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This song is from one of my favorite games all time controls were stiff and bosses were short and easy that's really my only complaints. This sounds like an unwinnable battle there is no hope you can keep up but it just isn't enough

- Black Mage, White Mage, Freya Crescent, Gabriel Belmont for Smash!



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Ohaider I'm not really a writer I just write about stuff I care about for the most part things that I felt I had to do. Dunno what to write here really trying to be Anonymous but I eat Cereal for dinner sometimes and play and listen to rare video game music just give me a song I can usually counter it with a much better one. I collect rocks make smaller ones into necklaces I draw a bit do low key pottery and play Maplestory M daily my mains CerealKnight a Hero class on the Croa American Server in the guild called "Luv". I played some real life sports when I was younger so no I'm not a nerd trust me I'm probably also one of the only people that hasn't seen Star Wars or Game of Thrones I'm 19 btw. Been trying to post every Wednesday at 2:30pm EST but things happen and i'm a perfectionist I'm always working on the next one and days are to short. I am finishing up on (Smash 4 Blueprints) about to get into PVZ Battle for Neighborville I probably won't be posting here I need a break but I'll upload some songs though.

Maybe impossible and I maybe a fool for trying but Shia LaBeouf has helped me move forward a lot with his "Just Do It" speech. He said Don't let your dreams be dreams, make your dreams come true. One of these days your going to work hard at it nothing is impossible. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit but your not going to stop there JUST DO IT. Which I have many times I don't care what people think of him that speech came from his heart.