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Dear Harmonix: I can start on Monday.

I'm writing this letter not because I'm aware of any openings in your company, but because I'm assuming there must be one -- or will be one very soon -- in your marketing and PR department.

I'm assuming this based on a story I read recently at a some gaming blog. The story itself was focused on the plans for Rock Band's downloadable content, but near the end of the story, there was a very brief reference to the delay in shipping your game to Canada.

According to this explanation, there was not, in fact, a delay, because you only ever intended to launch the game in the United States, rolling it out to other countries later.

This is fair. It's your company and your product, and entirely up to you to decide how you want to roll that product out. There's just one little problem.

]In your press release, dated Oct. 29, 2007, and available at your official website, you indicate something different entirely.

Specifically: "Rock Band is slated for release on Xbox 360� video game and entertainment system from Microsoft� and PLAYSTATION�3 computer entertainment system on November 20, 2007, and on PLAYSTATION�2 computer entertainment system December 18, 2007 in North America."

That's North America.

Which, as much as the United States might like to monopolize the name "America," does include Canada too.

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming the mistake wasn't *yours* but is solely the responsibility of someone in your marketing and public relations department. Someone whose departure from your company I am assuming has left an opening for someone like me.

In way of applying for this position, allow me to illustrate the sort of conversation that could have prevented this little PR mistake from occurring. This imaginary conversation is between someone on the Harmonix development team (you) and someone on the Harmonix PR team (me).

DEVELOPMENT: Well, the game is almost ready to ship. It's time to start drafting up some press releases to get the fans all hot and bothered.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: What's the release date?

DEVELOPMENT: November 20, 2007, for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: And in which countries will it be released on that date?

You see that last question there? That's the important one. That's the sort of question you need your PR people asking, because it's those little details that are important. The little details are everything.

I am convinced that I would be a valuable addition to your Public Relations department because of my ability to ask these sorts of critical questions. I look forward to hearing from a representative of your company shortly.

Best Regards,

PS: I know this is basically me just ranting about the very same issue I ranted about here, but I think this one is funnier. Or so I hope. And there's a picture. But no bewbs.
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