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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Review


I honestly don't feel like I've played this game enough for a full review(I GOT STUCK ON THE FOURTH BOSS OK? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO.) but I do think I've played enough to tell people what it's like, how fun it is and who to reccomend it to. And that's enough for a review... so... I'm confused... LET'S GET ROLLING!!!

The game starts out with you as a mercenary coming across students of the three houses who are being chased by bandits. You get roped into a tactics battle against the bandits, and from there they make you come to the monastary, where lady rhea makes you teach how to be a warrior. Wow. Your life so suddenly changed, just like that. Wow. Huh. Ok wierd stuff aside, when you get there you get to pick to teach the red house, the blue house, or the gold house. I only remember the name of the gold house, which is golden deer(my house). Anyway the students you saved happened to be the heads of their respective houses. I'd suggest going for the golden deer simply because the head of the golden deer, Claude, has honestly the best most normal likable personality. He's like a regular person while the rest are honor in a nutshell.

While your teaching at the monastary, you can do multiple things. You're often meant to give your class lectures, which may sound boring, but it's actually really fun encouraging and quizzing students to raise their better skills, and to spot it out when they are evidently not very skilled at their skill, and get them to practice new skills. Then theirs free time, where you can do 4 things: take a nap AKA skip the free time(which motivates your students somehow???), explore the monastary, where you can complete quests, and recruit members of other houses to your house(they must be willing however)but your sometimes forced to take this option, and then you might have trouble getting where you need to go, and get lost. That's a flaw. You can also do a seminar, which is basically a lecture except your students can choose not to go there, and you can get other knights and teachers to do the seminar. If you do, however, your one of the attendies. Then last there's the option to battle, where you and your house goes out for a practice battle. Which brings to the next bit, the JUICY STUFF.

This game, is a tactics game. Even if you are teaching kids how to become warriors, this is still a turn-based combat game. You have an easy mode and a hard mode for this (kinda) the easy mode is where your students that fall in battle just come back after the fight, and the hard mode is when they die, they die. GONE FOREVER. Other than the mock battle and prolouge battle at the beggining of the game, all the fights you do are either optional in your spare time, or at the end of each month when you set out for that months assignment. Optional battles ussually need you to just take out all enemies, while the prolouge battle, mock battle, and the assignments at the end of the month require you to fight your way to the end of an area and fight that area's main threat, or, "boss" if you will. So technacally I'm not stuck on the fourth boss, I'm stuck on the sixth. Eh, still stuck. Anyway, in fights, you have multiple students to attack the enemy, all with different weapons, skills, and the more enemies they fight or kill, the higher their level gets. Also, cool funny detail, if their stats don't grow much when they level up, their like "aww nuu I failed" it's funny.

The story is... vaige. I haven't gotten far enough in the game to piece it all together yet. But it has something to do with the sword of the creator and the orb that powers it. There may be other swords and orbs aswell. But these dudes are warshipping this goddess, and these other dudes are like "no your doing it wrong I'm gonna steal some ultimate power" But the real interesting part isn't really the bigger picture, it's the smaller picture, and the animation. The characters are pretty dang cool, they range from nice personalities, to very very very honorable personalities. But most characters are pretty awesome. The cutscenes have an animation style of pure anime. Which is ok??? But not fantasic. Even outside of the cinimatic scenes, during interactive cutscenes, exploring, or fights, it still has an anime look to it. So... yeah.

It's a great game. An amazing game. Graphics may sound iffie, but they aren't bad at all, even if the anime animation style is a bit wierd. And the free time is awesome, even if you do get lost. I give fire emblem three houses a 14/15. I recommend it to people who like RPGs, especially ones like undertale with silly characters. I also recommend this to smart people and stratagists. I hope you have fun!

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