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Phils Game Music Similarities #44 - Doctor, It's Finally Raining Again


Featuring Dr. Mario, Supertramp and others.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the weather has cooled down and I don't feel the urge to see a doctor anymore. Except maybe for one doctor: Dr. Mario (NES, 1990). Hearing the title theme of this game, I cannot shake off the feeling that I have heard this music multiple times throughout my life under different circumstances:

Some people say, that the song is basically a remix of the Hoagy Carmichael song "Heart and Soul" (1938):

Why I definitively can feel the resemblance, I wonder if it is possible to improve on this one. Thus, I would like to throw two more challengers into the ring:

The first one is the song "It's raining again" from the progressive rock band "Supertramp" from 1982:

The second one is the main theme of the popular Disney cartoon series "Gummi Bears" (1985) ( Note: I intentionally used a piano version to make the comparison easier):

I'm approaching my 50th blog entry. I wonder, what I'm gonna do with it? Find out on Wednesday!

Phil out

Update 14.09.2019: Another sample from the australian hard rock band Cold Chisel - Forever Now (1982):

Update 01/02/2021:

Some more candidates: The first one is rooted in twist music:

The Royal Teens - Big Name Button (1958):

Early 20th century pop:

There’s Something In The Air - Shep Fields (1937):

Earliest comparable sample so far: Don Bestor - Beautiful Girl (1933):

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