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Phils Game Music Similarities #42 - Yearning For Russian Love


Greetings fellow music lovers,

today's topic is a song from the rather obscure japanese game RPG "Treasure Hunter G", a game developed by Sting for the Super Famicom and pubished by RPG powerhouse Squaresoft (1996). It was the last game Squaresoft published for Super NES, beginning a long absence of the company from Nintendo consoles alltogether with one one the first consequence being the release of Final Fantasy 7 for the Sony Playstation. The song "Yearning for Love", which plays during battles with minions of the main villain, the Dark King, opens with a pompous 5-note sample that removes all doubts that shit is going down:

When I first heard this sample I assumed that it was somehow related to spanish or Flamenco music and that's where I looked first. I found it, among others, in this song of famous latin singer La Lupe and her 1968 song "Te voy a contar mi vida":

But the sample has also repeatedly been used in the classical music. Like this song (Cassazione, 1904) by finnish composer Jean Sibelius from the romantic era:

The most prominent role I have heard to this day for this sample is by russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in his 8th piano sonata (1944) where the whole 3rd movement is practically built around it:

Appearently a french town (Gallargues-le-Montueux) managed to score 115° F these days. Guess it's time to move to the south pole now.

Phil out

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