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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #59 - Victory Toads


Featuring Battlemaniacs and lots of Hard Rock bands.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as many of you know, Rare composer David Wise had a streak with hardrock music some time in the early 90s which showed significantly in the soundtracks to games such as the Battletoads series and Monster Max (for the Gameboy).

Today's topic is the song that plays in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (1993) at the very end of the game, after you have beaten the Dark Queen in the equally Dark Tower (with suprisingly little visible injuries) and now make your way to the Helicopter to shoot the elusive Silas Volkmire out of the sky:


If no one of you remembers this song because no one has beaten the game, that's ok. We have Youtube for that.

As you may not be surprised, I think that the song is made up of stock 80s hard rock samples that I cannot pinpoint to a single song because the occurences are so numerous. So I present you a small selection of songs that might include samples of certain points in the song:

For the sample starting at 0:26, I can offer the following songs:

TNT - 10.000 Lovers ( 1987 ):

Autograph - She never looked that good for me (1988):

Midnight Oil - King of the Mountain (1990):

For the rest of the song, I recommend to buffet the following videos:

Ratt - Bottom Line (1988):

Howard Jones - Gun Turned On The World - 1992:

Winger - Hangin' On (1988):

This entry was hard and so will be the sunday entry.

Phil out

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