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Replay Review: Daemon X Machina Demo


Today I will be reviewing the Game's demo. its a really good game that puts you in control of your own Mecha as if you are in the show mobile suit Gundam. During every mission, you take on enemy AIs  (artificial intelligence) as they try and take over the world, what's left of it at least. on your journey, you are joined by other mercs in mechs and you learn different things about them. one thing that I don't like is that you are referred to as the Rookie which makes me think of is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon. this game reminds me of a game i was in the beta for Transformers Universe where you could play as either Autobot or Decepticon. in both games you are controlling gaint robots fighting other robots.  

- This has been Playthrough Review with Tazpa, see you next time

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