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COD4: Mile High Club Achievement

If I haven't told you, I'm in love with Call of Duty 4. I'm currently not playing it right now because I'm cheating on COD4 with Mass Effect but that's besides the point. I have around 800 points in the game right now and I don't see any of the other achievements being that bad to obtain except this one called the Mile High Club. Basically, you have to beat the very last level, the one placing you on a plane, on Veteran difficulty. That alone wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have only 1 minute to do so. If you've gotten this achievement already, you're a bad ass in my eyes. Although I see this achievement as extremely insane, here's a video of someone actually doing it. I didn't watch the whole thing so I have no idea what happens after he finishes the level once.

this is the first video i watched

This video is by one of our very own, BlackDove, and it's way better than the first
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