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Popularity returns 10 years later! Why? Minecraft Review


To think a game, so big, so large, so grand to get even the #1 channel pewdiepie(no one loves u t-series) to play it exclusively for his channel, could start out as a small crummy INDIE game. But then it grew. Updates happened, it went from alpha to beta, to version 1.0, then 1.1. then 1.2. Until now, at 1.14. For one, it's time to go to 2.0, but for another, it's amazing a game like that could get so far. It's popularity has been regained and a lot of people who don't have it are wondering whether or not to get it, so why not review it? Because this is today's versio of minecraft, I'll be basing these points off of the most recent version, 1.14. Here we go!

Modes. That's what this game comes down to. Single player survival. Single player creative. Single player hardcore. Multiplayer survival. Multiplayer creative. With cheats/operative powers or without? Realms perhaps? There is so much modes in this game. And so much to do within these modes. Survival mode? You can mine, explore, build, brew potions from the nether which is a whole other dimension, create a farm, and who knows what else? There's burried treasure, ancient temples in deserts and jungles, abandoned mineshafts, strong holds that lead to the final boss of a game that doesn't even need to end, alternate dimensions, and all sorts of other things! You can build tools, swords, axes, pickaxes, shovels, you can mine within the earth for diamonds, iron, redstone, gold, obsidian, even gravel if your wierd. There's all sorts of biomes! Jungle, taiga, dessert, plains, tulip forrest, normal forest, birch forest, savanna, ocean, lukewarm ocean, deep ocean, caverns with ravines, and abbandoned mines, islands of mushroom creatures. There's different monsters, like zombies, skeletons, giant spiders, green creatures with no arms that explode. There are villages with villagers who trade with you, and it can be raided by pillagers, you can also raid the pillagers home yourself! You can tame dogs, cats, parrots, horses, and farm other animals! And in creative mode, you start out with everything! You can pit monsters in a fight to the death, build castles, cities, if you're good with redstone, then build contraptions, computers, conveyer belts, if you have cheats on, you can summon lighting, and create things like CARS, but you'll need plenty of skill. People have used command blocks to make other real life video games INSIDE minecraft. In multiplayer, you can play with friends! Show them your creations! Build together! Explore together! Fight alongside eachother! Fight EACHOTHER to the death, using the variaty of weapons like swords, axes, bows, crossbows, tridents, harming potions, and defend yourself with shields, armor, and more! There's minigame servers people made using commands, with games like survival games(minecraft version of hunger games) skywars(survival games on unconnected floating islands above a bottumless pit) spleef(try and use shovels to break the blocks beneath your rival's feat) tnt run(run away as the blocks beneath your feat fall into the abbiss) and more custom and traditional creations! This game's content is quite literally ENDLESS, and if your a completionist, you'll spend your whole life trying to complete this one, and not even get CLOSE to being CLOSE. Heck, I've only scratched the SURFACE of what you can do! And it's fun as heck! Hardcore mode for example, give you only 1 life per world, so if you die, it's perminant. Adventure mode doesn't allow you to place or break blocks, so if you want to just explore, play on that mode. Spectator mode allows you to go through blocks and spectate mobs to see what they're doing. Some mobs see things differently, Spiders, for example see double. And creepers see everything green. It hurts me to do that. Don't do it. Some people like doing it, but it scares me away from spectator mode XD. Also, you can go back and play old versions to see what it was like.

The graphics are kinda bad, and amazingly good at the same time. It's a voxel block game, Meaning it's a 3D game, but everything is cubes, or made out of cubes, and the textures on the cubes are pixel art. It may sound bad at first, but it is everything it needs to be, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Your head? A cube. A tree trunk? Cube. The sun? Cube. The axe in your hand? Not a cube, but it's made out of a ton of cubes. It's like one layer of pixel art made 3D for items. And like I said, I wouldn't have it any other way. And if you do want something better, resource packs. A feature that allows players to make their own art for textures. You can download them off the internet, or make your own. It's fine. But I do warn you, most resource packs aren't for 1.14, but that's not the game fault. Also, you can make your own look. There's 2 default skins to start with, but you can download other skins(for free!) off the internet, and you can make your own. Literally. You can make yourself naked if you want. Which if you are then what is wrong with you.

As for the music? There's only a few tracks, and they're all peacefull tracks that play in the backround. And ONLY at the right time. There isn't any epic music while fighting monsters or even the final boss, but that's not how the game rolls. Most people turn off the music pretty early on, but that doesn't make it bad. Whenever I hear it my mind melts with nostalgia. Literally. There is no other way to say it. Also you can make juke boxes that play other songs if you get music discs, and using note blocks, you can make your own songs.

This games content and options and everything else is STAGERING. The only flaws I see are either general nitpicks, things that I'm in the minority and don't make me stop liking the game, or not the games fault. And even with them, including the ones that aren' the games fault, I think it's safe to say, minecraft, is the greatest game, of all time. Not just a good game, not just one of the best games out there, but the GREATEST game of all time. In my oppinion of course, but I'm not saying this just from nostalgia, no matter how much I have for this game. In terms of appeal it is unbelievable. In terms of content it shouldn't be possible. And any other games I can think of people saying are the greatest, not from nostalgia(because trust me, some of my favorite games run only on that), but from actually how good it is, aren't that different. Terraria, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, these are all examples of complete and utter master pieces, for similar if not the same reasons. Content, coolness, options, appeal, open exploration, all these games fit at least some of this things that minecraft has. And of course there are other games people consider the best because of game design(super metroid), action(call of duty), gameplay(mario kart), story and fun(undertale) annoying dances that you do in real life and drive other people literally crazy(the game in which we shall not speak of), and of course, nostalgia(most people's favorite). But most of the greatest games, not my favorite, but the greatest, have similar trates to minecraft. And even the games that aren't that minecraft like time eating games, with buttloads of content, have some similarities at least. Minecraft is the basist of great games. I give it a 15/15, and if I didn't feal like it was cheating, I'd give it even higher of a score. You watch the game on youtube, and have the money to buy it, GET THE GAME. You can play it on all sorts of platforms, xbox one, ps4, PC, mac, ios, android, nintendo switch, even older consoles like 3ds, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360(but they may not have all the features I discused) and on computers, their's multiple versions! Java, Bedrock, AND Windows 10! It has so much it hurts me to not be able to cover it all. But I have one thing to say. When minecraft earth comes out where you live, get it. And when minecraft dungeons comes along in march, get that too. The devs work hard on this game, and we MUST support them.

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