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Alan Wake and For Honor free next week on EGS


Epic Games announced the next set of free weekly games will include Alan Wake and For Honor. The announcement was made in a tweet earlier today. They got the usual responses from fans and critics.

Despite Epic Games Store being around only since December 2018 and lacking many features their competitors boast, Epic Games enjoys showing off their influence. They do this by releasing some major titles for the cheap price of free.

Of course, not everyone is trusting of the newer platform as they have been in the center of some pretty weighty controversies, including the belief they are spyware. They are also the one who instigate the timed-exclusivity deals which cause anger every time it is brought up.

Epic Games started by giving away Subnautica and in the months following, they gave away What Remains of Editith Finch, The Witness, Axiom Verge, World of Goo, Overcooked, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, and more.

Alan Wake is a game from Remedy Entertainment where you play the role of best-selling writer Alan Wake. In the game, he searches for his missing wife during a vacation in the small town of Bright Falls. As the story progresses, the player finds Wake brought to the brink of insanity as he tries to figure out what happened to his beloved wife.

For Honor is a Ubisoft game tying together several different playable warrior styles. The game can be played offline in a campaign or online in PVP.

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