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(Smash Character Balancing Part 3)


First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I will list who is in each part. Feedback in the comments on each part thanks it does help knowing people actually read this gives me hope.

This has in order Olimar, Shulk, Ryu, Cloud and Bayonetta. Short but contains 2 of the top 3 characters in the game.

I am making these changes based on the original Smash 4 characters that’s what this was originally for. In Ultimate and this is “My” opinion is they were just twiddling their thumbs all this time all they did is very minor changes like giving someone a combo throw, very small knockback increases or decreases changing the animation of an attack slightly adjusted but works exactly the same or Marth’s (Shield Breaker) can be angled now or Captain Falcon doesn’t squeeze their skull with both hands anymore with (Falcon Dive) for some unknown reason I mean really? I do not have any of the DLC characters I don’t like any of them so I had to fix them how I saw people use them. The only major changes they made were in the (Gameplay) section.

Anyway there are a bunch of characters that are bad or over powered but they seem to just be ignoring it or they just don’t know what to do, the (Gameplay) section fixed a lot of moves. I will fix specific moves here I know this game inside and out I should have a PHD in Smash Bros I am decent at using all of them or I wouldn’t be qualified to make these changes. Every single character has a fix of some kind I’m not doing them in any particular order I’m doing them by series the first group will be the ones that are alone and have nobody else from their games I want them to keep their Customs because that’s literally all they have. I will be posting 5 characters at a time sections can be 10 pages or over 20 pages long depending on how much I had to change. You can tell when a character is struggling or overpowered because you can feel your limitations or freedom while playing as them. They need to revamp some of them completely like look at what I did with Kirby when we get there it was so obvious the stuff he could do but his moves were basically half complete like they were rushed after all this time since Brawl they didn’t think of anything? Only Zero Suit Samus and Olimar got major changes from their transition from Brawl.

The primary goal of this section is to fix Special Moves there are so many characters that just cannot use their Special Moves at all like Jigglypuff and Palutena some don’t even do what they’re supposed to or like most characters just made up, that’s what makes them unique only they have those moves that makes them special the character themselves don’t exist without Special Moves. Using only Ground and Aerial Attacks can make them only 3 types a speedy combo character, regular balanced attacker or a hard hitter that’s it. Some characters have no business being in this game they just cannot exist the mechanics don’t allow it but I did my best to help them if they are too weak or over powered I had to fix them accordingly. I fixed everyone in terms of balancing but characters I liked I made new Custom Moves for so I am biased in that way those ones have extra moves.

I prefer casual free for alls with items but I do watch competitive 1 on 1 matches my favorite players are Boss, Kiraflax, Zage, Gimr and Leffen but he only plays Melee. I have an announcement to these people that hate the “slower” Smash Bros games play with 1.5 speed it looks just like Melee. Most of the players I liked watching were forced to quit like Boss or switch to a top tier because they’re tired of losing and I don’t blame them their characters were no match for the top 5 characters in the game that can K.O at basically 0% with elevator combos or something gruesome.

In order to make these fixes I had to look at both the casual and competitive sides to make the right changes some moves will be forever bad 1 on 1 because everyone is focusing on only you there’s no one else to interfere like Ground Pounds.

I made these fixes so each character can be the best they can be and evening the playing field for top tiers instead of only 10 to 15 that’s only like 20% of the roster. It's going to come down to who has the better move sets and statistics meaning matchups. The only way to have an even 50/50 balance is if you fight the same character your using there will always be matchup problems for close ranged and long ranged characters mid range characters should have the least problems since they can deal with both because of a versatile move set. There are a couple of characters that had so much potential but they didn’t give them most of their tools like all the abilities Kirby has or all the power ups Mario and Luigi could have used for example.

I will use these below to label how I changed something. The characters with the most issues will have the longest sections making them high priority or I made some new moves for them. Some characters like Duck Hunt only need a few fixes to make them much better overall. I did the best I could and I spent most of my time on this last section and it is over 120 pages long. There were some very difficult characters to fix because they shouldn’t be here the things they can and cannot do is just retarded.

These are the labels I will combine them with a “/” if they need a fix and a change of some kind. I said this earlier but remove all Custom Moves if it is a clone we don’t need a more powerful version of a K.O move or an even weaker combo move only keep Up Specials that go higher for better recovery or lower as an attack move.

(Fix) To describe a move that needs fixing they don’t have to be bad to fix but usually I can make good moves even better or moves with potential to be good by combining their customs into the original I found myself doing that a lot like literally almost every character. This is used the most.

(Remove) When a move is so bad or over powered it's beyond fixing or I have a replacement.

(New) When I come up with a move for that character which will usually be a character I like if I don’t like them enough I’m not qualified to make new moves for them my new moves would lack effort and be incomplete because I just don’t care enough. I see it myself like when I get to the 3rd Custom that move lacks or more like I lack the enthusiasm to complete it. I hate making up moves if they don’t have enough they just don’t have enough period which are usually the character’s that got in for no reason like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch their moves are just weird.

(Change) This is for changing a move completely to something better it’s usually a strong suggestion of a move from the actual game to replace a made up move, changing a moves direction input, name or a move I made to fill the hole after removing a move. I will also be using the specific moves name or I will use the type of move like (Neutral Specials) so you apply that fix to all of the moves meaning the default and customs under (Neutral Special).

(Gameplay) To assign Attack, Defense and rarely fix certain characters passive abilities or Speed. I use this on everyone but the Miis. I also describe what I fixed primarily and give my personal tier ranking from Bottom, Low, Mid High and Top Tier but I will try very hard to get everyone to at least Mid Tier.

This will be posted at the start of each part so nothing is confusing if you weren’t here by part 1.



I hate this character why is he here? He looks weird, I don’t like his games and they don’t seem that good I don’t understand them. There’s a time limit and I don’t know where to go most of the time I’m behind schedule. I would play the Overlord games over his any day if he didn’t have his Minions at least he had his own weapon and magic spells to attack with but he couldn’t jump for some reason which really ticked me off but Olimar cannot do one thing without his Pikmin. With Minions the Overlord could use a variety of strategies Olimar relies on his Pikmin for everything and that includes Smash. If you catch him without Pikmin the only time he’s open he only has 5 attacks that can hit physically the problem is he can pull them all back out instantly I remember the brief time I played his game it took forever to pull each individual Pikmin out of the ground then why instantly now? Basically the strategy is if he’s out of Pikmin and you keep him in the air he cannot fight back much. This is also a character that uses elements.


To fix it’s all about the Pikmin they are too powerful and can be spammed to deal high damage around 20% to 30% eating away at you while attached and it slows you down every time they hit you or you hit them. Since they do so much damage Olimar can just run away and have them do all the fighting and if they die he can just pull them right back out and do it again until the opponent has high damage then he actually fights you to finish you off. Basically a coward run and then hit approach good for 1 on 1 not for a free for all he might be the worst free for all character. Can’t do much about that he’s not that unique probably give him more physical attacks with the held versions or lessen the attacks that require Pikmin.

I’m basically going to change their damage and health based on how long they were alive growing that leaf into a blooming flower at maximum life and you cannot pull them back instantly anymore. If you can’t catch him you can’t win which is why I’m weakening them if you use them in a suicidal way they won’t grow to become more powerful. He won’t be getting much better I’m making him fair but elements can help him. Also remove all his non Up Special customs they are all bad not mentioning them.

(Gameplay) Olimar’s Attack is 80% and Defense is 60%. He got nerfed again but also got some buffs he’s still too good in a 1 on 1 but lacks attacks if he doesn’t have any Pikmin for Free for Alls still. Should be High to Mid tier

(Fix)-(Pikmin) The following is the Pikmin’s Attack Power and elements. Pikmin can only inflict elemental effects when their flower is fully blossomed.

Red Fire 100% inflicts 1 second each attack

Blue Ice 60% slows them down by 10% each attack cannot freeze

Yellow Electricity 80% chains to multiple opponents can paralyze the target it is attached to every 3 hits

White Poison 50% poisons for 1 second each attack

Purple 120% no element, cannot attach onto opponents but can launch knockback varies based on type of attack

All of the Pikmin’s damage, attack speed and increased health based on the flowers growth not knockback.

Leaf no increase in Attack slow attack speed 5% health.

Closed bloom of a flower after 5 seconds alive Attack speed and damage is doubled 10% health.

Fully blossomed flower after 10 seconds alive Attack speed and damage is tripled 15% health.

This will be a game changer. Now if you throw Pikmin often they will be suicidal since they die easily and do low damage and attack slower let them grow up and they will be stronger, last longer and have elemental effects. Also getting hit or hitting Pikmin should not have any hit stun so you’re not fighting in slow motion anymore, Blue Pikmin now have the Ice element so he has 4 elements now.


(Fix)-(Up Ground Attack) This is basically just low jump neutral aerial in place. Instead allow him to yank his head back to hit foes with his antenna to combo Weak I hate cloned moves especially on the same character.

(Fix)-(Smash Attacks) Having a smash attack that can be reflected is very bad. The Pikmin should not be able to be reflected only blocked and die on impact. Also the further distance they travel the less powerful they are like Megaman’s Side Smash Medium/Strong Purple Pikmin are Strong/Powerful.

(Fix)-(Down Throw) Make launching power Medium he shouldn’t have a Combo or K.O throw with that moveset.


(Fix)-(Pikmin Pluck) Triple the time it takes to pull out a Pikmin he can get them all back instantly right now and can now be punished for doing so in an opponent’s face.

(Fix)-(Pikmin Throw) Cannot latch onto shielding foes anymore so they can actually be avoided now without dodging or evading.

(Fix)-(Pikmin Order) When Pikmin are recalled they heal 1% health every second they are near you so you can use them at full strength again without them dying if you get them back in time that is.

(Change)-(Down and Neutral Specials) Switch these around you can only pull Pikmin on the ground like Peach’s (Vegetable) so Down Special feels more natural using Neutral to call them back should feel better as well.



This guy looks like what happened to Final Fantasy characters between the severely oversized sword, the outfit he wears and the hairstyle he has. If I were to pinpoint a games time period he looks like he’s from it would be Final Fantasy 12. He’s one of those new characters that just got to pop up in this game with no real resume. Everything he says is a lie him and his friends are hypocrites they become machines and use them all the time they are like the new Mega Men.


Not much to fix here he’s not bad he has the longest and largest attack range in the game hard for foes to get close because of it the payoff is slow speed which makes sense unlike Cloud’s “Cleaver” but he’s not that strong most his attacks are made for a free for all not 1 on 1 of course you won’t hit with a (Back Slash) if everyone is focusing on only you it actually looks more like a dash attack to be honest. Only his (Monado Arts) aka “Red Mage Magic Spells” and (Vision) the most overpowered counter in the game need to be fixed again not touching customs I don’t like him and they are just improved versions but still clones remove them.

All of the changes they made were with 1 on 1 tunnel vision ignoring free for all completely basically giving him auto canceled Aerials with all that range? To make him good in a 1 on 1 give him more stabbing moves as held versions so he can space without a Smash Attack and some quicker tapped moves like a slide he has trouble offensively because he can’t pop them into the air but he’s mainly a defensive character though. Shield changes should help him keep foes back as well. Outside of his (Monado Arts) I think all his moves are made up I haven’t played his game and I don’t really care all I’ve seen of it are from trophies in the game I think some of his arts are made up too though. He could have many alternates because everybody in his game are basically clones of him or use a gun instead.

(Gameplay) Attack is 80% and Defense is 110%. Not much to change here just his Counterattack and (Monado Arts) other than that he’s a very fair character he swings that giant sword as slow as he supposed to which Cloud should have but nope and currently has the most attack range in the game. He’s Mid Tier defensive character he needs some better Special Moves to go higher.


(Fix)-(Side Ground Attack) Allow this to be angled diagonally.


(Fix)-(Monado Arts) Only allow this to be changed on the ground right now he can just jump away or switch it during a combo to extend it they made it even easier and faster in smash 4 2.0 for some unknown reason. All chargeable stored moves should only be able to be charged or in this case changed on the ground like in the (Gameplay) Section. I don’t like this move but at least the same thing you can do to them happens to you too, I usually don’t even use them though when I use him I may pop Speed or Jump modes rarely their mostly situational.

(Fix)-(Vision) This is much too powerful because it does high damage, launching power and it can be spammed very easily because the counter window last a long time almost 3 seconds with almost no cool down. He can also choose which way to launch you making DI hard. Only downside is it takes a long time to come out and sometimes you have enough time to dodge it during the animation but very rarely. But he can just reverse it to make it come out faster and boost the power even more. Why? They must have gotten really bored to make such an elaborate counterattack if you want to switch directions it should be weaker it has almost as much range as Lucario’s (Double Team). This should be Strong/Medium and counter window only last 1 second not 3.



Of course he gets in Street Fighter pretty much created the 2D fighter genre can’t leave him out definitely deserves the spot but I think a Mortal Kombat character should get in too but that games really bloody. Anyway he doesn’t look like he belongs and his muscles are huge but he’s really short compared to other human characters. Captain Falcon looks like a giant when standing next to him. I’ve never played Street Fighter looks hard between the high and low blocking, all those complicated inputs to attack but I have watched the Excellent Adventures series on Youtube. If I did play I would use Juri she’s really unique a reverse fighter only uses her legs you must have supreme balance and very flexible to fight that way and use your arms as legs nobody really uses her even though she’s good but they made her seem so evil now. I’m not sure how many times they took her eye it looks fine and she’s too damn confident her defensive fighting style does not fit her aggressive attitude. I’m not sure but some characters in this game seem to actually kill you if you lose a match to them by what they say or their victory animations like in the 5th game Urien is about to finish you off with a fully charged plasma shot…


Probably the most unique character I would say next generation because he has 2 movesets for Weak and Strong attacks if you want to test how Tapped and Held moves would work in the (Gameplay) section this is the guy to test on which I got the idea from. Even his Special Moves can be changed but with stupid inputs instead of charging which I don’t agree with making them triple the power without extra startup or cool down. But this is how I explained how Custom Moves could be used with the same move in the (Gameplay) section so there’s no more cloned moves.

He has many problems because they designed his moves to pretty much lock opponents into a combo like his games instead of needing a read it true combos into K.O moves. He lacks a lot of range because like Little Mac his limbs don’t expand or stretch and his moves look weird and hit in weird spots he has an elbow jab and thunder toes. He can true combo his tapped Down Ground Attack aka thunder toes since it locks them in place into his (Shoryuken) which can K.O at half their Defense since it’s knockback is so strong with inputs it needs to be weakened and if you miss the sweet spot it’s still strong all the way through. Also his (Focus Attack) they literally designed it to give him super armor, cancel out of for movement zero cool down or make opponents collapse to combo into any move he wants it seriously looks painful on top of the look of shock on their face.

He has no customs so I don’t and would not have done anything with them if they do add some moves from other street fighter characters like Ryu and possibly add alternate characters no clones. I’m basically going to remove his true combos, weaken his (Shoryuken) and fix all of his Special Moves. Also hope they know that people that play competitively have lightning fast fingers another reason to get rid of the inputs for more powerful attacks. He’s right below top 5 he’s extremely close but his recovery knocks him back like Captain Falcon my changes aren’t making him any better either he’s too good offensively he has like no cool down or startup like all DLC characters.


Attack is 130% and Defense is 120%. Instead of these alternate inputs for Special Moves just make them chargeable for up to 3 seconds so they are much easier to do and cannot cheat with inputs. All of his moves need more startup and cool down all of the DLC characters can just throw out moves with no down sides. Also to fix the true combos every time he hits a foe remove the freezing effect so they get launched before he can hit them again and increase their damage he has so many moves that only do 1% to combo into a K.O move. Also he needs some area slashing attacks he has none so he’s bad in a free for all and his range should be increased by at least 50% he needs to be extremely close to hit anyone right now and attack angles are very strict.

I’m not sure if he got stronger or weaker honestly, he’s easier to play but has to charge up his Special Moves instead of inputs and he cannot break shields with normal attacks anymore. He’s a good 1 on 1 character should still be High Tier but for a Free for All? Nope.


(Fix)-(All Normal Ground and Aerial Attacks) No normal attack should do extra shield damage it must be a Special Move only, remove that capability it’s just ridiculous at a point.


(Fix)-(Hadouken) Make it chargeable to change it to the other 2 forms increasing speed and power over 3 seconds Weak/Strong.

(Fix)-(Tatsumaki) Like before charge it to make it more powerful and travel a longer distance knocking foes away Medium/Strong and if used at full charge on the ground it can multi hit before launching but cannot fall off stage can be charged for up to 3 seconds.

(Fix)-(Shoryuken) Strong at the start on the ground and Medium throughout the rest of the move and always Medium if used in the air cannot be charged.

(Fix)-(Focus Attack) This is very good and very bad at the same time. This can absorb one hit but multi-hitting moves beat this out completely because it hits more than once. If he actually does hit you with this it looks very painful like your heart just stopped you got shot in the back and just collapse and he can hit you with any move he wants. You can also auto cancel this for movement with no cool down.

To fix give this 15% damage super armor so you still take damage but multi-hitting attacks can’t beat it and when cancelling to move it should have some type cool down. For the actual attack based on the opponent’s damage % the collapsing animation is faster at lower damages so you can avoid a powerful attack easier.



His game is severely overrated just like Final Fantasy 6 and 4 I hate this character I don’t know why people like him with his attitude probably because he’s like or inspired Naruto’s Sasuke? I’ve never played his game don’t really want to but what it has in common with 6 and 4 is movie video games over gameplay. People get so emotional over these 3 games it’s a tug of war while 5 is just forgotten because it lacks the movie video game aspect the best of them all just because they focused on gameplay this time. Why does he have 2 capital F’s instead of the Final Fantasy Crystal as his logo or a Chocobo? Looks like the original story is lost too. I think 5 was the last game the original creator worked on think he did the story for 9 as well.


He doesn’t even have his own moves because he is a mix of Shulk, Ike and Lucario. He has Ike’s moves, Shulk’s range with no startup or cool down on that giant Cleaver and Lucario’s Aura which is basically his (Limit Break) but you can charge it manually which is basically a mini Final Smash possibly the most broken move in the game forces you to approach or he’s just going to stand there and charge it which you don’t want. He charges it by getting hit and dealing damage as well you can’t stop him from getting it no matter what you do or don’t do. In a free for all he can just continuously charge and then throw a move out over and over since he can just stay out of the fight until he charges it. Right now he’s top 3 he just has a bad recovery and he’s one of the only sword fighters that has a projectile the only move that’s not made up or stolen and also the only one without a Counterattack. If he had a better recovery he would be number 1 but he doesn’t have elevator combos.

(Gameplay) Attack is 70% and Defense is 110%. Like all DLC characters you have to give him startup and cool down on his moves I made him that weak because he swings that giant cleaver very fast for some reason slow it down and it can increase to 120%. He will drop out of Top 5 without his manual (Limit Break).


(Fix)-(Up Aerial) This is extremely annoying it can combo and K.O comes out immediately, has no cool down and (Stale Moves) seem to help it a lot. This needs double the startup and cool down time it can be used like a sharp shield right now basically.

(Fix)-(Front Aerial) This should not spike because it is very fast. This can compete with Yoshi’s for easiest spike in the game because it is his sword instead of himself but it is a little slower and harder to sweet spot.


(Change)-(Limit Break)-(Finishing Touch) Change this into a Final Smash it’s as powerful as one and you won’t be able to manually charge it but it will be better I explain more at the Final Smash version below. Give him his (Finishing Touch) as a spin attack that can be charged for up to 3 seconds Medium/Powerful doesn’t have to launch vertically you know.

(Fix)-(Climhazzard) He should be able to angle this diagonally angling also allows the descent to be diagonal for horizontal distance. He can already cancel the descent so I don’t have to touch that.

(Fix)-(Blade Beam) This is one of those in between moves since he uses his sword to slash so you can’t be in close range and then the projectile comes out. Only way around it is to jump in between them or roll behind him. He can use it to ledge guard too because it stalls him in the air so he can spam it off stage with ease. To fix don’t allow this to stall him airborne and remove the Sword’s hit box so it can only hit with the Blade Beam.

(New)-(Final Smash)-(Limit Break) Allows all of his special moves to have Limit Break effects increasing damage, range and height depending on the Special Move for 15 seconds and you take half damage, deal 50% more damage, knock back and have 50% more speed. You basically have 15 seconds with more powerful and long ranged Special Moves and improved stats just throw moves out while in this state but you can still be launched it’s not a full transformation only his Sword really transforms.



Never heard of this character how did she get in? Her character design is Mature rating I also think she’s gay by some of the things she says. She has guns on her heels why? And look at the name of some of her moves her smashes remove some of her spandex clothes to create a larger limb from a portal and (Bullet Climax) what do you think that means? It had to be intentional and Sakurai pretty much uses nudes of her on his twitter account this was probably a joke character but the best in the game 1 on 1. This easily could have been Momohime she has aerial combo attacks just like her and her Side Special looks and acts just like (Running Slash) the combo starter from Muramasa and you finish with an Up Aerial the resemblance is so similar she just uses kicks and guns instead of a Katana. I don’t think any of my (Gameplay) changes will affect her going to have to do this the hard way manually. Oh yeah and this is another one without helpless falling.


This is the best character in the game 1 on 1 this character is designed strictly for competitive play styles terrible in a free for all, her combos can be interrupted easily by others and really low knock back but that damage racks up fast if she strings attacks together long enough. This character is a mix of the 2 best characters in the game before she arrived because she can combo you for eternity like Sheik because of weak knock back and can K.O below 30% like Zero Suit Samus because she can carry you to the top of the screen with elevator combos her Special Moves get refreshed on impact so it can be used for both combos and recovery plus no helpless falling. Go ahead and use this on an elevated platform and see what happens. She can also do strange chip damage with her normal attacks I don’t like projectiles that are not Special Moves even without flinching it’s still an annoying projectile deals damage.

This character cannot exist she abuses the lack of cool down or helpless falling on her moves and can carry you so close to any blast zone while still doing a ton of damage because these elevator combos last forever and hitting an opponent refreshes a move so it can be used to ledge guard. Also her Down Smash spikes so don’t ever grab the ledge because if you time it right they won’t be able to touch it and she has a broken down special aka (Slow). I wonder what they were thinking while making her they didn’t think of any of any of these scenarios at all? When I make moves I think of EVERY scenario it can be used in because most Special Moves are situational. No knock back equals all of the combos she can do and then they allow her to refresh moves on contact? Why?

(Gameplay) Attack is 80% and Defense is 70% they have to add startup and cool down like the other DLC characters to her attacks and I increased her attack so she can’t combo as easily and remove all of the normal Ground and Aerial Attacks Bullet Arts that was just going too far with that trying to make her look unique bet she didn’t have that in her games and it’s not even a shooter looks more like Castlevania Lords of Shadow. I fixed all of her Special Moves to fix her infinite combo ability. She will drop out of top 5 now that her combos won’t work as reliably and (Witch Time) being fair. Overall just the character itself without my changes is really complex all Specials have 2 types of ways of using them and Bullet Arts works with most Normal Attacks would have been a high skill cap character if she didn’t have the elevator combos and Bullet Arts being a Special Move not a passive. They could revamp this character with my suggestion I think she would be fun to play then just fishing for elevator combo setups.


(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) This is the most damaging rapid jab in the game doing about 20% damage the finisher should come out earlier to lessen the damage.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) This is one of the best Neutral Aerials in the game because it last a long time plus the chip damage it can do with her guns can be spammed very easily to rack up damage and hard to avoid since it last so long. Decrease it to only 1 spin I already got rid of the chip damage.

(Fix)-(Down Smash) This shouldn’t spike airborne foes the ledge is lava because of this move instead launch diagonally like it always did. All of her smashes are slow but the attack itself is huge hard to avoid.


(Fix)-(Bullet Climax) This move sucks but can be cancelled so easily with no cool down. Make the shots straight instead of that odd angle and cannot cause foes to flinch since it rapid fires holding the button just continues to shoot more shots racking up damage. If cancelled it should now have cool down so you can’t fake people out with no consequences for even attempting it. If they want Bullet Arts back merge it with this move to switch poses to shoot in different angles.

(Fix)-(Heel Slide) Increase its launching power to Medium so it cannot combo as easily and for as long I'll still allow it to refresh or it would kill it's combo ability.

(Fix)-(Witch Time) Do you understand how over powered this is? You can slow down time so it combos into everything like a fully charged smash attack, a Home-Run Bat item or her Final Smash. You can still attack your opponent even if you don’t get the time slowed down because she doesn’t flinch or get launched she gets super armor to absorb the attack. I thought counterattacks were over powered already until this. If it’s not a single powerful blow she can still just hit them repeatedly and still get a smash attack off.

To fix decrease time slowed down from what looks like 90% to 50% lasting 3 seconds if spammed it can get as low as 10% and if the opponent is hit by any attack should cancel the slowdown effect so you can’t get hit repeatedly and avoid multiple hits easier. Now it last shorter and they move faster so you will need a quick punish so fully chargeable moves will not work.

(Fix)-(Witch Twist) An Up Special should only be able to be used once until you get hit, land or grab the ledge don’t allow it to be used twice after an airborne jump just double it's height and allow it to be angled. Also this should knock foes back Medium vertically if they are above or on startup so no more elevator combos since you can’t carry them up with you anymore.


<(End of Character Balancing Part 3)>

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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