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WTF?! GH3 "Calibrate Lag" option only calibrates my frustration.


Yep. I'm still screwed when it comes to fixing the lag issues with GH3 on my new set. I own two LG LCDs, and both of them have lag issues with my Elite and GH. I've run the calibrate lag tool a multitude of times, both strumming with the video and with the sound, and I can't get it to a happy median.

Does anyone else in the community have this issue? Does anyone have any honest tips on how to fix the problem?

I'm running a 360 Elite with HDMI into the set I just spoke about, if that helps any. (Though I'm sure it doesn't.)

Any help would be appreciated.

In other news, I can pass TTFaF on Hard everytime now. :) (Horribly.)
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