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Art Piece (07/08/2019)


Here’s my latest art piece I managed to finish, It’s a new OC I created called Amelia, She lost her arm while trying to be heroic as a stupid native teenager in a dangerous situation & due to losing her arm she got extremely depressed because she is limited by using her other arm while she also suffers PTSD because the memories of that event haunts her to this day, She wears the mask to symbolise her mistrust for the world & it’s unknown at this time if she will get better or worst throughout her life

I do have 2 plans for a manga that include her, One is slice of life & the other is crime, But I don’t know what would be better & I still need to work out what I want to do with her as a character

Also, I am going to work more on improving because I was a little disappointed with this drawing, So I need to improve :)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Name: Amelia (Last Name Unknown)


- Dark Angel (Kodokuna Tenshi)

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