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(Smash Character Balancing Part 1)


First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I will list who is in each part. Feedback in the comments on each part thanks it does help knowing people actually read this gives me hope.

This has in order R.O.B, Pac-Man, Villager, Little Mac and Duck Hunt.

I am making these changes based on the original Smash 4 characters that’s what this was originally for. In Ultimate and this is “My” opinion is they were just twiddling their thumbs all this time all they did is very minor changes like giving someone a combo throw, very small knockback increases or decreases changing the animation of an attack slightly adjusted but works exactly the same or Marth’s (Shield Breaker) can be angled now or Captain Falcon doesn’t squeeze their skull with both hands anymore with (Falcon Dive) for some unknown reason I mean really? I do not have any of the DLC characters I don’t like any of them so I had to fix them how I saw people use them. The only major changes they made were in the (Gameplay) section.

Anyway there are a bunch of characters that are bad or over powered but they seem to just be ignoring it or they just don’t know what to do, the (Gameplay) section fixed a lot of moves. I will fix specific moves here I know this game inside and out I should have a PHD in Smash Bros I am decent at using all of them or I wouldn’t be qualified to make these changes. Every single character has a fix of some kind I’m not doing them in any particular order I’m doing them by series the first group will be the ones that are alone and have nobody else from their games I want them to keep their Customs because that’s literally all they have. I will be posting 5 characters at a time sections can be 10 pages or over 20 pages long depending on how much I had to change. You can tell when a character is struggling or overpowered because you can feel your limitations or freedom while playing as them. They need to revamp some of them completely like look at what I did with Kirby when we get there it was so obvious the stuff he could do but his moves were basically half complete like they were rushed after all this time since Brawl they didn’t think of anything? Only Zero Suit Samus and Olimar got major changes from their transition from Brawl.

The primary goal of this section is to fix Special Moves there are so many characters that just cannot use their Special Moves at all like Jigglypuff and Palutena some don’t even do what they’re supposed to or like most characters just made up, that’s what makes them unique only they have those moves that makes them special the character themselves don’t exist without Special Moves. Using only Ground and Aerial Attacks can make them only 3 types a speedy combo character, regular balanced attacker or a hard hitter that’s it. Some characters have no business being in this game they just cannot exist the mechanics don’t allow it but I did my best to help them if they are too weak or over powered I had to fix them accordingly. I fixed everyone in terms of balancing but characters I liked I made new Custom Moves for so I am biased in that way those ones have extra moves.

I prefer casual free for alls with items but I do watch competitive 1 on 1 matches my favorite players are Boss, Kiraflax, Zage, Gimr and Leffen but he only plays Melee. I have an announcement to these people that hate the “slower” Smash Bros games play with 1.5 speed it looks just like Melee. Most of the players I liked watching were forced to quit like Boss or switch to a top tier because they’re tired of losing and I don’t blame them their characters were no match for the top 5 characters in the game that can K.O at basically 0% with elevator combos or something gruesome.

In order to make these fixes I had to look at both the casual and competitive sides to make the right changes some moves will be forever bad 1 on 1 because everyone is focusing on only you there’s no one else to interfere like Ground Pounds.

I made these fixes so each character can be the best they can be and evening the playing field for top tiers instead of only 10 to 15 that’s only like 20% of the roster. It's going to come down to who has the better move sets and statistics meaning matchups. The only way to have an even 50/50 balance is if you fight the same character your using there will always be matchup problems for close ranged and long ranged characters mid range characters should have the least problems since they can deal with both because of a versatile move set. There are a couple of characters that had so much potential but they didn’t give them most of their tools like all the abilities Kirby has or all the power ups Mario and Luigi could have used for example.

I will use these below to label how I changed something. The characters with the most issues will have the longest sections making them high priority or I made some new moves for them. Some characters like Duck Hunt only need a few fixes to make them much better overall. I did the best I could and I spent most of my time on this last section and it is over 120 pages long. There were some very difficult characters to fix because they shouldn’t be here the things they can and cannot do is just retarded.

These are the labels I will combine them with a “/” if they need a fix and a change of some kind. I said this earlier but remove all Custom Moves if it is a clone we don’t need a more powerful version of a K.O move or an even weaker combo move only keep Up Specials that go higher for better recovery or lower as an attack move.

(Fix) To describe a move that needs fixing they don’t have to be bad to fix but usually I can make good moves even better or moves with potential to be good by combining their customs into the original I found myself doing that a lot like literally almost every character. This is used the most.

(Remove) When a move is so bad or over powered it's beyond fixing or I have a replacement.

(New) When I come up with a move for that character which will usually be a character I like if I don’t like them enough I’m not qualified to make new moves for them my new moves would lack effort and be incomplete because I just don’t care enough. I see it myself like when I get to the 3rd Custom that move lacks or more like I lack the enthusiasm to complete it. I hate making up moves if they don’t have enough they just don’t have enough period which are usually the character’s that got in for no reason like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch their moves are just weird.

(Change) This is for changing a move completely to something better it’s usually a strong suggestion of a move from the actual game to replace a made up move, changing a moves direction input, name or a move I made to fill the hole after removing a move. I will also be using the specific moves name or I will use the type of move like (Neutral Specials) so you apply that fix to all of the moves meaning the default and customs under (Neutral Special).

(Gameplay) To assign Attack, Defense and rarely fix certain characters passive abilities or Speed. I use this on everyone but the Miis. I also describe what I fixed primarily and give my personal tier ranking from Bottom, Low, Mid High and Top Tier but I will try very hard to get everyone to at least Mid Tier.

This will be posted at the start of each part so nothing is confusing if you weren’t here by part 1.



My best character and favorite to play as so he was easy for me to fix since I know everything about him been using him since Brawl. I like his animations a lot and I thought he wasn’t going to make it because nobody liked him, was an unknown and I thought he was getting disassembled and made into the jet shoes Zero Suit Samus got that she never had. It’s not like she wasn’t already top tier. I honestly don’t know why he got in at all because he didn’t really have a game or was in it at all. He was just a toy pretty much every move he has is made up except for his (Gyro) an offensive Spinning Top basically. They basically gave him a lot of enhancements to be a real robot.



His Aerials are some of the best in the game but slow so timing is key and his Ground Attacks are solid except for his up attack it barely does anything to grounded foes for a ground attack and an Up Smash works better for an anti aerial his jab sucks too. His Special Moves need upgrades but his Side Specials ultimate weakness should be its ultimate strength it should now be extremely strong against shields just carrying them to the ledge or can be used to push them to center stage. His Down Special is too good but his Up Special is too slow and he can be easily spiked and it can be glitched for extra height while his Neutral Special is too weak it can never K.O and does low damage. For his Customs Up and Down Specials are great but his Neutral and Side Specials are just bad and they look terrible one is pretty much a better jab. The only thing over powered about him is his Down Throw to Up Aerial combo but I changed his Down Throw to a Damage Throw. His (Gyro) is the best projectile in the game but gets recharged instantly once it’s gone so it can be spammed and can knock foes on the ledge off to combo into a spike. My (Drop) change should make that very difficult to do now.

(Gameplay) Attack is 120% and Defense is 120%. After all the adjustments his (Gyro) is no longer spammable but most his moveset got buffed basically he should be High to Mid Tier now he has much better movement as well.

(Fix)-(Side Smash) This is weak if they aren’t in his face and it’s range could be better. Instead of a laser beam it should be a wide laser blast and you shouldn’t be able to angle it anymore. Knockback should be Strong/Powerful.

(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) Only waves his arms twice for 3% damage each and it barely knocks them back anywhere even at high damages. Give him a 3 hit combination by locking them with the first 2 hits and add an uppercut as a finisher Medium.

(Change)-(Up Ground Attack) This is useless for hitting foes on the ground even if they are literally touching you one of the worse ground attacks in the game only good as an anti aerial but Up Smash is better for that. Change this to putting his arms to the sides before clapping above to hit foes on his sides launching diagonally Medium knockback Strong if hit by the clap above launching vertically.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) Increase startup and cool down by 50% so it can’t be spammed so easily it’s a very good aerial get off me move but to fast you can use it repeatedly 3 times in 1 jump. I basically doubled it’s time to startup and end so it can’t be spammed anymore.

(Fix)-(Up Aerial) This is very hard to DI because it turns them around so it’s hard to tell which way to DI for the final hit. Don’t allow this to turn you around while in hit stun it’s knockback is slightly overpowered but I think it’s fine after the Combo Throw fix.

(Fix)-(Back Aerial) Allow his arms to hit foes after his jet blast so he has an attack while moving forward Medium/Weak.

(Fix)-(Down Throw) I’m changing this into a Damage Throw since he is using their head like a jack hammer. This should do 3% damage each time he slams them dealing up to 15% damage over 5 seconds before launching diagonally Medium.

(Fix)-(Up Throw) A literal Jackhammer Slam Dunk. It’s fine just don’t allow him to be pushed by wind or land on platforms above himself. If the platform he used it on moves they should bounce off the air to prevent suicide K.Os.


(Fix)-(Arm Rotor) This move was really bad cause of shields but it’s good now but still needs some fixes and can be better if used while in the air.

To fix increase vertical range so it can reflect and keep foes trapped more reliably. You also have to keep holding the button instead of tapping for the full attack, if you release it he will do an animation to knock foes back and stop spinning if you don’t want to use the uppercut Medium. If you hold it all the way through he will do the uppercut as a finisher but if you hold then tap he will do the uppercut at any time which has extra shield push and is Strong. Also if used while in the air it should knock foes back Medium and should hover just like Donkey Kong’s (Spinning Kong) with less horizontal movement since he’s spinning like a helicopter but cannot turn. He cannot do the uppercut while airborne.

Now it’s a shield eater, can now reflect more reliably and be used for recoveries or on airborne foes as a ledge guarder but weaker.

(Fix)-(Reflector Arm) This is good better for reflecting and ledge guarding but the uppercut makes it bad because he could die off stage from all that cool down. Remove the uppercut finisher, make holding it down last longer hover upwards and you can move horizontally slightly and knockback should be Medium. If used on the ground it’s Strong and you won’t hover so it’s basically a spin attack it could be a Held Ground Attack if used on the ground though if you remove it, it doesn’t feel like a Side Special more like a Down Special.

(Fix/Remove)-(Backward Arm Rotor) I’m not sure what this move is intended to be useful for. It does low damage and turns the opponent around while attacking making them recover with their back turned. There has to be something I’m not seeing but I couldn’t find anything. I think this is just a bad move or what his jab should have been.

To fix change the launch angle horizontally so it’s harder to recover from and don’t turn them around anymore for what reason does it do that anyway? This could just be removed.


(Fix)-(Robo Beam) The fully charged version is too weak. It's not worth waiting 20 seconds for it to fully charge when 1st level charge is good for doing a quick 4% damage. It doesn't even K.O Jigglypuff at 180% damage when they’re at the ledge. It already has slow start up and charging time why isn't it more powerful? Every other character with a chargeable projectile only takes 3 to 5 seconds while Robo Beam takes 20 seconds. It doesn't have anywhere near the launching power to make up for it plus it looks much more powerful than it is, it looks like Robin’s (Thoron) I’m giving it a manual charge and it should increase damage and knockback based on charge.

Allow him to manually charge this for up to 3 seconds and remove the passive charging cannot be stored anymore. Uncharged is Weak while fully charged is Medium and the damage should increase based on charge dealing up to 15% damage I don’t know why it doesn’t already gradually increase damage only the fully charged version does. It has to deal low damage and launching power since it can pierce the longer you charge it the slower the lasers speed but has more power. Also increase cool down by 25% at any charge so it can’t be spammed and there is always a laser no more sparks. Now it’s easier to aim while charging and cannot be stored anymore.

(Fix)-(Wide-Angle Beam) This is too weak. Like the default allow a manual charge that can do up to 10% damage and knockback is always Weak since it can be angled further and by that I mean diagonally downwards to straight upwards.

(Fix)-(Infinite Robo Beam) This is too slow and it contradicts itself because it's supposed to be "Infinite". When he gets into the pose to shoot allow him to hold the button to shoot a constant laser that deals 1% damage every half second can be held for up to 10 seconds before overheating leaving you exposed briefly and it does have some startup time. The laser penetrates through foes but cannot launch or cause flinching. You can still aim this and bounce off of surfaces and has twice the range.

You can literally laser opponents from far away it has twice the range and can bounce off of twice as many surfaces but your vulnerable but if your creative enough this can deal major damage to multiple opponents overtime. Has the same radius as (Wide-Angle Beam).


(Fix)-(Down Specials) If R.O.B is holding a (Gyro) he should be able to recharge his (Gyro) and put it away so he can reset the spin without throwing it away. It shouldn’t be able to hit foes hanging on the ledge, he should drop his Gyro like Diddy Kong’s (Banana Peel) and if the (Gyro) disappears he should not be able to use it or charge for 5 seconds.

(Fix)-(Fire Gyro) This only does 2% additional damage and it's not worth losing attack range for only 2% additional damage, less range and a little bit stronger. Allow this to explode on impact launching foes Medium/Strong but you will lose it for 5 seconds every time it hits a foe or shield. Now this is basically a bomb should hit him as well like Duck Hunt’s (Trick Shot) does if too close to the explosion deals decent shield damage.


(Fix)-(Robo Burner) This is just too slow and easy to ledge guard. Allow him to move like (High-Speed Burner) but halve the movement speed so it’s harder to ledge guard him and fuel time is 5 seconds total. You can only cancel or attack out of this after 1 second so you cannot glitch this anymore. To recharge fully he has to be on the ground for 10 seconds 2 seconds equals 1 second.

(Remove/Replace/New)-(High-Speed Burner)-(Robo Helicopter) This is a mix of increased Horizontal and Vertical movement at the cost of fuel but it’s way too much. I gave some of its movement to the default and have a replacement for horizontal movement. This is basically his Up Special from Brawl and you can just tap to basically bounce through the air the way it is now probably the best recovery move in the game since no helpless falling, can attack out of it and reuse it at will as long as you have fuel.

To replace I introduce (Robo Helicopter). Uses (Arm Rotor) at hyper speed that hits on both sides and allows him to hover upwards slowly while knocking foes away Medium for up to 5 seconds doesn’t use fuel and you can move horizontally slightly. Doesn’t gain as much height but his arms have a constant attack so it’s his safest recovery unless you get spiked so recover high to be safe or can ledge guard if used while they’re off stage.

(Fix)-(Robo Rocket) If hit meaning if he flinches he should be able to use this again even if it’s a weak hit so he’s not easily ledge guarded and gets his fuel back to use again I think they just forgot to remove the fuel mechanic on this move. Should not have to passively charge this move it’s just a blast jump and once he lands he gets all his fuel back immediately. Just remove the fuel mechanic for this move and its fine right now if you hit him again off stage without a jump he’s done for.


(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Super Diffusion Beam) This is very good at ledge guarding but if you don’t get them below the ledge you will basically never hit with this because it’s extremely easy to avoid and doesn’t have that much range. On startup it should paralyze foes right in front of him. The last beam that he shoots to launch should hit all foes in its path it appears in since it is long but it only hits the opponent trapped for some reason. Closer you are to the final blast the more knockback and damage taken Strong/Powerful.



The first real video game I ever played was Pac-Man World 2 when I was 6 years old I love and hate that game after I beat it I broke the disc and threw it in the trash. Don’t ever make Pac-Man World 2 your first game that is just evil and for my birthday guess what I got? Pac-Man World 3! Much better not exactly a platformer more like a beat em up has cheesy cut scenes though and he now talks with bad puns. Back to the 2nd game I was told I 100% it but I don’t believe it, ever tried to get all the pac dots on the ice skating and water levels? You have to be perfect its hell if you missed one and can’t turn back and got a checkpoint. I was only 6 it’s a great game but don’t go for 100% it will drive you crazy, the bosses are glitchy but other than that it’s one of my favorites if you don’t try and perfect it. Just don’t.

This character is weird where did they find all this stuff? Only his Side Specials and Up Aerial are from any of the Pac-Man World games. He throws fruits instead of eating them and drops hydrants why? They used his Pac-Man World design but not all of his moves where is his Butt Bounce and Rev Roll? He looks really good in this game and his animations I like a lot he also has a Galaxian I love Galaga and Bosconian, Galaxian is just too slow and you only get 1 shot while Bosconian is Galaga in 3D basically I loved the voice acting when it says “Comishu Red”.

I have to say thanks for using his Pac Man World design and not the newer version I hate the way Pac-Man looks now in his games and the TV show is terrible. He’s supposed to be about 30 years old, owns a yellow house and has a family not an annoying teenager and why is he hanging out with ghost just what is this? This is one of my favorites and 3rd best character. I just wish there was a Pac-Man World 2 song or stage because the stage he has now is very difficult to play on maybe it’s in the 3DS version I never played it. He probably has the worst colors in the game though their just wings on his shoes or those ugly oven mittens. I would like to see Ms. Pac-Man and Pac. Jr as an alternate though shouldn’t be that hard to do. Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness is one of my favorite games too doesn't have many songs but most are reallly groovy.



Anyway his move set is one of the most unique in the game because he has some very weird stuff he can do with his (Bonus Fruit) and (Fire Hydrant) combination. I recommend Zage a competitive player that mains him, he can dribble with the key I don’t know how but he does everything he can do with that combo is amazing but my (Drop) fix should stop that. His Special Moves are all good but charging fruit is difficult in a free for all but easy in 1 on 1 since he can charge in the air but the (Gameplay) section fixed that and several other things. He has trouble getting K.Os because his Aerial Attacks aren’t over powered like everybody else’s. He has the worst grab in the game and if his (Bonus Fruit) gets taken he is handicapped a lot because his whole character is based on it like if R.O.B loses his (Gyro). His (Final Smash) needs better mobility though. He’s a very good character but has some very hard matchups against opponents with reflectors or if they know how to catch his (Bonus Fruit) since half his Special Moves are projectiles. It’s not his fault it’s certain characters that need to be fixed.


(Gameplay) Attack is 100% and Defense is 100%. Everything got buffed except for his (Bonus Fruit) basically. He’s High Tier to me.


(Change)-(Grab) Just grabs with his hand no more long ranged grabs.

(Fix)-(Throws) They are very weak I’m increasing knockback and giving him a Damage Throw.

Front: Medium knockback.

Back: Strong knockback.

Down: Damage Throw deals 15% damage over 5 seconds Medium.

Up: Medium knockback.

(Fix/Change)-(Up Ground Attack) It’s hard to hit foes with this and it misses behind him very often. Allow it to connect easier from behind him like Mario’s Up Smash. Change the launch angle more horizontally in front he really gets his back into it but it’s so weak for some reason it’s basically an Up Smash head butt as a normal attack. Now it’s good for setting up ledge guards. You should probably just change it to a flip kick on the ground launching vertically Medium for a completely better move his Up Aerial.

(Fix/Change)-(Down Ground Attack) This move is pretty bad because it is slow but it is a little too powerful so it can’t combo and too weak to knock them off stage. Increase both startup and cool down by 25% and knockback to Medium launching at a low angle to setup ledge guards. I would have just used a simple Weak sweep kick to combo into his Front Aerial which is a very good combo move.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial Attack) This is like Kirby’s but not as bad because he doesn’t fall that fast and doesn’t linger quite as long so you won’t fall in a pit if used off stage it’s just weak if you don’t connect at the start. Make this a multi-hitting move so if you miss with the first hit it isn’t so weak and launch Medium when you pop out of Pizza form.

(Fix)-(Up Aerial Attack) This move is bad because it’s too weak and too strong at the same time can’t combo or K.O. Either make it Weak so it can combo or increase knockback to Medium.

(New)-(Held Down Aerial Attack) Make this into a butt bounce like he has in his Pac-Man World series. Startup spikes Strong before he plummets to the ground increasing power Medium/Strong before bouncing off of it making a small shockwave Weak and popping out of ball form. You can use this to get to his Up Special trampoline sooner too knocking foes away that try to use it.


(Fix)-(Neutral Specials) This can charge all the way through all items within 3 seconds. Double it make it take 0.5 half a second to charge each item and the same time for each not sped up to start so it takes 4 seconds total. Now the first 3 Cherry, Strawberry and Orange are used more and the trickier more powerful items will take more time to get so you cannot just throw out fruit carelessly those first 3 are easy to catch as well. The (Bell’s) paralysis should be shorter or longer based on the damage of the target. Once a fruit is gone there is a 5 second delay before you can pull out another and my (Drop) change should lessen its usefulness and items from being “dribbled”.


(Fix)-(Up Specials) The trampoline should bounce him upwards without the transformation but can still launch foes he bumps into while going upwards unless he uses an attack. The final trampoline should just break and you just fall through it. This should also bounce items on it too but doesn’t deduct from the bounce count it disappears after a few seconds anyway. He can use this with his Special Moves to create even more obstacles for foes to avoid like his (Fire Hydrant) is the most obvious combo to me but it will bounce like it was hit so it can’t shoot water.


(Fix)-(Fire Hydrant and On-Fire Hydrant) If used and you are standing on 1 of the sides it cannot shoot water or fire from that side so he has protection while charging his (Bonus Fruit) and easier to launch the hydrant without getting knocked back. Also based on the hydrants momentum the damage and knockback should be increased or decreased Medium/Strong so a hydrant bouncing in place cannot K.O anymore. Opponents should now be able to deflect the hydrant if hit by a more powerful attack like (Gordo Toss) to reverse its momentum and hit Pac-Man but it has to be equal or stronger or it will go right through your attack ignores projectiles.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Butt Bounce) Like his Held Ground Attack but you should be able to use this in succession up to 3 times to bounce higher and increase the shockwaves range before he pops out of ball form like in Pac-Man World 3. Spikes at the start Medium if hit directly each bounce increases his knockback since he goes higher each time Medium/Strong the shockwave is Weak/Medium increasing range each bounce.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Rev Roll) Runs in place charging up speed takes 3 seconds to reach full speed before rolling forwards in ball form ramming into opponents before slowing down if you move in the opposite direction Weak/Strong. Basically Sonic’s (Spin Dash) but launches on impact, cannot jump or turn use this like you’re a bowling ball.


(Fix)-(Final Smash)-(Super Pac-Man) Allow this to be angled diagonally it has dead spots since you can only move vertical and horizontally.



I played City Folk for 5 years straight when I was younger. It was my favorite game and kind of still is just there's no more online and I hate having to water flowers every single day and it never rains. I’m glad the series is still here but City Folk is still my favorite. I still remember the first animals that were in my first town and I drew the map of the town I still have it my original Wii broke so I only have the map now. I wish it wasn’t randomized and you can actually make the towns terrain from scratch and why does the grass have to die? It makes my town look terrible. Fishing was calming and intense depending on the fish I loved catching bugs late at night except if the Tarantulas and Scorpions are in season. Also be careful which tree you shake them bees will come after you make sure you know where the nearest house or building is. I liked digging up Gyroids to help the beats to some songs as well. I don’t like how the series is going right now, I hate how Isabelle is stealing all the spotlight from Tom Nook it’s unfair and she annoys me while Tom Nook was here first.

I use the 6th Villager version when I play. Again they missed a lot of potential they didn’t use most of their tools, fish, bugs or furniture. Alternates could have been other animals instead of only villagers and customizable items. Instead we are planting trees and pocketing stuff the only thing that makes sense, Gyroids are now rockets and taking balloon fighters helmet for some reason.



Ground attacks are below average rapid jab and Up attacks are really bad only attack that’s worth using is their Down and Side attack. Aerial attacks are above average because they have a stupid sling shot and why did they have to randomize the turnips though? Got bored or something? And I’m not a fan of Aerial Attacks as projectiles unless it’s going upwards it’s basically an auto cancelling air grab attack that sling shot should have been a Special Move it’s really annoying it needs to be removed you can’t get close and it does increased damage at close range what do you do? Side Smash is extremely fast, one of the most powerful attacks in the game and it can be used to ledge guard and can be spammed. Using it after burying with your Down Smash guarantees it but the (Gameplay) Section should lessen the knockback. I can’t call any of their Special Moves or Customs bad depending on the opponent they are all good and sometimes over powered. they can completely deny characters like R.O.B and Pac-Man who excel with items by taking and keeping their (Gyro) or (Bonus Fruit) they can just take it out and put it back to reset the timer so once they have it you must K.O them before getting it back. This forces them to play the opposite of their play style which they are bad at close ranged but R.O.B isn’t that bad at it he’s a mid ranged fighter to me.


(Gameplay) Attack is 100% and Defense is 80%. They got mostly improvements with customs and fixed their overpowered (Pocket) and Side Smash. To fix this character I found myself combining a lot of moves with their Customs and I made some new ones using the other tools. Villager should be better overall but cannot handicap Item Characters anymore. High to Top Tier.


(Change)-(Neutral Ground Attack) Why do they have boxing gloves? Anyway you can only connect up to 2 hits it’s the worst jab in the game only useful for regular ledge getups and spot dodges. I would change it to the umbrella Side Ground Attack.

(New)-(Side Ground Attack) Blows bubbles in front to knock foes back Medium.

(Change)-(Up Ground Attack) This could have been the perfect situation to use the Umbrella but they didn’t and I don’t know why they are twirling a stick instead, They never ever had a stick before and only works if they fall into it, It can’t hit grounded foes even though it’s a ground attack and low damage for the amount of time this takes. Change it to twirling an umbrella above like in the game to multi-hit before launching vertically or diagonally which ever part they got hit at Medium but the sweet spot is directly above the point on the Umbrella.

(New)-(Held Down Ground Attack) Stabs their shovel into the ground and digs up dirt can launch buried foes Strong or dig up buried items without picking them up.

(Fix)-(Neutral Aerial) This can be spammed can knock foes away and 3 can be used in a single jump like R.O.B’s same move. Add 50% to startup and cool down time so you are actually vulnerable it pretty much doesn’t exist right now.

(Change)-(Front and Back Aerials) Already explained this I hate horizontal projectile Aerials and can’t get close or it’s even more powerful and can be auto canceled. Change it to a downwards slash with the Axe to spike in front Strong and a horizontal slash behind which is Medium.

(Fix/Change)-(Up and Down Aerials) Just use 1 large Turnip both have Strong knockback instead of randomness. Why did they have to randomize them? I don’t understand especially for a Normal Attack.

(New)-(Held Down Aerial) Plummets downwards with the Shovel spiking on startup Strong, Medium/Strong the rest of the way and creates a shockwave on landing before having to pull the shovel out of the ground Weak/Medium.

(Fix/Change)-(Side Smash) This is way too powerful and grabbing the ledge is suicide since this does so much damage. Increase startup and cool down time by 50% and should be Strong to Powerful in attack power so it can’t K.O so easily and be spammed anymore. If you drop it from a height and it hits a grounded foe it should bury them. I don’t remember Villager ever using a bowling ball in any game though I’ve played all but the app and the rare gameboy one I heard about. This could have been actual bowling as a Side Special.

For my Change I would have just used the Axe for a Side Smash based on charge it will shine turning into Silver then Gold at full charge and double its range it’s too short Strong/Powerful. This can be used on the (Timber) tree silver counts for 2 chops gold knocks it down in 1 chop.

(Change)-(Up Smash) I would have just stabbed a closed umbrella before opening it to launch vertically Strong/Powerful and should knock foes in front up into it perfect situation for it. Where did they find a box of fireworks from anyway?


(Fix/Remove/Change)-(Timber) The default should be able to trip foes like (Timber Counter). When foes trip over the sapling the sapling should wither and die so it can’t constantly trip you basically forcing you to jump. Can only plant another 5 seconds after it dies so it can’t be spammed and the axe is gone since it’s a Side Smash now the watering can shouldn’t push opponents anymore it’s coming from a watering can why does it have so much force? If you water the tree should grow over time every 5 seconds increasing its knockback from Medium to Powerful fully grown you can speed this up by watering the tree repeatedly launching vertically Medium/Strong through all of its stages and should last up to 20 seconds for it to fully grow it takes 15 seconds. Each stage of growth takes more axe attacks or charge to knock down a Golden Axe knocks it down in 1 swing instead of 3 by a normal Axe 2 with a Silver Axe.

Remove the customs since I combined both with the original. Just in case Fire should not burn the tree it makes no sense but this move can be destroyed if I allow it and you’re fighting Bowser or someone with many fire attacks like Charizard. You can either use the tree as defense by staying behind it using it as a shield or offense by defending it as it grows before chopping it down to launch, it increases its health by 10% health every stage heals 1% health every second it’s alive and not chopped into because that’s a serious wound.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Bury) Uses a shovel to dig a hole for up to 3 seconds to bury a Pitfall Seed and if a foe steps on it they get buried deeper you dig and the higher their damage the longer they are buried. The longer you charge it the more damage it does when it buries them. If holding an item that isn’t a Character Item from a Special Move you can bury that item instead. You can use it again on the ground to use the shovel to dig the item up but if an item stays underground for 10 seconds it turns into a Fossil that can be dug up so you can throw a bone at foes but breaks on impact because it’s brittle Medium. Can only bury 1 thing at a time.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Fruit) Pulls out a random fruit out of their pocket and eats it to heal 5% health. Can only be used on the ground and vulnerable while doing so if hit you will drop the fruit and opponents can eat it. If spammed they eat it slower because their mouth is stuffed gotta chew before swallowing. Good for healing but takes awhile and slows down if spammed.


(New)-(Side Special)-(Fishing Rod) Charges for up to 3 seconds before casting a rod in an arc to grab foes or items and reel them in dealing damage as you reel them in doing 2% damage each if it’s an opponent if it’s an item it reels them in instantly. Basically a long ranged grab and you can adjust the arc by charging, the farther the opponent you caught the more damage you deal reeling them in but can only reel them if you catch them with it airborne if it hits the ground it knocks them back while reeling Weak. As soon as opponents get to you, you trap them in your net so it’s converted into your normal grab if it’s an item you automatically pick it up and doesn’t have to be airborne you can use it to reel items towards you to (Pocket). You’re going to be vulnerable while using this though click Special again to yank the rod back and it can latch onto ledges for recovery.

(New)-(Side Special)-(Firework Shot) Charges a firework for up to 3 seconds to send it forward charging increases speed and power and on impact explodes to launch Medium/Strong. Stronger and faster than a Gyroid but cannot be used for recovery.


(Fix/Change)-(Up Specials) Give Villager Super Armor during all Up Specials so we don't knock them off while trying to pop the balloons. It's impossible currently unless you have really good aim with R.O.B's (Robo Beam) or Greninja's (Hydro Pump) because it doesn't cause flinching. Now we can properly ledge guard Villager with the best recovery in the game.

(Fix)-(Balloon Trip) Right now this is even worse than (High-Speed Robo Burner) in terms of movement but you c. Do not give this an unlimited amount I’m going to make this bouncy and has a limit. You can bounce through the air to gain height and has high horizontal movement up to 4 times before the balloons pop. Only pops on the 4th bounce you can glide like you do now if you don’t bounce all 4 times. Now you’re within reach, you cannot travel across the stage or against the top blast zone and he elevates slower so popping balloons is easier.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Firecracker Rocket) Rides a firework upwards before exploding after a certain distance, collision with an opponent or when you click Special again Medium can be angled diagonally slightly. If you collide with an opponent this can be used again so they can’t steal your Up Special only if your shot down or you cause it to explode you cannot use it again.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Balloon Ride) Hangs onto 3 balloons while going upwards can be popped they deal no knockback. You can move horizontally slowly while rising and you rise quicker than (Balloon Trip) and has more distance. You’re basically a present holding onto balloons now.


(Fix/Remove)-(Pocket) This is possibly the most broken move in the game against projectile characters I already explained why but It's useless against characters without projectiles the way it is now. Make it work exactly like (Garden) so it doesn’t have so much range and can be used offensively but remove the flower effect aka Poison just Medium knockback. When you pocket something it should take 100% longer cooldown wise and allow it to be beat out of them when they take damage like when holding an item you could drop it if it’s a projectile it gets destroyed. Time you can keep a character item or projectile pocketed should only be 15 seconds and the timer cannot be reset and they can now use another so they can still use their moves. The longer you keep a Projectile the weaker it gets not regular Items. Every 2% damage taken will deduct 1 second from the timer. I combined it with (Garden) and we don’t need the easier version so remove them.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Drop) Randomly drops a Leaf for furniture that bounces forward a short distance Medium, A Fish that leaps upwards in an arc Strong before landing or a Bug that flies forward Weak penetrating through foes before going up into the sky.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Slingshot) Allow the slingshot to be charged for up to 3 seconds before releasing to shoot pebbles at opponents Weak/Medium and arcs downwards near the end slightly. Can be angled diagonally and straight up and can turn around during charge or holding it fully charged. Based on charge changes into silver and gold to shoot 2 or 3 at a time which adds spread.


<(Little Mac)>

I used this character all the time when I first got this game because he was very fun to use and his stage is one of my favorites closest thing to a cage with very good music. I also liked his pink hoodie a lot. I don’t like his game very much though. How he got in the game I don’t really understand a boxer in a game like this really struggles just think about it he would have been better as an assist trophy and this is something I want to highlight he was an Assist Trophy in Brawl and made it in as a character so there’s still hope for others that are Assist Trophies currently. Back on topic there’s only so much a boxer can do since he can’t use his legs. About his legs they are bulky yet his ground jump height is still pitiful I can understand the air but why on the ground too?



This character goes against the mechanics of this game he cannot exist this is mostly an Aerial game for now but he can’t do anything in the air at all there are stages that just erase him from the battle his recovery is that bad. He will benefit most from the (Gameplay) section my (Aerial Attack) and (Shield) changes more than anything but you must stay grounded once you get in the air it’s pretty much over. He should have the best ground game in the game which he does but the worst Aerial Attacks and they lack range and should do the most shield damage if he’s going to have a chance. There’s certain large characters I can see just being combo food for him like King Dededee everything he tries he can beat never ever use (Gordo Toss) against Mac and only heavy characters can withstand his shield pressure and stay on stage. Helpless Falling removal will help him recover but it will be hard for him to ledge guard because we can now recover from above but he couldn’t ledge guard before anyway.

The 1 thing you cannot avoid is if he gets hit by a horizontal launch angle attack he’s finished so I have to make him immune to that angle or he can die even against regular launch angles at low % because of the lack of knockback it’s like a horizontal launch angle. He’s not bad just be very aggressive to get them out of shield since you can break it and don’t allow them to land but he’s going to get grabbed and thrown a lot with my changes that’s the best way to get him off stage. He has to keep his opponent off of the stage you must make them fear fighting you on the ground at all cost to be effective. This character is best for 1 on 1 matches he will always struggle in a Free for All it just can’t be avoided you’re going to get hit by multiple opponents. I have to remove that passive K.O punch it should just be a Final Smash it has the launching power of one. His customs aren’t bad if anything better than the defaults in some ways his custom Side Specials look really good but bad for his recovery and the default makes him look so heroic I love that move.


(Gameplay) Attack is 150%, Defense is 70% remove his passive K.O punch and make him immune to horizontal launch angle attacks they must be diagonal now I already explained why. When he is hit with an Aerial Attack while he is on the ground he should take 50% less knock back so he won't be swept off his feet at low damage % and instead push him back. Also double his ground jump height those legs are strong and he’s so small. He got mostly buffs and new moves his recovery should be better and his aerials have more reach for defensive purposes. With the (Shield) change he’s going to be in control of the stage you won’t be on stage very long he hits to hard and deals high shield damage. He can be anywhere on the tier list depending on how you play him and if you can avoid being ledge guarded I did the best I could.


(Fix)-(Neutral Ground Attack) Make the finisher have Strong launching power so it can K.O and knock shielding foes back.

(Remove)-(Angled Side Smashes) Can you remove the angles? The uppercut really messes with trying to DI this and he already does enough shield damage already we don’t need the downwards angle he will continuously stun you or knock you off stage with it.

(Fix)-(Aerial Attacks) These are too weak and slow to combo or K.O yet he is the only character in the game they don’t have stretchy or larger limb attacks for. His aerials should have twice the range they do now for defensive purposes while airborne they have to remain weak though since his ground game is so good.

(Change)-(Neutral Aerial Attack) He really needs a get off me move currently this can carry foes into a pit or to the ground if timed correctly you can even jump off their head. Change it to an airborne cart wheel which is Medium on startup and Weak afterwards only his gloves and feet should hit or if they bump into him.

(Change)-(Down Aerial) This is useless but he really needs a move that will allow him to get back to the ground where he's safe. He should aim his fist downwards before spiraling downwards at high speed knocking foes away and makes a shockwave on landing to launch Weak in the air Medium on landing with the shockwave.


(Fix/Change)-(Neutral Specials) Remove his K.O Uppercut from his neutral specials and make it into a Final Smash. This is very over powered because it can K.O below 20% and it has like no startup time. He’s the only character with passively charged (Final Smash Meter) right now.

(Fix)-(Straight Lunge) make the startup to charge 50% faster start at Weak and at full charge it is Powerful It should also be a Shield Breaker 25% shield damage uncharged breaks them instantly at full charge. His Customs are fine the default is the only one with the fixes. Now it’s a shield breaker and since it can be cancelled now he can use it airborne to put on super armor to help land without interruption and keep his momentum unless you control against it.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Flurry Combination) Charges for up to 3 seconds before throwing multiple jabs at high speed in place before launching with a lunging punch Medium/Powerful charge also increases the amount of punches since speed increases.

(New)-(Neutral Special)-(Feint Punch) Dodges before you can manually lunge forwards left or right with a punch Medium use it like a counterattack but without having to block.


(Fix)-(Up Specials) These should grab the ledge during animation so he doesn’t get ledge guarded so easily and allow this to be angled diagonally.

(Fix)-(Up and Side Specials) You should have super armor during the use of all of these so you can recover off stage until you start falling.

(Change)-(Rising Uppercut)-(Corkscrew Punch) Just changing the name it’s not exactly an uppercut.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Rising Uppercut) Powerful at the start on the ground then Medium the rest of the way up should go as high as Mario’s (Super Jump Punch) does not multi-hit. The real uppercut.

(New)-(Up Special)-(Spiraling Fist) Spins while moving upwards with his glove above goes higher but the whole move is weaker Medium/Weak.


(Fix)-(Jolt Haymaker) When used on the ground don’t allow him to fall off the stage and don’t automatically do the punch on landing so he can just jump forward but if you do punch earlier than you were supposed to it is weaker Medium/Strong. If used while airborne it should have the same distance as on the ground but if you punch or don’t punch it will keep his momentum so he can get back to the stage unless you control against his momentum. During the entire animation he should have Super Armor so he can’t be stopped this will boost his horizontal recovery significantly and you can use the punch midair to go into cool down while keeping the momentum before using an Up Special if you are to low so you can still use it. To make it easier to stay on stage allow us to control the distance he moves by controlling it in the opposite direction to go further or shorter distance like Sheik’s (Bouncing Fish). Now we won’t suicide by jumping off the ledge as easily and can be used to recover from a high height to land on stage since most attacks have a diagonal launch angle.

(New/Replace)-(Guard Breaker)-(Slip Lunge) Dodges into the background before lunging a short distance ahead to get close and dodge projectiles Strong but no increased shield damage again keep momentum if airborne but the attack is weaker. This replaces (Guard Breaker) so he now has different Side Specials.


(Remove)-(Down Specials) I like the default it can be used as a regular counter or to get around projectiles which helps in both situations already. 1 custom keeps him in place but weak for some reason while the other makes him go further the default is in between so I’ll keep that. No need for this to reflect anything he’s a boxer so just dodge the projectile.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Hammer Haymaker) Charges for up to 3 seconds before doing a downwards punch in front to bury foes charging increases damage and time they are buried to set them up for high damage attacks and has a shockwave. In the air it spikes.

(New)-(Down Special)-(Warming Up) Warms up increasing his Attack by 10% for 10 seconds can stack up to 5 times for 50% extra Attack every time this is used the clock resets but takes 3 seconds each so your vulnerable and weakens overtime 5% each second when above 10%. Since he cannot ledge guard to save his life use this when they are recovering to increase your attack power and it can surpass the Attack Cap. Can only be used on the ground.


(New)-(Final Smash)-(Ultimate K.O Punch) An extremely fast uppercut his original K.O punch deals 60% damage Devastating on the ground and 30% damage Powerful in the air and he does a downwards haymaker instead it spikes should be the strongest spike in the game.


<(Duck Hunt)>

How did they and why did they put this character in the game? Since they did this Banjo Kazooie is pretty much going to be a clone instead of a dog it’s a bear but without made up moves from different unrelated games.



This character only needed a few tweaks to fix and they are so much better and all their customs are good. They are one of the most difficult characters to play and fight. They are solid in terms of their normal moves but their Special Moves need just a little tweaking to get them in place faster. They also have a handicap of not being able to K.O until they are near 200% damage because of hard to land Smash Attacks which are bad because they wanted to shoot the screen so badly for some reason instead of have the dog bite or bird peck, weak Throws and Special Moves taking too much time to setup. (Trick Shot) is one of the most annoying moves in the game you can get it out while in a combo to break it up. Projectile characters usually have weak throws anyway so it’s fine.


(Gameplay) Attack is 70% and Defense is 80%. I don’t know where they will be tier wise they’re really good or really bad based on the player they were mostly buffed but an underrated character. I would say Mid to High Tier after my changes they just need to be able to K.O before 200% damage.


(Change)-(Smash Attacks) Remove shooting the screen and just use the dog and duck I mean cmon now.

Side: Dog bites in front Strong/Powerful.

Up: Dog uses its head to knock foes in front above into the Duck which pecks above to multi-hit before launching Medium/Strong.

Down: Duck crosses its wings before slashing them across the ground at the same time on both sides to launch diagonally at a low angle Medium/Strong.


(Fix)-(Down Specials) When a gunman shoots the launch angle should be changed to horizontal so they can knock them back and ledge guard also double their range it’s a bullet so no travel time Medium. When your gunman is defeated it cannot be used for 5 seconds.


(Fix)-(Neutral Specials) For (Trick Shot) and (Zigzag Shot) When the can is starting to explode it should have gravitational pull. Triple startup time so it cannot interrupt combos anymore. Decrease the amount of shots from 8 to 4 and each shot counts as 2 so you can move the can into position faster and the 4th triggers the can to explode unless you leave it alone. Now it won’t take forever for the can to get into position, harder to ledge guard with and cannot interrupt combos anymore.


(New/Change)-(Duck Jump) Instead of it going upwards automatically allow the Duck to flap it's wings up to 3 times when airborne to gain height and knock foes back Medium. You can do each flap individually so you can possibly get horizontal distance out of it. You float a little after each flap. Now they have a move that will allow them to attack after each flap so he can ledge guard easier without projectiles. Now this move does what it sounds like.

(Fix/Change)-(Duck Jump Snag) Make this go the same distance as (Duck Jump) goes now, allow It to be cancelled and replace it as his default. Also allow us to tap or hold the button so we can move upwards faster to avoid spikes.

(Fix)-(Super Duck Jump) Remove the wind and allow the wings to spike on startup Strong while knocking foes back while going upwards Medium/Weak.


<(The End of Character Balancing Part 1)>

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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