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Bowshot Zero Has Been Released


That's right, the topdown game I have been making since december has finally been released. And it's awesome. It has 7 worlds, 3 of which have dungeons, 3 of which have a second half, and 1 of those have both. It also has about 8 bosses, and lots of the worlds have a lot of room for you to look around, which may be rewarded with apples to restore and increase health, or lore books. Lore books count to your final completion percentage. The gameplay is action adventure, where you have nothing but a bow and arrow to defend yourself against enemies. Tips: The bear enemy, which usually guards keys or health bonuses, is territorial, get far away enough and it will leave you alone. The Fox, Snow Fox, Coyote, And Crocodile enemy aren't territorial, but you can outrun them. The best tip for fighting these enemies is run, shoot, run, shoot. There is also a side mode called hunter mode where 6 foxes are spawned randomly into an otherwise empty map, and you have to try and find them all as fast as you can. It's a fun side distraction. Anyway this game is out TODAY, and you can get it NOW on https://gamingwithcalvin.com/. Also if it does good enough, I WILL make a version 2 of this game, with some sweet new features. Mostly side mode stuff, but.... still.

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