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Phils Game Music Similarities #41 - Philmires Inferno


Featuring Battletoads and Loverboy.

Heat. Heat. More heat. The thermometer in my small apartment is beyond 91°F and I feel every particle of it.

The hotter the heat, the more the heat takes control of your fine-grained brain processes. First, it goes dull. Then panicky. Eventually, it becomes morbid. You feel your body approaching its breaking point. You start thinking about what thing you could do under this circumstances that will unavoidably kill yourself. In my almost-delirious state, I came up with the following list:

1) Endurance sports

2) Killing yourself

3) Play Battletoads (1991)

The disadvantage with trying to distract yourself with diversely themed games is that you will unavoidably meet something that will remind you of the unpleasant situation that you are trying to distract yourself from. In my case, this is the stage of Volkmire's Inferno, which at least makes up with a catchy rock soundtrack composed by David Wise.

The best part, at least in my opinion, is a certain jingle that appears in the second part of the race:

This jingle reminds me strongly of the refrain from the song "Don't let go" (1987) by the canadian hard rock band Loverboy:

If it gets any worse in here, I shall flee to the seaside. If only internet access was as good there...

Phil out

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