone we don’t need a more powerful version of a K.O move or an even weaker combo move only keep Up Specials that go higher for better recovery or lower as an attack move.

(Fix) To describe a move that needs fixing they don’t have to be bad to fix but usually I can make good moves even better or moves with potential to be good by combining their customs into the original I found myself doing that a lot like literally almost every character. This is used the most.

(Remove) When a move is so bad or over powered it's beyond fixing or I have a replacement.

(New) When I come up with a move for that character which will usually be a character I like if I don’t like them enough I’m not qualified to make new moves for them my new moves would lack effort and be incomplete because I just don’t care enough. I see it myself like when I get to the 3rd Custom that move lacks or more like I lack the enthusiasm to complete it. I hate making up moves if they don’t have enough they just don’t have enough period which are usually the character’s that got in for no reason like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch their moves are just weird.

(Change) This is for changing a move completely to something better it’s usually a strong suggestion of a move from the actual game to replace a made up move, changing a moves direction input, name or a move I made to fill the hole after removing a move. I will also be using the specific moves name or I will use the type of move like (Neutral Specials) so you apply that fix to all of the moves meaning the default and customs under (Neutral Special).

(Gameplay) To assign Attack, Defense and rarely fix certain characters passive abilities or Speed. I use this on everyone but the Miis. I also describe what I fixed primarily and give my personal tier ranking from Bottom, Low, Mid High and Top Tier but I will try very hard to get everyone to at least Mid Tier.

This will be posted at the start of each part so nothing is confusing if you weren’t here by part 1.



<(Zero Suit Samus)>


This is the easiest to control character in the whole game she has so much movement extremely slippery and she packs a punch with those new Jet powered Shoes. Too bad all her moves are made up she never left the suit unless she dies or at the end of the game but anyway she used to be a top 3 before DLC characters she’s probably 5th now she has elevator combos on top of being one of the highest jumpers and paralyzing traps to guarantee follow up attacks. That’s your Summary I’m decreasing her Attack and fixing every Special Move she’s getting better normally but cannot do elevator combos anymore.


(Gameplay) Attack is 70% and Defense is 70%. This character got so many upgrades from Brawl even though she was already top tier, she is still extremely close to top 5. Her new jet powered heels allow her to boost her jump height, movement and overall power she doesn't exactly have any weakness except for low Defense cause she wears spandex with no helmet in space but she's so elusive it's hard to land a big blow. My changes kinda made her even better cause half her Special Moves were useless and that's just not what I do I fix moves to make them useful.


(Fix)-(Grab) Only her (Plasma Whip) can grab ledges and you have to grab with your hand no more long ranged grabs unless it’s a Special Move.

(Fix)-(Down Smash) This should not paralyze anymore just make it a single plasma blast to launch like Mewtwo’s Strong/Powerful right now this can combo into another Smash Attack since it paralyzes, (Flip Jump) spike or (Boost Kick) as a finisher.

(Fix)-(Up Ground Attack) This is extremely fast and is a K.O move decrease knockback to Medium and it can hit on both sides.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) Either make this a multi-hitting spin attack should spin 3 times. Right now this can be spammed and auto canceled easily one of the best aerials in the game.

(Fix)-(Up Aerial Attack) Same change as Luigi’s.


(Fix)-(Paralyzer) This move is fair but it needs to launch once the paralysis wears off Weak/Medium and damage should be 6% to 12% based on charge it’s really weak while being extremely hard to hit with.


(Fix)-(Plasma Whip) This move is useless opponents can fall out of it easily if you don’t hit with the tip which gives this high horizontal knockback so characters with bad horizontal recoveries like Little Mac this is a potential 1 hit K.O move so it’s good against those types of opponents and it can grab the ledge. My problem with this move is the name she shoots it in a spiral in front not actually swinging it like a whip which would be more effective.

To fix allow this to be charged for up to 3 seconds before slashing the whip horizontally to knock foes back Medium/Strong has no tip charging increases range and damage to up to half the distance of a Form Stage uncharged about 25% can be angled. If used airborne acts like it does now but only hits once to launch so they don’t fall out and can grab ledges. Basically her old Side Smash from Brawl but can only be charged on the ground.


(Fix)-(Flip Jump) One of the best mobility moves in the game it is kinda overpowered I’ll tone it down a bit. If you miss an opponent or shield and land with this has increased cooldown so you must use your jump if you have one to avoid it giving your opponent time to punish your landing, burial should be fine since you take decreased knockback now, the spike by bouncing off or kicking should be Medium so it’s not a guaranteed K.O if your recovery is good enough she’s so skinny why all that power?


(Fix)-(Boost Kick) This is much too powerful and it seems to K.O off the top easily difficult but I think I know what to do. Can only perform the 2nd kick finisher if used on the ground while airborne it cannot multi-hit just launches them diagonally and is weaker Medium no 2nd kick finisher at the start its most powerful.





I combined them because they are clones this character has been here since the first game why? Most people have no clue where they came from and every move they have is made up they have no trajectory or form it’s basically just flashes on the screen giving you a seizure. You can say the same about Final Fantasy up until 4 you can actually see a trajectory and what the spell actually looks like without seizures. Very difficult character to use without a reliable recovery and they have some weird moves. Just use Ness for tapped moves Lucas for Held moves I’m not sure if they both can use the same spells but since their clones I guess so. Not sure why they used PK when it’s called PSI for their Special Moves but I don’t know much about these guys or where they came from to have the resume to get in Smash.



This is one of the hardest characters to use like Yoshi doesn’t really have an Up Special and hard to aim yourself. Their Side Special is annoying and can be spammed Down Special is useless against opponents without energy projectiles which are rare their Neutral Specials are hard to land in any game mode. They are a rare pick so their rankings dropped only experts can use them because that Up Special is very hard to aim good players make this character top 15 to 10. I’m not a fan of reflecting normal attacks like their Side Smashes plus it’s so strong for some reason but rarely used. Their normal attacks aren’t really cloned they are reversed if Ness has a single hit Lucas has a multi-hit attack in that direction. Only over powered moves are Lucas’ Up Smash but it is slow enough so it’s fine and Ness’ Back Throw is so powerful for some reason. If you connect with the Up Special on yourself it has Devastating knock back it’s basically a fully charged head butt but with Final Smash knockback has to be dealt with.

Lucas is much better move set wise there’s a reason why nobody ever uses Ness’ Down and Up Smash that yoyo is extremely weak and slow it should just be a normal attack not a Smash Attack and then the most important part I have to give them a recovery move so they are playable.


(Gameplay) Attack is 110% and is Defense 90% because they have giant heads. Changed the names of moves to PSI instead of PK like in the games don’t have to though. These are some extremely dangerous kids with alot of power from their brains to fit their big heads.


(Fix/Remove)-(Grab) Remove that snake ranged grab but can still be used for pummel or when they are in your grasp.

(Fix)-(Back Throw) Double the time it takes so it can be broken out of and weaken knockback by 25% why characters have such strong throws that aren’t Special Moves I do not know.

(Fix)-(Front Smash) Bruh I hate that a Smash Attack reflects just why? This has to be a special move to do that remove the capability and decrease knockback to Strong/Powerful this is very strong uncharged for some reason.

(Fix/Change)-(Up Smash) Use Lucas’ Up Smash it’s already slow for it’s power so it’s fine but use Ness’ as an Up Ground Attack.

(Fix/Change)-(Down Smash) Use Lucas’ again but decrease knockback to Medium/Strong since it hits multiple times. Use Ness’ as a held Down Ground Attack and should only hit once.

(Fix/Change)-(Neutral Aerial) Lucas’ is a Held move should have a finisher so it can’t be spammed to drag foes to the ground and used over and over again like Mewtwo’s same move.

(Fix)-(Back Aerial) Lucas’ should be as slow as Mario’s Front Aerial it’s the same move that can spike but faster and in the opposite weird direction.


(Change)-(Up and Neutral Specials) Switch these around I’m giving them a new recovery move. (PK Thunder) Is one of the best projectiles in the game since you can aim it manually and use it on yourself for extra power but hard to aim with if you try to recover with and you’re not an expert or the game is laggy. It can also be reflected, absorbed or Villager can (Pocket) it. While (PK Pulse) I don’t care that its (PK Flash) he says Pulse you will never hit with this 1 on 1 way to slow and its range and trajectory is terrible but extremely powerful. You can only connect with this in a Free for All or if you manage to stun them somehow. But it’s fine best used situational or use it rarely to catch them off guard cause they know how strong this is If it connects.


(Fix/Change)-(PK Thunder)-(PSI Thunder) This should only hit once Lucas’ just destroys people off stage because it doesn’t go away it really gets in the way and does so much damage plus you can manually control it to create a projectile wall with the trail basically but your vulnerable except if you are in a 1 on 1 nobody can really interrupt this. I don’t think they understand how powerful this really is. If you use it on yourself you have Devastating knockback does around 25% damage it’s an over powered head butt combined with a projectile that only did 8% damage. This is 2 moves in 1 the projectile should only hit once excluding the trail and the head butt should have Strong knockback dealing 15% damage so it’s not too strong. Since this is now a Neutral Special this should be the default replacing (PK Pulse) would now be a custom.


(Fix/Change)-(PK Fire)-(PSI Fire Beta) Ness’ is very annoying can combo into a grab or smash attack. To fix this should last half the time and then cause an explosion to launch Medium only activates on contact with a surface or opponent not shields or counterattacks. Now you can’t combo a smash attack only a dash attack or grab could work now unless they are literally in your face. It’s now a better defensive move put up a wall of flames and can now launch.

(New)-(PSI Fire Alpha) This is Lucas’ launches instead of leaving a flame pillar like it does now.

(New)-(Side Special)-(PSI Teleport Alpha) A very fast burning dash attack a set distance like (Falco Phantasm) but a lot stronger Powerful/Strong and has considerable cooldown.


(Fix/Change)-(PK Magnet)-(PSI Magnet) Sigh… This move is bad because very few characters actually have attacks that can be absorbed by it. I’m going to attempt to fix it but they did know PSI Shield exist right? Should block physical projectiles to act as a secondary shield and absorb energy but only the damage absorbed don’t double the healing anymore. Should use Ness’.

(New)-(Down Special)-(PSI Paralysis) Acts like a counterattack but paralyzes them so you can hit them with a different attack based on their damage increases time paralyzed.

(New)-(Down Special)-(PSI Healing) Can be held to continuously heal 1% damage every second has considerable startup and cooldown can only be used on the ground.


(New)-(Up Special)-(PSI Teleport Beta) Teleports a short distance in any direction the reappearance releases an explosion Strong. They use it as his entrance so allow him to use it as a recovery his ranking and use will sky rocket just because he has a reliable recovery move that isn’t difficult to use especially online if there’s lag. Can be used on top of (PSI Thunder) since it is now a Neutral Special and with helpless falling removed for customs probably use a leap and a longer ranged teleport but weaker.





Bruh where did all these guys come from?

I really like this character’s fighting style and Fire Emblem is glorified chess. I like Final Fantasy better because it is actually in real time instead of turn based and you only have 3 to 5 party members that rarely split up its simpler, more fast paced and I liked it that way Fire Emblem requires so much planning every move matters and if they go down they actually die or are injured and cannot be used for the rest of the game it sometimes takes me like 3 minutes to plan out a strategy in Fire Emblem the terrain and lighting matters as well it’s a really complex game. The only game I’ve played is “The Blazing Blade” with Lyndis who I think could be an alternate character I mean why not? She was my favorite but if you did not level her in the game like all Lords even though if one goes down its gameover she is really squishy late game she has really high critical rate and evasion just low health and defense kinda like a Ninja class since she uses a Katana and Bow. I was able to beat the game with no casualties got to final 3 levels on hard but I will always remember Eliwood clutching it out on the final boss, Sain going insane carrying us through entire troops and Canas our Black Mage taking down armys of knights on his own. Matthew and Serra had their moments too were very useful in certain situations.

Fire Emblem to me replaced Final Fantasy since Enix got in a dispute with Nintendo and stopped releasing games for them so they replaced them with Fire Emblem. If Square Soft didn’t merge with Enix things would probably be different.



The way he uses his sword I like a lot, he doesn't put much force into it he just swings it the way his sword guides him he has one of the best normal move sets in the game. I wish he spoke English like everyone else though. Now look… Why did they give him that stupid tipper? And for Roy his tipper is in the opposite position the base while Lucina has it like a normal sword why? If you hit with either Marth or Roy’s tipper it basically doubles the knockback you can K.O at 60% with an uncharged Front Smash Attack Roy’s is easier since all you need to do is get in their face instead of having perfect spacing with Marth. Every move is made up and that “Tipper” they just did that just to make them “Unique”. Getting chipped by the end of an attack is usually really weak but in Marth’s case it’s reversed he doesn’t exactly have any sour spots.

To fix make them both alternates and remove those tippers. They made that (Shield Breaker) worse uncharged it does about 70% damage to your shield it’s not a move it’s a weapon I believe. If they wanted a full move set create more alternate characters and combine all of their moves into this 1 there seems to be a lot that use his same style.


(Gameplay) Attack is 100% and Defense is 80% they don’t exactly have armor it’s mostly just a cape and silk it looks like. Remove both Tipper for Marth and Hilt for Roy and use a regular sword like Lucina’s those were just an excuse to de-clone them. The sword should still not work like Lucina’s hers deals the same damage no matter the distance or time active just make it a normal sword that has a sour spot like everyone else.


(Fix)-(Down Throw) This should be a Combo Throw it’s okay they have no powerful fast attack plus my change makes it difficult to follow up these throws.

(Fix)-(Up Smash) He has one of the worse Up Smashes because it has pretty much needle range making it very difficult to hit with. The hit boxes on his sides should combo into his sword and the sword should have a bigger hit box so it connects easier. It will be weaker without the tipper though.

(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) They fixed his jab but now it can combo into a Front Smash at the perfect range for a tipper which is over powered the tipper is gone but the Smash Attack is still possible. Add extra frames before you can cancel the 2nd swing of this sword jab.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) This is his most useless move because you’ll never hit with it because of the angle he uses it in it’s a Neutral Aerial that can’t hit behind why? The animation on this I like a lot but the move is bad. The first swing should be angled diagonally downwards hitting foes higher up to combo into the second swing which is angled diagonally upwards. Both swings should also be able to hit behind him since he does spin in the animation. Don’t make the swings have too much difference in the angle it should be slightly lower and higher knockback is Medium. Hopefully the vertical range isn’t like Samus’.

(Fix)-(Back Aerial) This is the only Aerial in the game that turns you around for some reason remove that.


(Fix)-(Shield Breaker) This should only be able to do 100% damage to shields at full charge and it should only do 50% shield damage at full charge if it is activated in the air. Uncharged 25% to 75% shield damage on the ground fully charged breaks shields in 1 hit. This was just a sword in the game now it’s a lunge with high penetrating power It works here cause we have bubble like shields. Using a lunge against metal in real life is bad news it will just slide off or the tip will become blunt or bend unless it’s made of wood your sword will get stuck. Use a blunt weapon on shields to destroy them not pinpoint damage this move doesn’t make sense to be honest they need leather armor for this to be a fatal blow.


(Fix)-(Flare Blade) What were they thinking? This does 50% DAMAGE it has Final Smash knockback you will die if hit by this at full charge at 0% plus it has barely any startup or cool down. Damage should be 10% to 25% Medium/Powerful and double startup and cool down to be more like Ike’s Front Smash or (Eruption). This is basically a better (Eruption) since it has more range and power.


(Fix)-(Dancing Blade) Now the attacks connect better but can be easily escaped each hit should drag them closer instead of away. Give his upward strikes 50% higher vertical range weakest, his downward strikes should do more damage and his regular strikes have the most knockback.


(Fix)-(Dolphin Slash) Give this Strong knockback if used on the ground for some K.O power and should not hit opponents near the ledge anymore unless you pass the ledge when recovering it’s really annoying being forced to shield.


(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Critical Hit) This should not be able to 1 hit K.O does 60% damage but large character’s should be able to survive at low damage %. I consider this one of the best Final Smashes you can easily catch everyone in a group since he dashes forward at such a high speed it’s more like a long ranged Final Smash that closes in on opponents for a close ranged one. Seek out and Destroy anyone in your path.





Unlike Marth’s graceful blade style he’s much more brute force his moves would work better if he used an axe through instead he has a golden sword I don’t think that’s a good metal to cut with dulls easily it is lighter but he hits a lot harder. His moves I do not know if they are made up like Marth’s never played his game either but I like this guy. They gave him nothing but buffs to the speed of his moves without decreasing damage or knockback I don’t understand it I’ll have to weaken him to offset and inescapable combo throws should be escapable now. He cannot go that far off stage because his vertical recovery isn’t the best. If Helpless Falling was removed he would be able to fly across the stage with his (Quick Draw) but can be interrupted by taking the hit or dodging he will still swing and goes into helplessness before getting to the ledge but that should be fixed now. I would like to see the Black Knight as an alternate because he looks cool I don’t think they’re friends though. That’s your Summary.


(Gameplay) Attack is 120% and Defense is 120%. Atleast he has 1 move that isn’t made up in (Aether) but apparently it was supposed to work like (Lancet) physical damage and drains health. Special Moves need help vertical recovery really criples him.


(Fix)-(Throws) Only Down Throw should be a Combo Throw my change should fix it’s inescapability.


(Fix)-(Eruption) This is probably his worst move because it can only be used at the ledge. Change the angle to facing the TV so he can hit on both sides the flames get more range based on charge and activating while airborne can Spike.


(Fix)-(Quick draw) Give him super armor while dashing forward so he can pass through projectiles and you should bump into foes to launch Medium you can click Special again during to swing the sword Strong so it can’t be activated early on contact with foes automatically swings at the end of the dash. If you swing while airborne it’s a downward swing that spikes Strong.


(Fix)-(Aether) If you tap before you reach the peak of this attack allow him to do a horizontal slash to knock foes away Medium and avoid the plummet downwards if you want the plummet hold the button past the peak to do the spin and then the finisher plummet. Also allow this to be angled diagonally more to angle the jump and descent. Now you aren’t forced to do the finisher improving his horizontal recovery so he won’t go straight down to his death off stage. Moves like this are just hard to recover with.





If this isn’t a Red Mage I don’t know what a Red Mage is and I never heard of this character again. This is one of my best characters but the fatal flaw they made is this is the only character in the entire game with ammo or mana to be more accurate why they added it nobody knows. I know in the game each weapon does have durability I keep saying drop the book drop the book but they will only drop it if it is used up and you lose a Special Move just hope it’s not your Up Special if you get launched your dead. You also lose your Levin Sword the same way but gets in the way of combos with your regular sword. People need to get over the slow movement speed, projectile characters are going to be slow because they can harass you from far away there’s no reason to rank them that low just because of it it’s really hard to get around this character’s projectiles and they can combo off hits with their Sword. If they were fast I’m sure they would be an even bigger problem since you can run away and spam like how everyone hates Toon Link and Duck Hunt but they have a limit again.



To fix all of their Special Moves remove the ammo which I would prefer or give them a meter on each book the higher level the spell the more it uses up all of them should have 100% charge I will explain later in more detail. To Fix the Levin Sword they have to slow it down it has the same speed more knockback. Once a book or Levin Sword is used up don’t drop it anymore it will recharge overtime now. Their normal attacks are solid ground attacks are below average though they just need more knockback and only Smash Attacks use the Levin Sword. Their spells are defensive they are slow don’t have much range uncharged and weak 1 on 1 only the Levin Sword can get them K.Os right now for the most part.


(Fix)-(Gameplay) Bronze Sword’s Attack is 80% was too weak and Levin Sword’s Attack is 120%. Their base attack since they use spells is 100% and Defense is 80%.


(New/Change/Fix)-(Held Moves) These should use the Levin Sword instead because it is hard to use the Bronze Sword which is green for some reason supposed to be brown should also slow the speed of Levin Sword attacks and probably the animations as well because it has more power. It comes out automatically with Aerial Attacks except for Neutral Aerial while Ground Attacks don’t use them at all unless if used as a Smash Attack. Use Bronze to combo Levin to K.O.

(Fix/Change/Remove)-(Book and Levin Sword Mechanics) This is the most stupid and handicapping mechanic in the whole game run out of magic that Special Move literally cannot be used and it does not recharge overtime if you don’t use it only when it’s used up does is recharge this really hurts if you cannot use your Up Special this is literally ammo nobody else ever had a limit like this. Lose your Levin Sword cannot K.O at all basically. I will make changes if they keep this ammo mechanic but I would strongly suggest removing it.

Instead of dropping books and swords add magic meters below Robin's damage for each book and the Levin Sword. Each meter has a health bar of 100% and depletes based on how much % that spell drains and slowly regenerates 2% a second after 3 seconds of not using that move so wait about a minute and you get it back fully charged. I’m doing the Levin Sword first and then each spell to improve and weaken them because some are over powered and some are too weak. If you do not have enough charge the move will not come out it will just fail normal attacks that use wind and fire tomes are not affected by charge only Special Moves.

(Levin Sword) 10% each normal attack 20% for Smash Attacks.


(Fix)-(Thunder) There are already 4 charge levels which will use 10% more charge each level except for (Thoron). (Thunder) 10%, (El Thunder) 20%, (Arc Thunder) 30% and (Thoron) cost 50%.


(Fix)-(Arc Fire) This should be a single blast Medium/Strong on impact with opponents, surfaces creates the flame pillar like it does now which burst to launch after it is finished Weak/Medium using 10% to 30% based on charge you can charge it for up to 3 seconds. Charging increases the time and power the pillar and fireball is active so you can use the fire ball to ledge guard or just allow it to reach the ground while airborne to make the pillar. Now the Flame Pillar only happens on contact with the ground so if you hit an opponent the fireball will automatically launch so it will be much harder catch them in the flame pillar to combo into another attack which last longer and gets stronger based on charge that should fix it.


(Fix)-(El Wind) This is a good recovery that can ledge guard and spike but run out of charge you cannot recover... Each wave uses 10% charge and if held a single larger wave and jump the height of both waves in one Medium cost 30% charge. Only the large wave can spike now but only at the start.


(Fix)-(Nosferatu) Drains 50% charge and you should be able to break out of it like a grab so they can’t heal and deal 16% damage I believe every time. This is the best healing move in the game right now acts like Black Mage’s (Drain) literally.




Bruh why is this character in the game? Who the hell is this just why… so many Fire Emblems they are competing with the Mario series seeing how many of them are in the game. Fire Emblem’s Dragoon but they can transform into a dragon or just their limbs it’s really weird that’s how Sakurai sees “Unique” again and they have really thin armor only looks like they have shin and forearm guards the rest is spandex. This character looks like a skeleton I thought Sheik looked creepy already. And that sword looks extremely dangerous that will tear you apart it's more like a saw than blade.



(Dragon Fang Shot) Safest projectile in the game, (Dragon Lunge) A better (Falcon Kick) with multiple options, (Counter Surge) has so much knockback and the largest range of any Counterattack in the game (Draconic Ascent) has decent range and K.O ability. Their Smash Attacks have very long range and very little cool down basically unpunishable and 1 guarantees a hit since it has a stupid saw while charging. Nothing about this character is fair period.


(Gameplay) Attack is 100% and Defense is 90%. Give them more startup and cool down like the other DLC characters. I am not improving anything this character has they are too good I’m not going to fix it but that dash attack looks bad unless it gets good shield push it can be punished easily just an alert.


(Fix)-(Down Throw) Make this a Damage Throw deals up to 15% damage and weaken knockback to Medium It can K.O so easily Up Throw should now be the K.O throw.

(Fix)-(Smash Attacks) These have so much range and so much power weaken them based on how far they are from the handle like other ranged smashes and increase cool down cannot punish if blocked or dodged because of the range and speed.

(Fix)-(Side Smash) Remove the saw damage during charge I mean come on this is the only Smash Attack in the game that does this can guarantee that the Smash Attack will hit too.

(Fix)-(Down Aerial) Have this knock foes away Medium instead of multi-hitting you can slightly drag them down into a pit and deals high shield damage right now.

(Fix)-(Back Aerial) Remove the wind effect I know their wings but if you barely miss the wind is a real problem off stage just like Palutena’s Side and Down Smashes.


(Fix)-(Dragon Fang Shot) This is another in between projectile like Cloud’s (Blade Beam) a physical attack combined with a projectile but much stronger physical attack and the projectile can combo into another move or the chomp itself. Remove the over powered chomp so we don’t have to fear getting close and only keep the projectile and can only paralyze at full charge it’s a large projectile. Right now get to close it will paralyze and guarantee the Chomp which has K.O power because that chomp exist it’s very hard to punish since it has a projectile and physical attack. The paralysis is annoying it’s like (Paralyzer) with triple the range. Stupid looking move running out of ideas I guess but not as stupid looking as the next one.


(Fix)-(Dragon Lunge) Do you know how stupid and odd this move looks? You basically just stick a pole into the ground then have a free (Falcon Kick) whether you pin them to combo or use it to retreat so it’s very hard to punish which makes this spammable you can kick from ledge to ledge, If you hit with the tip while airborne it has K.O power. I know what this move is though in real life that’s a fatal position to be in you would be in agony your torso will never be the same if you survived somehow probably the most gruesome move in the game. I don’t really know how to fix this it’s sorta a grab if you get pinned on the ground then you can attack with a soaring kick airborne just pokes them with high knockback.

To fix make this into a diagonal dive to semi spike diagonally to pin grounded opponents Medium/Strong based on distance then does an upwards swing to pull it out and launch the opponent diagonally Strong. Now it can only pin, cannot K.O in the air and has a Strong attack instead of those high mobility kicks that can K.O but this is blockable it’s not a true grab. Pinning deals more damage based on distance traveled from the air the force increases their suffering…


(Fix)-(Counter Surge) One of the most powerful counters in the game it’s so stupid and has so much range and knock back you can hit all opponents with this attack it’s huge. This should launch diagonally and weaken it to a normal counter and decrease its range other opponents can get hit by this easily. Personally I would change this to a manual Counterattack with Super Armor it’s just too massive of an attack to be a regular Counterattack.

(Fix)-(Draconic Ascent) Cheesy name but should only multi-hit on the ground Strong/Medium and is stronger while airborne knocks foes away Medium/Weak.


<(End of Character Balancing and Smash 4 Blueprints)>


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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