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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #60 - The Lion and the Oil Drum


Featuring Final Fantasy VIII and Midnight Oil.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

since we have a good run on 80s hard rock starting with Battlemaniacs as well as Final Fantasy, it might be a good idea to have another look at the Final Fantasy series AND 80s hard rock. After several entries regarding Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII, I think it's about time that we have another look at a song originating from Final Fantasy VIII (1999). Thus today's topic is the song "Maybe I'm a Lion" that plays during the the final battle with the sorceress Ultimecia/Artemisia during the stage where she fuses with the Guardian Force Griever, which is modeled after a Lion and is presented as an anthithesis to the protagonist Squall to some extend who's design is largely Lion themed:

For the overall style of the song, I can present the song "Brother Wolf, Sister Moon" by the british rock band "The Cult" (1985), especially the second half:

To be honest, there are probably more wildness themed songs that fulfill these criteria. If I find them, I shall post them here.

For the part at 0:43, I can offer a sample that has been used by the australian hard rock band "Midnight Oil" for several of their songs, for example in the song "Tell Me The Truth" from 1993:

FFVII: "Who am I?"

FFVIII: "Maybe I'm a Lion."

FFIX: "We are Thieves!"


Phil out.

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