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November Recap Part 2 - New Console Edition


This is the second part of my personal November recap. If you want to know what I mentioned in the first part, just look here. This part will cover the games I got this month after True Crime: Streets of L.A. as you can imagine.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Thanks to a contest of a German Wii-website I got this game for free. And I kinda like it. Okay, I expected it to be more like Oblivion but with more action. What I got was a linear first-person-hack-and-slash-RPG with some very thrilling moments (like the chase over the roofs in the, I think, third chapter). But again... Water... I need to swim... Damn...

And now here something more expensive. I got a brand new console this week and it's not a PS3. And with this console I got some new games. By the way: If you want to have a Rabbid-Maniac in your Xbox Live Buddy List, add my gamertag: "AlanarWindblade".

Forza Motorsport 2: I don't like racing simulations...

Viva Piņata: One of the first games I wanted to buy when I get this console and now it came packed in with the console! The problem is that I didn't play it that much this week so I can't really say anything about it. Except for: It looks nice, it is quite enjoyable and it takes much more time to judge this game.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja: One of the reasons I wanted this console so bad this month... Since the very first trailer I wanted to play this game. And now this time has finally come. I'm not even disappointed. It is fun to run through Konoha village. Combat is also nice though a bit too simple in my opinion. But overall, I like it.

Assassin's Creed: The second reason for me to get an Xbox 360. My PC is far too weak to handle it. And man, am I stunned by this game. It is a blast to climb up the walls, make it to the rooftops and then jump from roof to roof. Or jumping from a high spot into a stack of hay. Or escaping from guards. Okay, I haven't got this far up to now but I'm really impressed by this game. I hope this won't change...

BioShock: Actually, I didn't want to buy this game. Rapture is a city under water... And as you may know (though I have yet to explain it in a future blog post), I don't like water in 3D video games. But hell, for just 25 Euros I couldn't resist! Up to now, I don't regret it. Even though the very first scene is a swimming sequence... But after that, it all got better. I finally understand why most of the people like this game. And I want to see more of Rapture.

And that's it. This is my complete recap of this November. Lots of games, a new console, finally 18 years old... A good month if you ask me.
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