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360 or PS3? I go HD next year... Who owns both?

When all was said and done, I went with the Wii and I am pretty damn happy. There are a lot of fun games (albeit a hell of a lot more BAD games, but who cares, I'm not playing them - much less buying them) and I am very happy with going with the Nintendo gear.

But Next year I will go HD. And I think I've decided to go with PS3.

I DO dislike that font... maybe a nice sticker will cover it.

True, it's more expensive... I'm not a tech-savvy person, but again, I opted for the Wii and I was very happy, so the processing power really doesn't interest me that much at all.

I know XBOX has perhaps more exclusives out - and every game worth getting on HD. But truth be told, I really don't play FPS all that much. I used to play COUNTERSTRIKE at a friends house, and after doing the PC FPS action... I just, while I enjoyed and got the hang of it, couldn't get into the MO of XBOX FPS a la HALO. It's a TON of fun... but I am just so bad at it, that it really makes no sense in focusing on that element of triumph on the XBOX side, since... I really don't play it at all.

What games do I like?

Look above, that about narrows it down. I like Mario, I like Resident Evil... and then I like a slew of games, like ROCKSTAR's GTA series and more recently spin-offs like BULLY among others.

GOD OF WAR is very important to me. So I have to make it SONY. Metal Gear Solid is a lot of fun, so I have to make it SONY.

The idea behind PSN's HOME is so kick-ass that I can't wait to get my hands on it.

GTAIV is coming for PS3, so why worry. Little Big Planet! Silent Hill 5 (well, maybe...) and... baby baby baby... please tell me PS3 will get a Resident Evil 5?


I do know however, that a lot of choice titles are coming out for XBOX... anything I should reconsider over? Remember, FPS are of no real concern to me, I'd rather watch you play them than actually buying them and playing them myself.

So, without further flim-flam... I want to open it up to discussion.

I am not interested in hardcore BRAND fanboys... I want to hear from those of you who might own them both, I want to hear your thoughts... Or, which games are better in the action/adventure-survival/horror, etc front. Keep tech savvy on the down low, I'm more interested in hearing about loading times or overheating... practical side of things, you know?

Who is with me?

One final question: Can you browse the Internets on PS3 like on the Wii?

P.S. - As far as HD-DVDs and BLU-RAY - technologies aren't up to snuff, so let's not even get into that.
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