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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #46 - Alex Kidd in El Paso World


Featuring Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Marty Robins.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

it has been a while since I made a Sega entry, but good music is not stuck to one platform and it is always good to have some variety.

As the older ones among us may remember, before Sonic became the quasi mascot for Sega, that role was filled by a big headed, hard punching one-hit-wonder boy named Alex from a fantastic planet, who would try to save it from an army of rock-paper-scissors playing villains. The most well known game in the series is the first one, Alex Kidd In Miracle World (1986) for Sega Master System, a platformer which later got a direct sequel in the Megadrive/Genesis game "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle".

Allegedly, the game is the result of a failed licensing attempt of Sega for the Dragonball franchise which was then later remade into a game with an original character:


The most reminiscent music of the game is the main theme, which plays throughout the title screen and several overworld stages of the game:

In 1959, Country legend Marty Robins released his song "El Paso", a song about a cowboy who kills a rival in love, then has to flee El Paso but later ends tragically. The refrain of the song has a sequence which reminds me strongly of the Alex Kidd theme (Note: I intentionally chose a piano version of the song so the singing doesn't distract):

In fact, I think one might almost recreate the Alex Kidd song by removing a note here and there.

Note: I think the song might have evolved from similar sequences from the classic era. The second best finding regarding this tune was in a waltz bei Émile Waldteufel/Paul Lacome called "Estudiantina" (1883):

Felipe out.

Update 23/08/2020:

A challenger has appeared in a song by George Olsen - The Girl Friend (1926):

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