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Band of Bloggers September 2019 Theme


Life can get really stressful sometimes. We've all had hard times, and it's likely that some of us are going through stuff right now. When we're tense and on edge, it can help to have something to help us relax. Maybe you listen to soothing music or the sound of rainfall. Perhaps you destress by binging documentaries on Netflix. If you're on this site though, it's likely that there is a special game that can help you unwind. 

The theme for Band of Bloggers in September is Relax.

What games do you play when you need to destress? Are there any games that you turn to when life is becoming overbearing? Perhaps you like playing a more simple game with no challenge, like a walking simulator. Does wandering around a beautiful landscape help calm you down? Maybe you like exploring in space instead. Perhaps you like to zone out to a simple challenge that you've long since mastered. Returning to this challenge and overcoming it with ease fills you with determination. I know that for me, playing through songs that I've already overcome in rhythm games can be a great way for me to destress. 

Are you looking for a new game to relax to? Here are a few suggestions:


If you like fish and swimming, Abzu would be a great game to relax to. There are certain spots in the game where your character can just sit and observe the aquaatic life around him. It's super zen.

No Man's Sky

This one might be my favorite exploration game. I love finding new exotic places and just looking at the landscape. Sure, there's a bunch of new multiplayer content, but honestly, I like just being alone in the universe, looking up into the sky.

Dragon Quest

I put a picture of 11, but honestly most Dragon Quest games can be relaxing. To me, they play almost like a bedtime story, something comforting that I can always come back to. 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, and pretty much any game in the farming/life sim genre, can be super relaxing to play. There is something calming about running a farm, taking care of animals, tending to crops, and getting to know the villagers nearby. 

Do you have any other suggestions for relaxing games? Whatever you end up playing to relax this month, make sure you write a blog about it. Put Band of Bloggers, or BoB, in the title so we can know to look for it. 

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