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(Smash Menu Options)


These are just outside of the game request not a long section most of this will be in the menu only 3 pages long.

<(Alternate Characters)>

Could you make alternate characters like you did with Bowser Jr and Robin? I hate clones. You can also transfer all the clones like Lucina and Dark Pit or if they came in diffrent forms into this category. All you have to do is change the voices and taunts they don’t have to have the same stance but they do have to have the same height and hit box. You could also create additional moves from those characters to add to the move set of the original if they just lack moves like most characters in this game. Characters like Megaman have many versions this could be used for they have to have the same stats too.


Like what you did for Mii’s different hats and outfits for every character but could you also add a color editor? Most characters have bland colors we could color them ourselves and can also add affects like I would love to have Kirby with the Burning Ability’s fire hands purely cosmetic doesn’t deal elemental damage. Make 2 coloring options Primary, Secondary and Outfit color like for example Bowser Jr. is the best choice. His Primary will be his character color like you can change his yellow to another color Secondary would be his arm bands, head and shell, Outfit would be his bib. They could also add designs to put on each type.


I would like a shop to buy unlockables instead of only trophies. Custom Moves take forever to get or unlock characters you don’t have yet and don’t sell items we already have.

<(Story Mode)>

If you could add another story mode it would be great I liked the one in Brawl. Brawl had so many more mini games too I prefer it for its game modes but this game is better game play wise.

<(Bonuses and Rules)>

I’m going to add some bonuses for free for alls so you can get points in other ways instead of getting K.Os. I’m also going to set some additional rules. All of these are only effective in a match of 3 or more players not in a 1 on 1 match can be turned on and off.

First I’m going to add 2 rules to fix a few things.

You should only take credit for a K.O if you cause the foe to flinch and the last to launch them. Now if Fox is spamming his (Blaster) can’t steal your K.O by doing 1% damage to the foe you launched.

If you stay far away from everyone else for a long period of time a Bob-omb should fall on that character like in Sudden Death so they can’t just stand around and watch the fight, they should actually be involved in it. These players I call head hunters they just wait and watch and don’t move in until someone is at high damage % to steal a K.O even though you did most of the damage.

Now for the bonuses, these might make Sudden Death a rare occasion though.

Assist: If you do the most damage to a foe and someone else K.Os them you should get 0.5 points as an Assist. This is to counter head hunters after all the effort you put in.

Most Damage Dealt: If you deal the most damage out of everyone by the end of a match you should get 1 point bonus at the end of the match. Now you have to be active in the match instead of standing around waiting for foes to approach you.

Most Damage Taken: If you take the most damage out of everyone by the end of the match you should get 1 point bonus at the end of the match. Large characters should benefit from this the most since their literal punching bags since their so large and you have so many opponents in a free for all they play ping pong with large characters all the time. The most active player should usually will get both Damage Dealt and Damage Taken bonuses.

First Strike: First to get a K.O should get 1 bonus point.

1 Life: Rare but if you survive an entire match without dying you should get 1 point for it probably will be for the least active player in the match or their defensive skills are really good.

<(Custom Moves and Equipment)>

Custom Moves and Custom Equipment should be separated so we can only use the moves instead of combining the equipment with it.

<(Remove Hazards and pick Stage Versions)>

Can you remove damaging hazards and pick a version of a transforming stage or select a portion of a stage? This is primarily for competitive 1 on 1 players to open up the stage selection. Removing hazards on smaller stages will open a lot of them up, selecting a part of transforming stages to stay on would make them playable and on large stages if you can pick a portion like the top left of Temple should workout not sure though. Also you should be able to freeze stages like “Pilotwings” or “Lylat Cruise” so you don’t fall off ledges or projectiles don’t get blocked off because of the tilting stage.

<(Wii Remote & Nunchuck Motion Controls)>

This is the controller I like to use but it’s hard to use because it doesn’t do the right moves most of the time this is supposed to be this control method’s C-Stick the one you currently have is much too sensitive and if I move my remote even slightly it does an attack and it's usually not the right one. I have to hold my Wii Remote perfectly vertical and be perfectly still. I like to hold it diagonally upwards towards the TV.

To fix please lower the sensitivity, use the pointer on top of the Wii Remote like a sword tip if you swing it in a certain direction uses that attack the speed you swing it should use either tapped or held moves. Also allow us to adjust the sensitivity and the angles for horizontal and vertical attacks.

<(Auto Low Jump)>

Add an option to assign a button under controls to always low jump? It’s very hard to do consecutively without practice.


Can we get songs to play as a soundtrack instead of repeating or actually choose which song you want instead of keeping it to a % chance?

<(Game Modes)>

Brawl had so many more game modes and a Story mode which this game doesn’t. Target Smash is nothing like it used to be and I liked the old trophy game I’m not sure what was on the 3Ds version but I’m assuming they fused both games together. I’m just asking to restore them to be like Brawl and add new ones.

<(Create Online Rooms)>

Instead of just 2 minute free for alls can we make our own rooms with specialized rules? I would like to do Stamina Matches Pokemon/Assist trophy battles and projectile gun fights or vice versa sword fights. The most chaotic is Explosive matches with a bunch of bombs. 2 minute matches are too short and not enough items the way it is now and I prefer stamina for 1 on 1s.

The room creator has priority over the rules so you can pick items and change rules like in a Special Smash. Each character doesn’t have to have the same things we can have 3 on 1 team battles with the 1 being big. This is only available in (For Fun). Just so you know I never could play online to much lag it takes 5 seconds for 1 second to go by if I play on Xbox Live I don’t have that issue at all probably because they have you pay for online so their equipment is most likely better I wouldn’t mind.

<(For Glory)>

Add a ranking system so you play against players at your rank more often and allow us to pick stages too but automatically remove hazards the first match is a coin flip to see who goes first and should have sets instead of single matches if they forfeit they automatically lose the set. There should be 2 modes Classic Smash like you have now and Stamina Smash so there is no more chance you take that much damage and you get knocked out health is based on their Defense.

Custom Moves should be allowed if they are different not clones and this should also help you balance the game to see which characters and moves have the easiest time and hardest time winning 1 on 1 and most frequently used play styles of each character.

<(Cage Stage)>

For Stamina Matches we need some type of stage that blocks Blast Zones off so you can only defeat them by decreasing their health. It should look the same no platforms but background, stage’s material and music can change.


Wasn’t very long but I still would like feedback thanks

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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