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Console Exclusives... Are They Really THAT Good for Business?

I don't mean to sound like I know what I'm talking about - but I just can't help it, the flavor just comes. And as such... it must be shared.

Console Exclusive titles have, for a long time been - the hotness. It is pretty obvious WHY companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (Oh noes, Sega?! What Happened?... *snif*) do exclusive titles. They ensure that we stick to their guns... we should get a 360 solely because, well... you can't play Halo 3 on the PS3... much less on the Wii.

Fair enough, makes for a compelling argument. In the end, more consoles are sold and they make their loot. Good times. Yay Money.

So much so, that even more recently companies like Capcom or Konami get really big business to pander their title to only ONE console. Alright... no harm no foul... or... is it?

Listen, I'm all cool with the idea of exclusives... more often than not, they get a GREAT wrap. Not only do the bad ones get easily forgotten (Come on, someone quote a title or two... i can't think of it) - but the companies put their money where the quality is... and often, the true ring-masters are... exclusives.

Halo 3, God of War 3, Mario Galaxy, ALL Zeldas...

The list can go on and on.

My Prompt is as follows: Would it make good sense for Exclusives to be made available in OTHER systems? Maybe after a period of Time?

Seriously, wouldn't it make good business sense for Windows to make Halo, or Halo 2 - available for PS3? For Zelda and Mario to be available for X-Box 360? - Can you imagine a remake of Ocarina of Time with High-End graphics? Maybe a few years AFTER release and exclusivity money-milking? C'mon... once the initial tit run dry, wouldn't it make good business sense for God of War to be available on other systems?

I'm talking... 2 years later maybe? I'd totally be down for playing some Windows exclusives on my X-Box-LESS home.

But perhaps, no... we're so frickin' into taking SIDES, that we couldn't possibly see ourselves bothered by introducing a Windows game into our homes... or a SONY game into our computer... God Forbid we all unite and just enjoy the game... instead of trolling forums claiming that System A is better than System B and so forth...

Damn... what's wrong with you all? Are you in it for the game or for the brand? Last I checked, I payed money to be entertained... and at no time did ANY of us get any money from Bill Gates to say his system is superior.

Why do we do that for, anyway?

* sigh *


Here's a nice pic, for your troubles....

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