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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Samplings #1


Featuring Street Fighter 2, Rayman and others.


today I present you phindings for several short sound samples that weren't long enough to justify full entries on their own. Here they come:

#1 Smurfs 2 - Gameboy

This game features another instance of the Augustin jingle:

#2 Rayman (1995) - Dream Forest

A short sample that is played among others during the Dream Forest segment:

I think it is a very old sample. I found similar stuff in german folk songs, but the best match I'm aware of is in a 1920 recording called "Aunt Hagar's Blues", written by W. C. Handy and J Tim Brymn. The song also 

#3 Street Fighter 2 (1991) - Character Select

The sound that appears when you select a character in Street Fighter 2 - The World Warrior:

A comparable sample repeatedly appears in a song by Hauroni Husono from 1978 called "Hepatitis":

#4 PSX Startup sound (1994):

Some people compare the beginning of the Playstation 1 startup sound

With the beginning of this song by Brian Benett (Voyage, 1978):


Sunday more Final Fantasy.

Phil Out.

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