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(Smash Gameplay Balancing Part 1)


This has already been posted here: https://www.destructoid.com/--559347.phtml#post

This is for those that couldn't read the whole thing since it was 21 pages so I'm posting 4 parts 5 pages each so it's easier for them to read. The beginning will be in each part so it's not confusing if you weren't here for the 1st part. I don't understand how you could get confused here I was very detailed on every single change makes alot of sense to me at least. I would like feedback if theres something specific on each part.

This section is to fix the mechanics inside of the game but every game the mechanics have been getting better making the game look smoother and less glitchy but at the same time making mechanics that were fine unbalanced because the wrong solution was used or something was ignored and this section is to fix the remaining mechanics. This section is the most important because it is an absolute game changer this applies to all characters so it is required for the next section. This should be most noticeable in competitive 1 on 1 matches seeing how most these “techniques” are used there. Certain changes were used in combination to fix the same thing, you’ll see in the way I explained and led into another change. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything and you must really understand Smash itself to know what I’m talking about.

Unlike a game like Street Fighter where your options are very limited, strict and you don’t have much room at all to work with this game is the complete opposite, it has so much freedom which is why you can glitch almost everything in the game because there are literally no boundaries to prevent it. Because of all the freedom this game has no combos because almost nothing is guaranteed, the only thing that is would be a grab into a pummel or a throw into an aerial.

Most of these issues weren’t Sakurai’s fault because these competitive players don’t play the game right causing themselves arthritis while some are because some of his balance changes have been giving characters that couldn’t glitch ways to instead of removing it from the characters that could already which I thought would have been easier. This also indirectly fixes some characters so I don’t have to make the same fix to every single character that has it or if I forgot. These fixes should either fix a problem completely or at least lessen the problem. I put them in order from most major to minor so you can see the bigger problems first which are usually longer. Of all 3 of my sections this was the hardest even though I had the least to do I couldn’t test most of these out like I could with regular moves. This also fixes many bad moves into good moves. You should take a very hard look at my (Shield) change that could have been the most important but I needed to start with physics.

This game is all about physics and positioning since based on the power of an attack will knock them further but weight decreases their knockback. Based on your position you can boost the K.O power of attacks if you go off stage and hit them while closer to the blast zone which is why you want to stay in the middle or have your opponent hit you towards the other side of the stage. A game I would really recommend is Boom Blox the best physics game out there for the original Wii and its sequel Bash Party. First 4 are to clarify some of the mechanics I used for my characters between Statistics, Knockback and Held moves.


We have to start with physics before anything else it’s the name of the game imagine every character as different types of balls with different weights. You knock them around which decreases their weight and when a character reaches their weight limit one smash attack can K.O uncharged even if they are a heavyweight like Bowser since Attack for all characters that aren’t Sheik doesn’t go below 100% for some reason. (Rage) assist in knockback too I’ll deal with that much later on I have a replacement actually. Small characters don’t seem to be weaker even though they are faster because their Attack doesn’t drop below 100%. Weaker characters should have more trouble getting a K.O and racking up damage while the stronger ones can K.O you earlier, do more damage and because their Defense is higher survive longer if the opponents attack power is lower than 100% for example someone with 150% Defense V.S someone with 80% Attack = they can survive until 170% from a Powerful Attack from center stage without DI. I used this for my Characters as well.

Statistics are also unbalanced when customizing because you can use equipment to basically put everything into 1 stat these are some examples.

All in Attack: If you put everything into Attack you can do very high damage to 1 hit K.O but your defense is very poor so you can die just as easily.

All in Defense: If you put everything into Defense you will get launched almost no where making you basically invincible but you can be stuck in a combo for centuries and you can barely move. I don’t understand why Attack decreases Defense, Usually the larger characters have high Defense and Attack but Speed is slower not counteracting each other.

All in Speed: If you put everything into Speed you will be extremely fast but you are almost incapable of getting K.Os and it takes a very long time to rack up damage.

I will assign each character with the appropriate Defense and Attack in the (Character Balancing) section but not Speed which should stay the same unless a change is necessary. Each stat has a cap for default characters and custom characters can increase the cap by 100% with equipment so it’s more balanced. 150% is the highest, the lowest is 50% and 100% is balanced. Each stat should be increased or decreased by 10% not in between like 5% or something odd like 7%. I’m gonna give them the exact % or base it on a 5 or more accurate 10 star rating for all 3 stats if it’s less confusing.

Attack: 10% = 1% damage and knockback is increased by 10%. With 100% Attack the damage can get as low as 1% with a Weak attack and as high as 20% with a Powerful Attack like a Smash Attack but can increase even further to 30% with a Devastating attack usually fully charged Smash Attacks. (Final Smashes) Can go as high as 60% damage. This shouldn’t decrease any stats. With equipment every 10% added or subtracted from your Attack stat increases or decreases each attack by 2 frames so it slows your attacks down but if you do it in reverse it takes 2 frames off of attacks so they are faster unless it’s already a Weak attack like a rapid jab. The more or less Attack you have the slower or faster your moves are so they are more balanced. Now we won’t have characters with extremely high Attack getting K.Os as easily anymore since their attack speed will also decrease or increase if you do it in reverse basically how your body build is. Instead of decreasing or increasing movement speed your attacks get slower or faster it counters itself.

Defense: 10% = 10% increase which deducts from the knockback of attacks and increases or decreases your maximum health in stamina mode. Adding or subtracting from this stat should slow your Speed and Jump height down instead of Attack. This is basically your character’s weight you wear more you move slower makes more sense.

Speed: 10% = 0.25 of a second Speed increase. Sonic is the fastest so it should be 150% which would be the cap and Jigglypuff is the slowest which is 50% the lowest it can go excluding equipment. Adding or subtracting from this stat should decrease or increase your Defense and Jump height since you’re wearing less.


I already covered (Attack) in (Statistics) so now I have to assign the base amount of damage and (Knockback) they do. I used this in all 3 sections I already used this for my Characters like with (Statistics) everytime I capitalize Weak, Medium, Strong, Powerful and Devastating is it’s knockback and damage range which depends on your (Attack) stat.

Weak: This is the knockback of weak moves that can combo and do around 1% to 10% damage like rapid jabs, Mario’s Up Ground Attack, Down Ground Attack or his Neutral Aerial. Some of these types of attacks should have a set Knockback distance because some can combo into some dangerous moves.

Medium: The standard knockback that can knock foes back and do around 10% to 15% damage like most characters Side Ground Attack or get off me Aerial Attacks.

Strong: This knockback has enough knockback to K.O and do around 15% to 20% damage like Wario’s Side Ground Attack and currently most Back Aerials.

Powerful: This is the knockback of a Smash attack that can K.O early which has high knockback doing around 20% to 30% damage which is as powerful as most Smash Attacks fully charged.

Devastating: This is the knockback of (Final Smashes) and some very powerful attacks like Captain Falcon’s (Falcon Punch), Ness’ (PK Flash) or Ike and King Dededee’s Front Smash which can K.O early doing 30% to 40% damage. (Final Smashes) vary in knockback they do 20%, 40% and 60% depending on if it’s Long, mid or close ranged.

<(Smash Attacks)>

These are the second most powerful attacks in the game other than Final Smashes and certain Special Moves. Most come out very fast and are usually very powerful uncharged for some reason. Usually if you hit with this uncharged when they are at K.O % they will die and DI can only do so much, it’s not that effective in this game for now. You can make them even more powerful because they’re chargeable. Smash Attacks that are fast should be the weakest and have the weakest strength fully charged while slower ones are stronger and have the highest strength fully charged.

You should also be able to cancel them while charging so they can’t be easily countered slower moves are easy to counter and are usually the strongest ones. Smash Attacks cannot be reflected because then they are unavoidable to the user a very bad thing to have reflecting just blocks the attack. Here are some examples based on speed below.

Fast: This applies to smashes that basically come out instantly like Fox’s Up Smash. These should be Medium uncharged and Strong fully charged so they are weaker than regular smashes but easy to hit with.

Medium: This applies to smashes that have normal speed like Mario and Captain Falcon’s Side Smash. These should be Strong uncharged and Powerful fully charged so they are the most reliable.

Slow: This applies to smashes like Ike and King Dededee’s Front Smash. These should be Powerful uncharged and Devastating fully charged so they can K.O earlier than usual but hard to hit with. They also have high shield push because of the amount of damage they do.

<(Tapped and Held Moves)>

You know how they did with Ryu by holding the button for a different move? They could add that to all characters so we don’t have stereotyped characters anymore. For example Sheik has all weak but fast moves while Zelda has all powerful but slow moves it handicaps them because they don’t have the variety of both. Right now I’ll use Aerials for example your weak moves are usually Front and Up Aerials while your stronger moves are Back and Down Aerials.

The Held version should be the more powerful variation of Ground and Aerial Attacks while Tapped moves which we use now are the weaker moves makes if it makes sense. They could also add this to Special Moves hold down the button to charge up a stronger version like for all those cloned moves in Customs for a stronger version which could be a good mix up to disrupt timing.

<(Stale Moves)>

Stale Moves are both a good and bad thing. Moves like Mario's Up Ground and Up Aerial Attack are the easiest combos in the game and I hate having to be trapped in it forever. The faster your falling speed the longer you’re trapped in it. Because it stales when you spam the same move it can combo longer and longer since it decreases knock back. This is only effective for K.O moves.

Staleness should only be used for Medium to Devastating moves not Weak ones that can combo the damage should be decreased but not knockback so you can DI out easier. Staleness should decrease damage by 10% each time and up to 50% should be the cap. It should wear off overtime every 5 seconds regenerates 10% of its power back instead of using different moves to refresh it quickly this includes projectiles. That was pretty easy to fix you just need to be more versatile with your moves and they shouldn’t go stale.

<(Helpless Falling)>

This is one of the biggest issues. If you are trying to recover back on stage or just try to avoid an attack by getting into the air helpless falling ruins everything because you can’t defend yourself afterwards and your horizontal movement is much slower. Do you understand how dangerous the ledge of a stage is? I’ll explain it later since its right below this. If you recover high you could also avoid ledge guards and spikes which I consider 1 hit K.Os since you’ll be higher up and further from the bottom blast zone and the stage will protect you from the pit. Some Special Moves cause it too for some reason even if they don’t give you height and characters like Meta Knight have a real problem with this since every Special Move he has causes it even though he has 6 extra jumps which he is robbed of because of it. Wind and Water are also dangerous since they push you and don’t cause you to flinch you will be stuck in helpless falling right into a pit.

I honestly have no idea why it even exist I don’t see the purpose just add extra recovery cool down like Zelda’s Up Special (Farore’s Wind) so they can’t act out of it immediately and remove helpless falling. During cool down allow them to grab the ledge not fall right past it like Meta Knight and don’t take away our airborne jump/s either. I will have to change some Up Specials in the (Character Balancing) section like Bowser’s since he doesn’t pop out of his shell. There are entire characters without helpless falling on any of their moves like Megaman, Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, Bowser Jr and R.O.B while some characters have moves that give height without it like (Pac Pellet), (Luigi Cyclone) and (Wario Bike). They’ve been removing it from various moves every game so just get rid of it completely it will be a game changer.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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