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In defense of Pokemon Sword and Shield


WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH slow down there. For those of you who clicked just to put in a "your wrong" comment, just PLEASE here me out. I respect you opinion, and I hope you respect mine. I'm very much capible of admiting when a game isn't all that great. Ok, maybe not. A lot of people don't like kirby star allies and star fox zero and I love both games. But even then I always think "Hal, why" when I think of how short kirby star allies is. And as for star fox zero, other people hate the controls, but I don't understand how else it would be, the game plays differently than star fox 64, the gyro makes sense. And I feel the same way about sword and shield.

Let's start with the complaints on the graphics. People look at that tree texture, and think "bro that sucks this game sucks" and I think "not as good as it could be I guess, eh" I admit it stands out amist the awesomeness, but I only noticed when it was pointed out(maybe it was because I barely watched the treehouse footage I dunno) it still kinda fits though, and it's not even that bad. Besides, this is a demo of the game. Remember luigi's mansion 3? When it was reavealed, a lot of the 3d models and textures didn't look that great. But 8 months later and we get our next trailer at E3, and all those problems are fixed. And it probably didn't take all 8 months to do it. The treehouse presentation showed on June 11, 5 months and 6 days before the game comes out. That's more than enough time to fix the few textures that stood out because they weren't as good as the others. So calm yourself, when you watch the launch trailer I promise it will be better

People have also had some issues with the animation. When scorbunny did his double kick in the treehouse presentation, people thought the animation sucked. And I would think the same thing if animations in pokemon games weren't always like this. We've gotten used to it. It's not that bad. Why are you turning your back now?

People think the area in the wild is bland. They've got all this big open space, why not use it? And I say, they do! These areas look awesome! They still have just as much Trees and grass as before, and while others think that the open space is empty, I think it adds to the overall contrast. I honestly can not see what you guys mean here.

No mega or Z moves. That kinda stinks, but we got mega in lets go, and considering Dynamax is their new gimmick, I'm 99% sure they just want to keep things fresh, and who can blaim them? Also mega raid battles wouldn't be NEARLY as good

Ok fine. I'll talk about the national dex controversy. It sucks. I'm just gonna say it, it sucks. But it doesn't "I'm not buying this game" suck! In every single pokemon game, you haven't had the national dex for the MAJORITY of the game. So not having it at all doesn't change much. People were dissapointed that lets go didn't have a national dex, but they didn't think it ruined it! Why does this change anything? If your favorite pokemon isn't here, then fine! There are some people who actually hope their favorite pokemon AREN'T in the game! And I understand them! Many people make there team of just new pokemon! They want to experience the new ones! Previous games are always there for people who want to see their favorite pokemon. If you play competetive on the other hand, I can kind of understand it. You need all sorts of pokemon to play against other real players. But once again, people didn't have this issue in let's go, and there's way more than twice the pokemon in sword and shield, so their's still enough pokemon to have fun playing competetive. Besides, pokemon showdown is a thing. Like it or not, it's functional. Now why would they do this? Well for one, as much as you say it just requires an upscaling, it's more than that. Programing is hard. Trust me, I'm a JR programer, and my dad's a proffesional. Why do you think games take years to make? Bugs ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS crop up. They likely wanted to focus on other things. It's also possible they just feel like it wouldn't be good to, or are just lazy, in which case... yeah. That's not cool. But even if they are lazy, that doesn't mean the game won't be good, because it looks like it will be. Also, as far as we know, they could only bench pokemon nobody cares about. Seriously, most of gen 5 and 6's pool wouldn't be missed, and there's some from 4 and 7 and even 3 that could use the dumping. Also, maybe they'll listen to us and bring back the national dex after all. Just saying it's possible

I can see about 4 possible outcomes: 1: everyone pulls a wind waker and realizes this game is a masterpiece after it releases. 2: It's still amazing, but nobodies anger clears up as nobody buys it. 3: Everyone realizes that this game isn't so bad after all BEFORE it releases, and go back to hype(especially likely if they decide to bring back the national dex anyway), and 4: Everyone is actually right and this game sucks. I hope it's not that one. Just please, try and keep an open mind about this. Your oppinnion is your oppinnion. And who knows, maybe I'm the closed minded one, comment whether or not you think I'm right, but, please, be nice.

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