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Phils Game Music Similarities #45 - A Breath of Brass


Featuring Breath of Fire 2 and Gustav Holst.

Hello fellow game music lovers,

we didn't have a Breath of Fire entry yet, did we? Which is sad, since Capcom has served us several high quality compositions, that don't have to hide from what Squaresoft has achieved. One of them is the soundtrack to the prized Snes RPG "Breath of Fire 2" which was released in December 1994. During this game, as it suits a fantasy roll play game, you visit several kingdoms of which some have a background music track appropriately named "Kingdom":

At this point, many people will be surprised that Gustav Holst has done other stuff besides his Planets suite. One of the more well known is his Second Suite in F for Military band, which was composed in 1911 and released in 1922. This suite starts with a traditional english brass-band march, which rhymes astoundingly well with the aforementioned Breath of Fire Kingdom sound: 

When it comes to pompous royal marches, Britain is truly the first address.

King Philip out.

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