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(Smash Character Balancing Part 9)


First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I will list who is in each part. Feedback in the comments on each part thanks it does help knowing people actually read this gives me hope.

This has in order Link/Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf and Samus again clones count as the same character. I tried to separate Toon Link from the original Link and tried to declone Ganondorf Special Move wise but I do not like Zelda so I only went so far with them fixed what needed to be fixed though. This parts a bit longer.

I am making these changes based on the original Smash 4 characters that’s what this was originally for. In Ultimate and this is “My” opinion is they were just twiddling their thumbs all this time all they did is very minor changes like giving someone a combo throw, very small knockback increases or decreases changing the animation of an attack slightly adjusted but works exactly the same or Marth’s (Shield Breaker) can be angled now or Captain Falcon doesn’t squeeze their skull with both hands anymore with (Falcon Dive) for some unknown reason I mean really? I do not have any of the DLC characters I don’t like any of them so I had to fix them how I saw people use them. The only major changes they made were in the (Gameplay) section.

Anyway there are a bunch of characters that are bad or over powered but they seem to just be ignoring it or they just don’t know what to do, the (Gameplay) section fixed a lot of moves. I will fix specific moves here I know this game inside and out I should have a PHD in Smash Bros I am decent at using all of them or I wouldn’t be qualified to make these changes. Every single character has a fix of some kind I’m not doing them in any particular order I’m doing them by series the first group will be the ones that are alone and have nobody else from their games I want them to keep their Customs because that’s literally all they have. I will be posting 5 characters at a time sections can be 10 pages or over 20 pages long depending on how much I had to change. You can tell when a character is struggling or overpowered because you can feel your limitations or freedom while playing as them. They need to revamp some of them completely like look at what I did with Kirby when we get there it was so obvious the stuff he could do but his moves were basically half complete like they were rushed after all this time since Brawl they didn’t think of anything? Only Zero Suit Samus and Olimar got major changes from their transition from Brawl.

The primary goal of this section is to fix Special Moves there are so many characters that just cannot use their Special Moves at all like Jigglypuff and Palutena some don’t even do what they’re supposed to or like most characters just made up, that’s what makes them unique only they have those moves that makes them special the character themselves don’t exist without Special Moves. Using only Ground and Aerial Attacks can make them only 3 types a speedy combo character, regular balanced attacker or a hard hitter that’s it. Some characters have no business being in this game they just cannot exist the mechanics don’t allow it but I did my best to help them if they are too weak or over powered I had to fix them accordingly. I fixed everyone in terms of balancing but characters I liked I made new Custom Moves for so I am biased in that way those ones have extra moves.

I prefer casual free for alls with items but I do watch competitive 1 on 1 matches my favorite players are Boss, Kiraflax, Zage, Gimr and Leffen but he only plays Melee. I have an announcement to these people that hate the “slower” Smash Bros games play with 1.5 speed it looks just like Melee. Most of the players I liked watching were forced to quit like Boss or switch to a top tier because they’re tired of losing and I don’t blame them their characters were no match for the top 5 characters in the game that can K.O at basically 0% with elevator combos or something gruesome.

In order to make these fixes I had to look at both the casual and competitive sides to make the right changes some moves will be forever bad 1 on 1 because everyone is focusing on only you there’s no one else to interfere like Ground Pounds.

I made these fixes so each character can be the best they can be and evening the playing field for top tiers instead of only 10 to 15 that’s only like 20% of the roster. It's going to come down to who has the better move sets and statistics meaning matchups. The only way to have an even 50/50 balance is if you fight the same character your using there will always be matchup problems for close ranged and long ranged characters mid range characters should have the least problems since they can deal with both because of a versatile move set. There are a couple of characters that had so much potential but they didn’t give them most of their tools like all the abilities Kirby has or all the power ups Mario and Luigi could have used for example.

I will use these below to label how I changed something. The characters with the most issues will have the longest sections making them high priority or I made some new moves for them. Some characters like Duck Hunt only need a few fixes to make them much better overall. I did the best I could and I spent most of my time on this last section and it is over 120 pages long. There were some very difficult characters to fix because they shouldn’t be here the things they can and cannot do is just retarded.

These are the labels I will combine them with a “/” if they need a fix and a change of some kind. I said this earlier but remove all Custom Moves if it is a clone we don’t need a more powerful version of a K.O move or an even weaker combo move only keep Up Specials that go higher for better recovery or lower as an attack move.

(Fix) To describe a move that needs fixing they don’t have to be bad to fix but usually I can make good moves even better or moves with potential to be good by combining their customs into the original I found myself doing that a lot like literally almost every character. This is used the most.

(Remove) When a move is so bad or over powered it's beyond fixing or I have a replacement.

(New) When I come up with a move for that character which will usually be a character I like if I don’t like them enough I’m not qualified to make new moves for them my new moves would lack effort and be incomplete because I just don’t care enough. I see it myself like when I get to the 3rd Custom that move lacks or more like I lack the enthusiasm to complete it. I hate making up moves if they don’t have enough they just don’t have enough period which are usually the character’s that got in for no reason like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch their moves are just weird.

(Change) This is for changing a move completely to something better it’s usually a strong suggestion of a move from the actual game to replace a made up move, changing a moves direction input, name or a move I made to fill the hole after removing a move. I will also be using the specific moves name or I will use the type of move like (Neutral Specials) so you apply that fix to all of the moves meaning the default and customs under (Neutral Special).

(Gameplay) To assign Attack, Defense and rarely fix certain characters passive abilities or Speed. I use this on everyone but the Miis. I also describe what I fixed primarily and give my personal tier ranking from Bottom, Low, Mid High and Top Tier but I will try very hard to get everyone to at least Mid Tier.

This will be posted at the start of each part so nothing is confusing if you weren’t here by part 1.



<(Link/Toon Link)>


Overrated franchise its storyline is the same every game just reincarnating him and Zelda but Ganondorf is immortal so he’s always locked up somewhere for centuries they all hold a piece of the Triforce and they always meet in different times in history Final Fantasy would never get away with that with the fan base they have, they don’t even mention the 4 crystals anymore. He has the Triforce of Courage which he abuses to the fullest extent he ain’t afraid of nothing. He’s that guy that comes in your house destroys everything, robs you and nobody does anything about it then does it the next day. It must be very strange living in this world the sun and moon keeps disappearing and reappearing, sudden tornados or something else weird happens all because of his “Music”.

It’s gonna be hard for me to comment on this series cause I don’t follow it like at all but I’ll try with what I know. Gonna be commenting on this Triforce Triangle on each character.

This Courage piece of the Triforce Triangle doesn’t exactly have a path does not talk either he has no clue until he is told what to do by Zelda since he bends to her every will or something spiritual tells him what he’s “destined” to be if she is already on the run Zelda doesn’t exactly get captured she’s on her own quest. Link is so weak to begin with if Ganondorf didn’t taunt him and eliminated the threat early which I believe he had multiple chances to do but the game would be over if he did.

I’ve only played Wind Waker and Skyward Sword don’t really care for this series I just wanted to use a sword and shield Skyward Sword was amazing with the sword angles and shield mechanics just a masterpiece and was relatively realistic. Wind Waker on the other hand was fun but a hack and slash hope you hit an unarmored area like most games and Zelda turned from a black pirate captain to a white princess I’m just like bruh. I watched my favorite now to me retired Youtuber NintendoCaprisun play other games in the series if it wasn’t him I wouldn’t have bothered watching at all but I loved his Lets Plays.



They missed a lot of potential he has so many tools over so many games more than Mario probably yet he only uses 3 of them he could have a full Special Move set easily I’ll put together one and try and declone him but only played 2 games so I don’t know much about the other stuff. They can double the amount of moves if they keep them separated which is probably best since Link and Toon Link are like 7 years apart but I’m doing a combined move set over the 2 games that I played. Unless they make Toon Link much bigger they can’t be alternates his head is too big body too small. Also don’t forget those spells Zelda stole but I won’t be including them in this moveset.

Anyway I remember if you pulled out a bomb everybody ran away and the explosion had a very large range this game they are extremely weak and small range. His arrows are really weak even though he shoots them at extremely high speeds. His boomerang works like it’s supposed to but needs some upgrades. And you know that hook shot he has could be used to grab walls, ledges, ceilings and opponents like in the game but they never let him use it as a Special Move instead it’s only an annoying grab if used in the air. He’s not over powered he does hit a little hard for how fast he swings that broadsword all of his attacks should be about the same as his Side Ground Attack to me. Some of his attacks just linger too long his Special Moves need improvements.

I combined the 2 Links so tapped and held moves can be the others and they use the same tools but they have different properties. He can be around top 15 he’s not really good for 1 on 1s the (Gameplay) section didn’t help him at all I believe. Remove all customs since I made a full Special Move set there’s not much to fix without the new moves there’s few fixes excluding the Special Move fixes. Link and Toon Link have basically the same moves Toon Link is just faster with the same knockback and has a better Bow and Boomerang for now a direct upgrade 1 of the few clones that are better than the original.


(Gameplay) Attack is 120% and Defense is 110% He has light chainmail armor If you keep Toon Link separated his stats are Attack 100% Defense 90%. Remove the shield from blocking projectiles just by standing or walking it’s annoying he actually needs to use a move which involves it to use it. Also I think for both all of their attacks need about 25% more startup time they are too fast for the power they have. Decloning these characters would be hard since Toon Link has a huge head probably keep separate but either way I made new moves.


(Fix)-(Grab) Don’t use the hook shot for this anymore I will make Special Moves and it should have worked like Zero Suit Samus’ her air grab doesn’t work on ledges but her (Plasma Whip) Side Special does. The way it is now is an annoying auto cancel whip if used in the air basically extremely long attack range. Just make this a normal grab.

(Fix)-(Side Smash) This should not combo into each other the first swing is Strong/Powerful the 2nd is Powerful/Devastating. Only way to hit with the 2nd swing is if you barely miss, they spot dodge or try to hit you with a dash attack after blocking the first swing. Should be even more deadly now.

(Fix)-(Up Smash) Decrease knockback to Medium/Strong and lower damage to around 12% total.

(Fix)-(Up and Down Aerials) These should do less damage the longer they linger Strong/Weak. Toon Link’s Down Aerial should increase in damage the further distance traveled Medium/Strong looks like a held move to me. The original Link’s lingers for so long with maximum damage if you touch it hurts alot so the longer it’s active the weaker it should be like all moves.


(Fix)-(Hero’s Bow) This should have Weak/Strong knock back based on charge it doesn’t penetrate but has low knockback for some reason even at full charge nobody ever uses it other than for ledge guards which is still rare. Do not allow this to be held forever anymore it’s annoying trying to land and shield in time.

(Change)-(Hero’s Bow)-(Child’s Bow) This is Toon Link’s version the arrow is much bigger, slower and arcs deeper but is weaker it’s fine the name needed to be changed this is better for ledge guarding and easier to aim so no knockback changes needed. Allow this to penetrate actually.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Fire Arrow) Shoots a flaming arrow that sets foes on fire for 1 to 5 seconds based on a 3 second charge low damage but may force them to shield or they will eat the fire damage but slower startup than the others. An Ice arrow would not be fair and a Light Arrow would do nothing but higher shield damage just stick with Fire.


(Fix)-(Boomerang) this needs more knockback Weak.

(Fix)-(Gale Boomerang) This should penetrate through foes and the wind only has effect when returning this has half the range and cannot attack while returning Medium.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Hook Shot) Charges for up to 3 seconds to shoot a hook shot in front can be angled diagonally ignores shields it’s a grab. Charging increases its speed and pulls opponents or items towards you knocking any foes in the way back the opponent hit directly will be grabbed automatically. Can grab ledges if used while airborne since he no longer has a ranged grab this will replace it.


(Fix/Change)-(Bomb)-(Hero’s Bomb) Pulls out a bomb with triple the blast range before exploding after 5 seconds Strong/Medium bounces off of surface and opponents but knocks them back Weak. Now it works like an actual bomb with the blast radius and damage making it more dangerous but only explodes after the fuse is up. Once a bomb explodes you must wait 5 seconds before you can pull another one out like R.O.B’s (Gyro) so it cannot be spammed.

(Fix/Change)-(Bomb)-(Child’s Bomb) Works the same way as Toon Links just needed a name change has no delay 2 can be active at a time. This is much easier to use since it explodes on impact but much weaker and it can still save your recovery. This should be the Default so the character feels the same.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Shield Bash) Acts like a counterattack and bashes foes or projectiles to reflect or launch foes Strong/Medium.


(Fix)-(Spin Attack) While charging and released knocks foes away but at full charge it multi-hits before launching like Toon Link’s Medium/Strong I combined the 2 into 1 move.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Claw Shot) Like the (Hook Shot) works in the opposite way doesn’t need to be charged but can be angled in any direction to pull you towards a surface, object or opponent knocking anyone in the way back Weak but you are vulnerable while it travels to the target or while being pulled when retracting startup stalls you if airborne. If it is an opponent you automatically grab them, a surface allows you to dangle for 3 seconds allowing you to move up and down once you reach it and you get an extra jump out of this while dangling. You must have good aim to use this it can grab any surface or opponent in any direction pulling you towards but penetrates and launches airborne foes Medium if they try and get in the way when recovering. If you want to retract this early click Special again but cannot use it again unless hit, grab a ledge or land. This move sounds fun to use to get around but without a surface it’s dangerous you cannot miss or you die this should also beat any and every projectile so this recovery cannot be stopped. Probably should have high ledge snap range so you don’t have to be too precise.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Skyward Thrust) Jumps upwards with his sword above Strong/Medium can be angled diagonally slightly.





She’s not very smart for having the Triforce of Wisdom otherwise this cycle wouldn’t continue be a mediator stop picking sides to me this conflict is all her fault Ganondorf wants to take over Hyrule her kingdom since he lives in a desert with no nature hard to survive like that he’s not a world domination type I don’t think he just wants Hyrule, Link doesn’t exactly have a path he just bends to her will since he’s smitten to her and stops him after a lot of training Ganondorf is already strong when he breaks free he has to fight him immediately just to stay free if they shared wouldn’t have these problems probably not sure. She is the weakest of the 3 she has no magical or physical powers just prays only on Link’s behalf, break or create barriers and uses Light Arrows for cheap shots. Anyway every spell Link used she stole to create this character but they don’t act like they were supposed to. (Din’s Fire) was an area attack not a focused blast like Black Mage’s (Firaga), (Nayru’s Love) gave you invincibility for a short time didn’t reflect or attack and (Farore’s Wind) is the only one that acts like it’s supposed to.



Not very good because of the type of moves she has 3 Captain Falcon Knee attacks in the air miss the start rest of the move is pitiful only Neutral and Up Aerials are reliable. On the ground most her moves are balanced her Side can K.O Up can be a combo starter, Down pokes but her jab is really weak. Special Move wise they are all defensive and situational they all need upgrades if they are to be used in a 1 on 1 effectively free for all they’re fine. Her Special Moves are all questionable (Farore’s Wind) is a teleporting attack but if you use it towards the stage it bounces you off for some reason. Her (Din’s Fire) is basically Black Mage’s (Firaga) looks exactly like it does in the games. Down Special (Phantom Knight) she has a dark knight for some reason that’s Ganondorf’s and they now delayed this attack I’m not sure why that’s a problem because now she has an attacker that she can just use as cover to get in your face it already is a shield breaker. Neutral Special (Nayru’s Love) is a bad reflect move easily punished and very weak can’t be used as a shield very few situations it can be used in.


(Gameplay) Attack is 130% and Defense is 80% I hate the fact I had to make her Attack that strong but she only has strong attacks Link uses a sword and he does less... If they give her tapped moves decrease it to 80%. Rush down characters are her worst nightmare only defense against them is her (Phantom Slash). Really difficult character to play in this game only cheap gimmick is her Up Special ceiling combo but you do need a read still don’t like it.


(Fix)-(Up Smash) Should only be a single blast of magic like her Up Aerial Strong/Powerful this kind of works like Mewtwo’s but lingers about half the time just like his if you touch it you die.

(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) She needs a rapid jab right now it’s just sparkles that come out of her palm very weak. Make a rapid jab using magic with a finisher Medium and the palm version is a larger blast of magic like her Up Aerial Strong.

(Fix)-(Front, Back and Down Aerial Attacks) Get rid of the twinkle toes and make these attacks useful instead of being forced to be used like Captain Falcon’s Front Aerial if you miss the very start the rest of the attack is pitiful. Decrease knock back of Front and Back aerials to Medium and Down Aerial needs to use both feet to stomp to increase its range Strong.

(Fix)-(Up Aerial) Double the explosions size Strong much too small to hit with unless you are directly below them.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) Double its range have it come out of her palms instead of her tiny arms you literally have to be inside of someone to hit with this.


(Fix/Change)-(Nayru’s Love) Allow her to keep spinning knocking foes away to keep this up and use it to block melee attacks has 25% health as usual and after broken cannot be used for 15 seconds. This should knock foes away instead of multi-hit Medium at the start Weak while spinning. I would change this into a Down Special if I were them like most character’s reflect moves and (Phantom Slash) would feel better as a Neutral Special.


(Fix)-(Din’s Fire) This needs gravitational pull it doesn’t do a lot of damage but is easy to aim but hard to hit with you have to be in the center for it to hit. Based on distance traveled the gravitational pull gets stronger and the blast is bigger Weak/Medium knockback. Also she shouldn’t float when activating this anymore I don’t understand why she does and this move is weak on stage but it can K.O off stage.


(Fix)-(Farore’s Wind) Stop her from bouncing off of surfaces just land right on top of it or pass through it surfaces can just knock this teleport off course and you will fall into the abyss cause helpless falling. If used while on the ground you cannot teleport off stage only to the ledge cannot fall off. The disappearance and reappearance should launch diagonally at a low angle to prevent early ceiling K.Os and the first hit shouldn’t combo into the 2nd Medium knockback.


(Change)-(Phantom Slash) This looks like a move Ganondorf should have had she never had any enchanted knights or summoned anything before that I can recall. Anyway it’s a shield breaker and deals high damage and knockback I don’t know why people call it bad if it can almost break shields at full charge. It’s a defensive move the longer you charge it the more vulnerable the knight is because it can be destroyed since it last longer if charged but is basically a longer attack when uncharged. There’s nothing to fix here just change it into a Neutral Special swapping places with (Nayru’s Love). I don’t like how it’s a delayed attack in Ultimate looks really difficult to deal with it has multiple attack functions too now so looks hard to DI.

(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Light Arrow) This should not 1 hit K.O decrease damage to 20% and knockback is Strong this is a long ranged Final Smash penetrates through multiple foes and has no travel time why is it more powerful than a close ranged one?





Best character in the game or used to be until Cloud and Bayonetta showed up out of nowhere really weird looking character I would never pick this one only gets used because she’s top tier not deserving of a spot these moves are made up. Anyway she was the best because she has almost no cool down on her moves allowing her to hit you repeatedly all over the stage, almost impossible to ledge guard, all throws combo making DI irrelevant and the best projectile in the game because it can launch foes no matter what charge seemingly has no travel time and you can’t see them. This is the only character that they weakened the Attack of it seems. She looks very weird like a creepy bug ever seen a silverfish? Most of the things mentioned are already fixed by what is in the (Gameplay) section already. Her customs are ridiculously better remove them every move she has is made up shouldn’t be in the game who would even like this character if she wasn’t top tier? She sucks in a free for all because you can’t just focus on 1 opponent anymore and the lack of knockback on her attacks but is probably the 4th best now in a 1 on 1 just it takes forever to rack up damage to K.O since she’s so weak. That’s your Summary basically 1 on 1 tunnel vision really bad at normal Smash Bros.


(Gameplay) Attack is 50% and Defense is 80% decrease horizontal speed by 25% to fix the Yoshi effect in your face all the time so she can’t combo you across the stage anymore.


(Fix)-(Throws) Only Down Throw can combo all the others have Medium knockback so you cannot combo the others into (Bouncing Fish).

(Fix)-(Side and Down Smash Attacks) They really make it difficult to get K.Os because they only looked at the competitive side to fix her in a free for all if you just want to get a K.O her smashes are the weakest in the game can’t K.O jigglypuff until 120%. Make them Strong/Powerful they don’t look like they hit that hard very strange looking now Up Smash is not the only smash attack capable of getting a K.O.

(Fix)-(Front Aerial) This is this character’s trademark combo move and can combo into her (Bouncing Fish) to finish you off near the Side Blast Zone. Change the animation's angle to a higher stroke so it doesn’t hit below as easily, Make the animation half as fast like they did with Marth’s same move so it is easier to get away from and do not allow this move to go (Stale) so it cannot combo for infinity.


(Fix)-(Needle Storm) These can only launch and cause flinching when they are fully charged to stop spamming individual needles where did they find this move anyway? This fix is larger than it seems this can combo into (Bouncing Fish) as well if you hit while airborne.


(Fix)-(Vanish) Because of this move it is almost impossible to ledge guard Sheik which is a big part of the game that she can ignore completely and it can be used to K.O. Reverse this move and have the reappearance do the explosion and the disappearance knock foes away Medium/Strong it’s slow enough on startup you should be able to ledge guard this now since you won’t be afraid of dying because it had K.O power at the start now it’s at the end which maybe hard to stop her from grabbing the ledge actually. Honestly I would remove the attack completely it's called (Vanish) not supposed to explode.


(Change)-(Down and Side Specials) Switch these around because it makes more sense so it will be easier to use.


(Fix)-(Burst Grenade) Easily avoided because it lacks range and why does it cause helpless falling? Just why? Give the grenade gravitational pull the whole time this move is active instead of only when activating the explosion and the longer you wait before you activate it increases its pull and explosion size to connect easier.


(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Light Arrow) Fix this the same way as Zelda’s.





Now this one is a villain based off circumstances I’m not so sure but think his entire race suffered genocide this franchise is really racist to be honest but just like Gabriel Belmont he’s being tortured for eternity he cannot die every time he breaks free from all of that because he has a lot of heart he seeks revenge against the world just like him but Ganondorf is truly alone if genocide did happen he must feel like Freya Crescent too but Gerudos still exist. He would beat Link every time if villains didn’t just watch them grow up and then face them but usually it’s a 2 on 1 because of the Zelda Light Arrow assist to combo into Link cheap shots while paralyzed. I wonder what it feels like to have all this power and then have a really hard counter or vulnerability in his case to Holy Magic it must really suck.

He has the final and strongest Piece of the Triforce Power. And he can’t just take the Triforce from somebody it’s in their soul if they die it will just be transferred to their reincarnation again but unlike them he’s immortal. With all the armor, magic, power and transformations he has he should be untouchable but somehow he always loses I don’t understand. They keep pushing him into a corner always putting restraints and sealing him away all the time he is going to retaliate. They need balance or the cycle will continue the position they put him in is unfair they don’t care about his feelings Zelda is supposed to be the mediator but she isn’t so this is just how it is. I like Ganon not the others every time he comes back he gets more vicious from being imprisoned all the time keep it up he just has to win once since he’s immortal while they aren’t and they will be the ones to suffer.



Slower Clone of Captain Falcon which is sad he has potential, Falcon had the speed, attack and good defense Ganondorf is slow has high defense and the most attack power in the game but one of the slowest in the game and a worse recovery he can only make it to the ledge. After all those updates he is really hard to punish he has like no cooldown on any of his moves anymore and he hits so freaking hard he is top tier online if you can’t ledge guard him. Like Zelda he uses Dark Magic to increase his attacks strength. They need to revamp and un-clone this character he has moves they just won’t let him use them so his Special Moves are cloned. I’m not sure exactly what he is he has Dark Magic, extremely powerful and wields a sword. He can transform too. Sounds like a Red Mage but he’s more like Exdeath from Final Fantasy 5.


(Gameplay) Attack is 150% and Defense is 140%. Again I do not understand what exactly he is. Mage or Warrior? I’m gonna give him new Specials not full but just to try and declone him from Captain Falcon. They did well with him in Ultimate giving him his sword again it’s okay to still have his kicks most characters Up Aerials look the same he’s not a true Swordfighter but those Special Moves are still to similar.


(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) Change this into a back handed slap instead of a palm Medium. If you use this held the palm should create an explosion so it is useful kinda weak right now Strong.

(Fix/Change)-(Up Ground Attack) Should make this his Side Smash so you can charge and release at any time it’s a charged axe kick that is extremely hard to time the way it is now if they see it coming you are also exposed because it takes so long but the thing has like no cooldown. Just make it chargeable remove the gravitational pull and the explosion of his heel deals maximum damage but his leg can launch Explosion is Powerful/Devastating Leg is Strong/Powerful. Change his original Up Ground Attack to an upwards sword swing which is Strong but slow launching vertically.


(Fix)-(Flame Choke) When you grab a opponent in the air descent should be diagonal so if you grab them on the ledge you land there and on landing it should create an explosion to launch nearby foes including the opponent grabbed distance increases knockback Medium/Powerful. On the ground it doesn’t launch because of lack of momentum he just crushes their throat and collapse like it already does but add cooldown so it’s not a guaranteed followup so they can use a getup action like in Ultimate. Now it is safer to use in a free for alls, grabbing them near the stage is difficult to carry them to the abyss and you can avoid another attack on the ground.


(Fix)-(Wizard’s Foot) After the kick while airborne and he is spinning downwards he should knock foes back Medium and on impact if you don’t jump out of this with a surface creates a shockwave height increases damage and shockwave’s range Medium/Strong.

Here’s his new Special Moves.


(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Dead Man's Volley) Shoots a ball of energy forward it is also capable of homing on opponents. It can be deflected like King Dedede's (Gordo Throw) increasing its size, damage and time paralyzed it gets 5% faster each time it is hit can only be deflected by a Medium or higher knockback attack. On impact it paralyzes the target before launching Medium/Powerful. I changed his Neutral Ground Attack just for this move.


(New)-(Side Special)-(Boar Rush) Transforms into a boar then dashes forward at extreme speed to penetrate and launch foes diagonally at a low angle Powerful has limited range and considerable startup and cool down since he has to transform. A smaller version of his Final Smash basically.


(New)-(Down Special)-(Dark Blast) Puts on super armor crossing his arms to charge dark energy inside himself and when released he releases a blast of dark energy around himself Medium/Powerful basically a manual Counterattack but you take damage since it has super armor it’s stronger since it can be charged unlike my other manual Counterattacks.


(New)-(Up Special)-(Dark Warp) Allows him to use his dark magic to teleport a set distance Medium knockback. This should help his recovery.





Not trying to judge but doubt it’s really Samus in this suit it’s made of metal she would not be able to move if she wasn’t in space with low gravity even with low gravity probably still can’t move her physique is not strong enough but still would be a struggle just trying to move it looks heavier than medieval knight armor but it’s a game so okay. I don’t like the games I only played Super Metroid I can 1 life as far as I’ve ever gotten which is the underwater levels which I didn’t understand much, it’s such a close quarters shooter I’m not really a fan but I can make some obvious moves. I am not going all out like I did for some other characters the bare basics are there someone else can do that maybe later but that’s an “if” since I don’t like this character at all probably best for someone else to do it.

Anyway Megaman is the real Samus this character doesn’t play at all like in the games supposed to rapidly shoot just like Megaman has bombs can roll in a ball and uses missiles they didn’t really try anything to make them like in the games at all normal attack wise. I would make her normal attacks like his pellets Special Moves could use charged shots that can change form and can use elements. They have better bombs and other enhancements for the Arm Cannon they could use too.



They need to basically do an over haul on this entire character right now is one of the worst but without the suit is top 5. (Charge Shot) is literally a Smash Attack it’s supposed to be orange though not electricity, (Missiles) are slow and don’t homing enough, (Bomb) are useless extremely weak only good for delayed landings and (Screw Attack) can K.O its fine just needs more horizontal distance. Normal move set sucks though extremely hard to hit the strong part consistently and multi-hitting attacks you can easily fall out of.


(Gameplay) Attack is 120% and Defense is 120%. So many dead zones or what people call “Low Priority” on this characters moves they either miss or can be stopped completely. I am basically going to fix those a lot of normal attacks to deal with. Allow the Arm Cannon to shoot like Megaman and actually allow complete (Morph Ball) form. Buffs all around except for the Grab I made it into a Special Move don’t like long ranged grabs unfair.


(Fix)-(Grab) This should not use the (Grapple Beam) anymore just grab opponents manually with your hand it has to be a Special Move to grab ledges or opponents.

(Fix/Change)-(Up Smash) People fall out of this easily and can only hit foes from above this is a ground attack. Allow this to start in front and carry them all the way through before launching vertically. My suggestion for a change would be a single plasma blast above from her arm cannon Strong/Powerful.

(Fix)-(Front Smash) When she punches forward release a blast of plasma to launch Strong/Powerful it lacks a lot of range the way it is now kinda mimic Mario’s.

(Fix/Change)-(Down Smash) This is extremely weak increase knockback to Medium/Strong. My change would be blast the ground with plasma to create an eruption to launch foes on both sides.

(New)-(Tapped Neutral Ground and Aerial Attacks) Same as my change for Megaman’s but no chargeable version the originals should now be held moves.

(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) Allow both hits to connect or increase their knockback and damage to Medium too weak right now.

(Fix)-(Side Ground Attack) Only her foot has decent launching power make her entire leg do the same she’s in a metal suit those kicks are going to hurt no matter where you are hit but the foot should have even more knock back still Medium.

(Fix)-(Dash Attack) This takes too long for the attack to activate that you will usually just slide right past the opponent. Allow the attack to activate as soon as the shoulder gets in place and change the launch angle to diagonally forward at a low angle for a potential combo starter.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial Attack) This is really bad it also completely misses short characters for some reason. Increase the vertical range it has so short character’s don’t evade it.

(Fix)-(Up and Front Aerials) Foes can fall out of these attacks easily. It's basically a 50% chance the move will even work properly. Increase the attacks size and each hit pulls them closer to the center or into the next attack easier so they don’t fall out.


(Fix)-(Neutral and Side Specials) Neutral Special has very poor priority to the point that almost all projectiles can clash with it. Side Special’s explosion doesn’t do anything so you can just jab it literally. Give Neutral Special more priority and Side Special’s explosion a hit box so you can’t just jab the missiles.


(Change)-(Charge Shot) Could they make this shot orange like it is in the game? This is just a suggestion nothing to fix here.


(Fix)-(Missile) Give these double the homing range it’s only 5% damage Super Missile is fine the way it is. Just in case add an explosion on impact so you can’t jab these to cancel them out.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Grapple Beam) Original grab but give it twice the range can be aimed diagonally slightly can grab airborne opponents if on the ground when in the air it can grab ledges and surfaces to swing yourself upwards like I think you could in Melee not sure. If you miss a grab on grounded opponents has considerable cooldown to retract the beam.


(Fix)-(Screw Attack) Allow this to be angled diagonally further and if you do so the launch angle should be more diagonal and gains less height at the end she should pop out of morph ball form to launch Medium.


(Fix/Change)-(Bomb)-(Morph Ball) Rolls into morph ball form and allows her to roll around the stage and she gains double the speed hard to hit while in this form clicking A drops bombs only 3 can be active at a time you can use them to jump or just to attack with but are very weak. This is primarily for movement bumping into opponents does no damage clicking Special again cancels this and you come out of morph ball form which can knock nearby foes away Medium. This is primarily used for movement and bounce around off of bombs. You’re vulnerable while in this form can’t block or dodge but your fast and agile falling speed is decreased too should be able to roll under most projectiles. Just don’t use this against large chargeable projectiles you can’t roll under those.



<(End of Character Balancing Part 9)>


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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