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Phils Game/Pop Musical Similarities #49 - To The Nirvana


Featuring To the Earth (NES) and Nirvana (UK).

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

nowadays, with the earth burning to a crisp and the international climate becoming more and more aggressive, some people feel the need to leave the earth and go for the untamed wilderness of outer space. Other people on the other hand somehow feel the urge to go in the opposite direction and, quite literally, try to go To The Earth (lamest pun setup ever). This game is an obscurity for the NES console in 1989 developed by the mysterious developer "Cirque Verte". It is known for being one of the few games supporting the Zapper accessory for the console, which you use to shoot fast approaching alien ships on you spaceships way towards the blue planet. The "Mission Theme" is a catchy electronic theme that represents the mysteriousness of outer space - it should be, as it is the only song you hear throughout the majority of the game. Today, my interest lies on a very particular sequence of that tune:

In 1968, the band Nirvana ( no, the other one ;) ) released the song "The Touchables" on their "All of us" album. During the end, the song diverges into something that feels increasingly more similar to the sequence in the To The Earth song:

Whoever goes toward the earth these days must take care not to collide with Elon Musk.

Phil out

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