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Mario Maker 2 Review


The WiiU failed... there were very few games that were a hit on it. Yet 2 new series' did very VERY well. One was Splatoon(A masterpiece if I do say so myself) and the other... was mario maker. Mario maker recently got the sequel treatment on the switch, but it feels less like a sequel more like... a smash ultimate breath of the wild kind of game. It's like it's the last game in the SERIES instead of the second. But that doesn't neccesarily mean it's GOOD. So is it? Let's find out.

Let's start with the actual mario MAKING. It's a lot similar to the interface in mario maker 1. You can create enemies, blocks, ground, pipes(that can lead to subworlds), doors, powerups, and of course, mario. But there is also a good ammount of new things. The FIRST thing that was revealed when they announced mario maker 2 in february was slopes, which allow a lot of new options for your level. It also added multiple new course themes, with desert, and snow, and forest, it's all really neat. You can even make it so that the water from the forest theme and the lava from the castle theme actually rises and falls. There is also the new super mario 3d world setting, and granted, you can switch a super mario bros 3 level to a super mario 3d world level on a whim like you can with other settings, but let's take what we can get, which is awesome. The super mario 3D world setting has meowser instead of normal bowser, which is cool, but I wish it had both bowser types. Super mario 3D world also comes with the cat and racoon leaf powerups, which are both awesome. There's also moon mode, which makes the course theme play a whole lot different, whether it's more slippery ice, or outer space mojo. Also in mario maker 2, there's verticle levels in subworlds. That's awesome. All settings have both pom pom and boom boom which are good new bosses, and the overall maker interface is great. The CONTROLLER interface on the other hand... Well, it's fine in handheld mode while you use the touchscreen, but it's kinda hard to get used to in home console mode. It works eventually, and it is functional, but it's hard to get used to. As for making in MULTIPLAYER... you HAVE to use the detached joycons as controllers. Doesn't matter if you have 2 sets of joycons, or a pro controller, nope. You have to use the detached joycons while making in multiplayer. I mean, it's already annoying to use the detached joycons if your small. But what if your like 30 years old and are trying to play with your kid, but it's way easier to play with a pro controller because the buttons on the joycons just don't work much with your fat fingers. It's a bit of a problem I have, but it doesn't ruin the entire game.. it just makes me feel like multiplayer making could be done better.

But it wouldn't be much of a game if you couldn't share levels online right? So let's talk actual playing. There's 5 catagories: easy, normal, hard, expert, and super expert. You can look through those, and you can also see what kind of level it is: Standard, Short and Sweet, Speedrun, Auto-Mario, Puzzles, Multiplayer VS, it's all there, and playing levels is funner than ever. Oh. And yeah. Multiplayer VS. There's an online mode where you play against or with random people around the world. You can play Co-op multiplayer, or VS multiplayer(see who can reach the end first) and this makes it the first 2D mario game to have online multiplayer(not counting local wireless in new super mario bros) But even this has a downside. Mainly, it's just as laggy as in the smash ultimate multiplayer, and it doesn't let you play with people on your friends list online. It's random, and ONLY random. However, there's still local mutiplayer. You can't play online levels with friends, but if you DOWNLOAD the levels you want to play 2 player, you can play with a friend right next to you, and this may sound not great at first, but it encourages people to download levels, which means when they don't have wifi connection they can still play.

The story mode is neato. It's complicated to explain the story(and I'm lazy) but let's just say it's HILARIUS, and breaks the fourth wall. Basically you have to complete levels to get coins so you can afford to rebuild peach's castle which got destroyed in a HILARIUS moment. It's inclusion is great, and the story mode is awesome

I rate Mario Maker 2 a good ol' 14/15. I recomend this game to people who like open world games(because here you can find almost literally anything) and people who enjoy sandbox games(like minecraft). If your a huge fan of 2D mario, and love playing the levels, but don't really enjoy making, you should still pick this up because of the massive level variaty, story mode, and multiplayer,

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