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Late to the Party: Why the Angry Videogame Nerd is Genius


He’s going to take you back to the past…

The opening lyrics to my latest addiction sum up its magic.

I’m incredibly late to the party, but the Angry Videogame Nerd (AVGN) YouTube show has been both hilarious and inspiring. I haven’t looked at anything videogame-related on YouTube in eons, but for whatever reason, AVGN popped up in my recommendations.

In case you’re out of the loop like I was, the Angry Videogame Nerd breaks down games from the old school era of Nintendo, Atari, Sega Genesis, and other classic systems. He plays through them and offers humorous (and very NSFW language) reviews about why these games were poorly designed, often infuriating to play abominations.

While the show itself is entertaining enough, there are a lot of reasons why this show is golden, and the more I watch the series, the more inspired I get. Here are a few major takeaways I gathered about the show:

Nostalgia is a Strong Point

They just don’t make videogames like they used to.

I don’t say that as a negative, or as an old man telling young whippersnappers to get off my lawn, I mean it quite literally. Some of the charm and rough around the edges attributes from the classic video games are gone, since the art has evolved into a high-tech, multi-billion dollar business.

As such, it’s nice to get reviews of games from the classic era, even though AVGN only focuses on the ones that sucked.

The nostalgia is a strong suit because we live ina time where it’s celebrated more than ever. Recently vinyl sales passed CD sales for the first time. While digital reigns supreme, people love buying records for their hard copies.

He puts some thought (and money) into his show, as he doesn’t just play emulators, he hunts down physical copies of the games and systems, and even displays them on vintage TVs. The whole old school setup of his basement adds to the appeal of the show.

He Was an Early Adopter to YouTube

Today there are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on YouTube. People that read the tea leaves got in on the ground floor, and AVGN was definitely an early adopter.

The first videos dated back to 2006. It’s crazy to look back at the publishing date now because YouTube is such an institution. No one knew what it would become, or that Google would purchase the company and help it become the giant that it is today.

But back in 2006, with nothing but creativity and a passion for videogames, the AVGN started this labor of love.

It’s inspiring to me mainly because he stuck with it with no payoff of would it would become. It shows that if you have a good product in this day and age, the following will come and the sky is the limit.

The Show is Well Written and Produced

He doesn’t half-do anything.

A simple review that should probably only take 5 minutes routinely turns into a 20-minute video with a storyline, special effects and some videogame history spliced in. The show began crudely and over the course of some years has spawned into things like McCauley Caulkin guest-starring, and even the creation of an AVGN movie.

When you put some TLC into a production, these are the kinds of rewards that come about. The internet narrows the gap, and you can turn a great idea into a lucrative and successful enterprise.

So yeah, I’m an AVGN fan now, for a lot of reasons. It’s entertaining as all get-out, and even more importantly, inspires me to get my own thing going.

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